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Everything Everywhere accused of lining pockets with charity cash


I work in a charity...

and have been trying to get an SMS donation service set up for a few months now.

I too riled against the charges, I first looked into this in 2007 and the charges were nearly 40% of the donation from some providers! Now they can still be pretty steep - txtlocal are the company we're trying to get set up with at the moment and the fee's from the companies that they pass along have all been pretty high, check them out for yourself here:


It's good to see the gov getting involved and even better to see EE getting slated, but it's not the only bad one by a long way. Vodafone are the only company that get my vote as they give 100% of the donation to the charity. Bravo voda!


TomTom for iPhone gets traffic updates


Good value... really?!

While £38 is better value than the £8ish a month they make dedicated tomtom users pay, when you compare it to HD traffic in America... this is charged at $20 per year according to Gizmodo. I knew the pound wasn't doing so well but I didn't realise we'd plunged to quite those depths.