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Kindle beats Apple's closed book on choice


Is sync really the reason?

I'm curious if you have considered the fact that reading from a kindle e-ink screen is infinitely better than reading of an LCD/LED screen, regardless of the resolution.

The e-ink makes for a far superior experience than the Apple, Android or other handheld or tablet devices.

This, I think, is the crux of the 60:1 ratio cited by the author in your article.

Would like to hear your thoughts on that perspective.


Making practice perfect in IT service delivery


East is east

On your point about the sharp edge and the customer being right. During alot of school and college, I worked part-time in a hotel and that simple mantra was always hammered home. As well as the other "if the customer is awkward - kill them with kindness".

In my 12 years in IT support this state of mind has stood to me and one of the things i've alway felt really strongly about are that front-line staff (in any area of IT), should have a crash course in manners and customer service.

A positive user experience (even if the issue isnt resolved as quickly as it should), feeds into a better perception of IT as a whole (notwithstanding the 3 other compass points).


PARIS in 89,000 ft climax


Tough crowd?

I mean seriously, build up or not, anti-climax or not!!!!

Surely you pedants must agree this was an amazing achievement.

God, just goes to show the pareto principle applies to insufferable pr$*ks vs get-up-and-doers.

I would love to take on a proj like that eventually, i hope you wouldnt mind the imitation/copying, etc. (they say it is the most sincere form of flattery...).

In the meantime I hope you're are getting properly seen to (like the yeagers et al of old) - as well as getting thoroughly sheeetfaced at the Happy Bottom Riding Club.

You guys sure are the right stuff!!! (cheap I know - but hey - I'm Irish).

Later dudes


Net shakeup looms as IPv4 resources start running low


Private address space???

Is it not the case that alot of mobile network providers are assigning private addresses to the end user devices for content access? surely this counters that argument about the upsurge in mobile internet access. Also, did not the numbering authorities issue huge blocks to the colleges & universities - can't these be pulled back.?