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John McAfee declares war on Android

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'It would be something like "GUI-toolkit" commands via TLS over Websocket or something.'

Already exists.



Patent attack on Google open codec faces 'antitrust probe'

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Both sides being corrupt makes it alright.

So Obama's corruption is acceptable because his predecessor was also corrupt. This is the kind of rationalization I would expect from a young child. If you are a US citizen and wonder why the government is so fouled up, look in a mirror and the answer will be starring back at you.

As to the original commenter: It is good to be friends with those currently in power, regardless of their names, political affiliations, etc. Examples of this kind of favouritism can be found throughout history.


Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

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Please not that tired myth again

I have one of the pens in question. It was not developed by the US government or at their request. NASA originally used pencils and continued to use them even after this fabled pen was created.

The space pen was developed by Fisher, a US manufacturer of writing implements. Fisher developed the pen with private funds and actually sells them at a high but reasonable price. I own one of these pens and I have to say it writes beautifully.


PS. I am not now nor have I ever been employed by Fisher or NASA.