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Did Google's Waze gobble run rivals off the road? UK watchdog starts probe


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Not really, both are hosted outside Britain and the British just choose to use them. What will the OFT do, ban the services being used inside the UK?


Not relevant

An American company buys an Israeli company - the position of Britain's OFT is irrelevant.


RIM's Heins beams: BB10 must walk the walk before we talk the talk


App support

I reluctantly ditched my Bold 9900 a year ago for an iPhone in order to be able to use apps like Hailo (a must in London). I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the release of the BB10 handset with the hardware keyboard.

I will however wait a year before switching back, during which time I really hope companies like Hailo and Pocket Informant end up supporting the platform with their apps. Being able to quickly type out an email without having to correct every second miskeyed word might just save my sanity. Add to that custom ring profiles, the flashing LED and being able to run background applications without chewing up the battery!


Ten... Mi-Fi HSPA 3G wireless mini-routers

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MF60 for us

We used an unlocked Three E586 for years whilst travelling, but in Australia Telstra's "Next-G" network uses an unsupported frequency so we picked up a rebranded MF60. In comparison:

- MF60 is more reliable (the E586 drops out and needs a reboot every few hours)

- MF60 feels more solid, is thinner and has better battery life

- the web interface of the E586 is better than the MF60, but we really only use it to change APNs when swapping SIMs

- the Telstra interface of the MF60 doesn't support sending and receiving SMSs but the unbranded ZTE interface does

- both types can be unlocked for a few £s online

Picking up a cheap data SIM (e.g. €10 for 1GB-1mth in Austria) and connecting all the iPads, Blackberries, laptops to it when travelling saves a bundle on hotel internet and roaming fees.

If our Telstra MF60 gives up its life, we will definitely look at getting an unbranded one to replace it, hopefully an LTE MF90 will be out by then!


Femtocells at tipping point: Don't want to become also-RANs

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We have a SureSignal from Vodafone and what they don't tell you before purchasing is that it only supports one data connection at a time. Two or more Blackberries connected via BIS to the network? Only one will have a data connection. Same for iPhones and Android... rendering the unit next to useless beyond voice calls for today's smartphones.


Sony Ericsson slashes US presence

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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

History repeating itself in the fashion of Motorola in Europe. One must wonder whether teaming up with Sony was a good move for Ericsson. Like Motorola, they haven't released a handset of note for years - no amount of teen-focussed advertising can change that.

Ericsson: divorce from Sony, go back to your Swedish roots and start creating the minimalist handsets for which you were famed. I still hold my old T28 as the pinnacle of mobile design!


Queen's Speech slammed by small biz


Eats, shoots and leaves

"Megabite broadband"? Ladies and gentlemen, the state of Britain today - where even the boss of the Chamber of Commerce can't spell.