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Samsung R580 15.6in notebook


nice review, if obsolete already

I bought one of these on Monday. It's the JS04UK spec machine, which has 4 gig of Ram and a 320 Gig disk with Windows 7 64 bit. The top of the range JS05UK runs an i5 with 4 gig ram and 500 gig of disk, also W7 64. This review seems to be of the deprecated JS03UK model spec which samsung no longer ship. The 04 and 05 are the only listed current models for the uk via the importer. The 03 and 02 are still available though.

My observations based on a couple of evenings so far...

The machine seems robust, with a tough solid feel, quite unlike the plastic fantastic budget cases I see provided by work.

Windows Experience chucks out a 5, with the weakest value being the graphics, the rest are 5.5 and up, with the CPU over 6.

Setup took forever, because it insisted on backing up the system, which is a good idea, just not fast.

It also gave the option to partition during install, though with no real info on what to do. Good job I knew what it was fishing for, and I got the scheme I wanted.

Keyboard feels solid and responsive, but I keep hitting the wrong keys because the num pad forces me further to the left on the keyboard than I'm used to. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

There's a lot of demos, but that's not unusual, and they were soon vanished.

Initially the screen seemed awful, however the setup screens are all low res, and when it finally booted up properly, the screen is sharp and clear.

I bought this as a development box that I can use on trains planes and automobiles, so the target usage is IDEs such as Eclipse, and it runs that smoothly doing builds with no hassle.

Second monitor seems seamless, and took a bit of setting up with resolutions, but nothing untoward.

My biggest complaint is that it's running windows 7, and this is my first encounter with it. I'm not impressed so far, and linux will be trialled shortly.