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Sony 3D TV kit, PS3 games released tomorrow

the bobble


hmm if I read that correctly

'Right now, that means a KDL-HX803 in either its 40in or 46in size. Sony describes the HX803 as "3D capable for future use" which means that the telly doesn't come with active-shutter glasses or the transmitter used to synchronise screen and specs.'

that means although the PS3 is capable of 3D, and the TV is 'capable' of 3D you still cant play the games in 3D? I looked on the Sony website, not sure of the price of the TV but the glasses are £99 and the transmitter is £50. Also had to smile at the advertising blurb 'the world cup is being filmed in 3D' shame no one is transmitting it in 3D :o) also the TV isnt even available til mid june according to the website, by which time the 3D world cup thats not being shown will be half over!