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Humax HD-FOX T2


Don't do it!

I can shorten this review significantly - don't buy any of it! These are still at early adopter prices, the sort of money you'd once have paid for a standard Freeview box when they were new - you know, those boxes that you can now pick up for £20. The HD service itself is very limited at the moment and won't roll out to many areas for another couple of years, by which time these boxes will be substantially cheaper and £170 will by you an HD personal video recorder, not just a dumb set top box.

Don't be a mug, save your money and stick with SD Freeview for now.


Apple MacBook Pro 15in


Known fault

The issue you're describing was a known fault in the previous generation - purely cosmetic but annoying nonetheless - where the metallic paint reacted with finger grease. Unfortunate, but one of those long term manufacturing flaws that only becomes apparent over time, and has befallen plenty of other manufacturers.

The current generation unibody Macbook Pros are the answer to that very problem - not painted silver, not plated, not glued together, but solid aluminium to the core. They'll scratch if you're not careful, but they'll never fade/peel/pit/discolour/weaken/creak or generally fall apart - they're literally carved from solid metal.