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Sony on the ropes after revising losses UP to $1.3 BEEELLION


Re: Sad

"The influence of the Media division from the days of Mini-Disc has crippled Sony Electronics."

Agree 100%.

They were a high quality ethical company before that. The Media div and its morals have a lot to answer for.


Voyager probe reaches edge of Solar System's 'bubble'


Spotted your last name

Wish I was in the land of your forefathers (and you?) right now. But they've had rocky weather the last couple of weeks.

Did either V'ger carry stuff that it would be nice to have working but can't power up, does anyone know?


Mozilla to Firefox users: Ditch crashtastic McAfee plugin


Amen to that.....

I am currently at the end of a very hard day teaching a recently-retired person how to use Thunderbird and Excel.

She spent the last 25 years of her working life as a senior accountant for a household-name outfit.

She uses spreadsheets all the time (so why did I have to show her how to START Excel?) and T/bird was a mistery to her, even though she'd used Outlook all that time.

As for AV, forget it. If I didn't put it there, she wouldn't have any.

Now then, on her last work machine that she had at home, what did it have?........

McAfee. There's your problem right there, I said. IT wouldn't let me touch it of course, but it was.

God I hate it. Whenever I walk into a house and I see Norton or McAffee my heart sinks. I just know it's the problem.


Rise in Latvian botnets prompts Spamhaus row

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Um, you obviously didn't understand. He wasn't saying he thought it was in the Balkans.

'Balkanisation' is a political term.


CTIA claims SF phone radiation law unconstitutional


To WInstonCourt

So the levels are much too high, in your opinion.

Well, I think it stands to reason that if they were, then people would be dropping like flies all over the world. Which they aren't.

What makes you think that this radiation can 'specifically' cook meat? I think this just may be that English doesn't seem to be your native language, and that you may have meant 'including' meat?

It doesn't cook food at all. It heats water. If the food has water in it, it gets hot. Anything in a microwave that has water in it gets hot.

However, as far as I know, there isn't a single case of proven harm done to a person by the emmissions from a mobile MAST, let alone a phone, anywhere in the world. Ever. Even in California.


IBM employee sparks massive bank outage


Why it's called human error

Doesn't have to be complex system either. Just has to involve humans. Or, in the following, humans + beer.

I was once present in a recording studio in the 70s when a famous English band was doing an album. In those days the big tapes used would hold about 30 minutes of music, so you would need two for an album.

You can guess what's coming. They were reviewing tracks on the first tape, and then all went to the pub, leaving the Tape Operator to sort out a new tape so they could start recording more stuff. The tape was so expensive that it was normal to reuse it, wiping it first, of course.

They came back from lunch, worked for many hours (this in the days when an album took months to record because it took that long to get them all there at the same time), and decided they wanted to listen to something on the first tape again.

The tape op went to the cupboard to get the first tape.........

The look on his face was a picture. I didn't know skin could go that colour. They forgave him. There are references to the incident on the credits for the eventual album. More than one, actually.

SO easy to avoid, but it wasn't avoided.


Steve Jobs fears Nation of Bloggers


BBC Advertising

The Beeb does a lot of advertising. It does huge numbers of trails for its own programs, far more than it ever used to. A lot of these are for things you can buy.....from the Beeb. That's advertisin


Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'


Re: What a c*ck

You speak truer than you know. in the 1960s (yes, 1960s), my old man was at a commercially secret conference between the P.O. as it then was, and manufacturers. The P.O. had this plan where, every time they dug up the road in the normal course of events, they would sneak a fibre cable down the hole, and thus have them ready in every street when the time came to spring it all on the world.

As we know, it never happened. Why? Because the P.O. wanted everyone else to pay for it. Still do.