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Evil grain-speculating OVERLORDS will starve us ALL

Paris Hilton

Some derivatives are...

...zero sum: "[snip] For everyone going long (betting on a price rise) someone else must have made an equal and opposite bet going short (betting that prices will fall)...."

...unless I buy an option contract on the price of a commodity rising or falling. I can exercise the option or not. If the price goes in the direction I bet it would I re-coup the cost of the contract and buy/sell the contract at the current price and make money. If the price doesn't go that way I don't exercise the option and lose the money to place the option but nothing more and no one else gains/loses.

So kind of a wager (or insurance policy!?) based on my knowledge of the market, but no zero sum dynamics anywhere to be seen.

Just to say....

Paris, because she might..... or might not :-/


IK Multimedia iRig and AmpliTube iPhone app


What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?

A drummer. Bass players have to know *both* the time sig AND the the key they're playing in. It's basic, and will probably be out of tune but is more than banging tunelessly on objects. Add a bit of orchestral foot-pedal action a la, say, Adam Clayton, and you start to approach actual talent.


Racist content on US server 'within UK jurisdiction'


So if they're saying:

"that the Crown Court had jurisdiction to try the appellants for their conduct because a substantial measure of the activities constituting the 'crime' [my emphasis] took place in England," it won't be necessary to extradite Gary McKinnon after all then? Like the folk in this report, either he did stuff here or he did stuff there (or he's the biggest quantum entanglement demonstration ever, in which case why faff about with UFOs when there's much cooler stuff looking at you in the mirror) but the courts really need to decide once and for all which way the law works.