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Amiga on the block (again)


No time like the present?

One of the big ironies about the Amiga post-Commodore is that it was felt the Amiga could never make an impact in a Windows world - Apple's recent stratospheric rise (and Nintendo's bounce back with the Wii) has shown that users ARE willing to adopt brand new technology, UI's and workflows if it brings something new and desirable to the market.

10 years ago, a 'brand new' Amiga would have been dead in the water - if someone did it now - well... I'm not so sure. Maybe the Amiga's time is still yet to come :)


Adobe Photoshop celebrates big 2-0


Deluxe Paint?

Tsk. I'm appalled that some of the great Amiga paint programs haven't been mentioned here - Dan Silva's Deluxe Paint was the first paint program I encountered that allowed the user to create true works of art - remember the Tutankhamun pic? Jims Sachs amazing artwork?

And there were other - Brilliance (which came later) and the ahead-of-its-time Fantavision which was a vector animation program running way back on an Amiga 500.