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Oi, Obama. Rein your spooks in, demands web giants' alliance

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La Brea Tar Pits calling Governments Black.

I find the list of accusers as funny as funerals.

With all the totally denied spying these massive data collectors are guilty of, and especially the top ones (often times) 'hand in glove' data sharing with at least one (if not all) governments they are pointing fingers at...

This is a shameful comedy of errors.

No innocents in these groups. Spying, Data Collecting, buying and selling...

Extreme political bias...

Then, colluding to say they don't???

That would be like the deadstream media giving an unbiased and truthful news report....

It ain't so, Joe.


'I don't trust Microsoft' after NSA disclosures says former privacy chief

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Very strange... There are so many that blame 'Americans'...

Yet, so many in media assure the most constant violators of the Constitution get elected...

And, in the middle of the aftermath of NSA backdoors...

Ignore the backdoor Europeans seem to want to keep in the SSD cards...

Until the Pandora box was opened and the White Hat Hacker released the methodology.

I am a conservative American, watching the "far less than truthful media" here, lie us to this situation.

But, the big bucks were not from here... Ask Soros, China, Korea, et al, who sub-funds the dnc... and all their newly made millionaire politicos.

the old rang

Very strange... There are so many that blame 'Americans'...

Yet, so many in media assure the most constant violators of the Constitution get elected...

And, in the middle of the aftermath of NSA backdoors...

Ignore the backdoor Eropeans seem to want to keep in the SSD cards...

Until the Pandora box was opened and the White Hat Hacker released the methodology.

I am a conservative American, watching the "far less than truthful media" here, lie us to this situation.

But, the big bucks were not from here... Ask Soros, China, Korea, et al, who sub-funds the dnc... and all their newly made millionaire politicos.


Microsoft: Surface a failure? No, it made us STRONGER

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What is a stronger not smarter less than wise company called?

They say that Balmer is not responsible for the sad state of economics at Redmond...

And their phones and slabs will change the world...

They will eventually be able to fix errors, instead of poorly patching (and ticking off users)...

AAAAAND they are not stronger....

(Keep in mind all the above are very recent, except for the patching fiasco, which is becoming constant...)

Stronger but no wiser.


Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP

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Re: Windows XP will essentially have a 'zero day' vulnerability forever.

I wonder if any of you recall, or have even heard of, 'buffer overflow' errors?

Way back in the early days of Windows (3.1 and 3.11) I recollect they mentioned it, and how Redmond FIXED the problem...

them thar expurtz at Redmond...

Why, dag nab it... When was the last time ya ever heerd of thet thar 'buffer overflow' thigmabob?

Oh, yes... they still have them... regularly...

It is not planned obsolescence.

I am quite aware of how complex and intricate a full blown and well back doored operating system can be.

Even with proper intent of writing good, secure and efficient software, and having full monitoring of code generated by one, and certified by at least one other... Errors Happen....

I am not sure Redmond comes close to that standard... which is why I don't trust them...

That is why, hopefully sooner than later, the less than efficient programmers at Redmond, may be finding that, in spite of all their efforts to ignore what is known as a problem...

OS and really Functional software will be created by computers and system analysts...

A set up that doesn't have all the foibles of poor construct, security, and onerous back doors, (even programmer sabotage, perhaps) that many, especially Windows, has today.

The OSs of that nature, will NOT be designed in this country...(USA)...

Any software organization that would try such, would find they are losing personnel to quaint accidents... those that didn't 'willingly' sell out.

But, it will come... The software to do so, might even become open source, to really upset the apple cart (no pun intended)

Unless, of course, All countries outlaw such software, for lack of security reasons.

the old rang

It is an interesting threat...

If you don't upgrade, we will specifically and with malice, sabotage your system with bugs on patch Tuesdays...

I quit Microsoft in 2004, for exactly that reason. They were not patching errors known for over 10 years, and when patcher were made, blowing my system out of the water...


They promise to deliberately do to your system, that which they normally do to your system via incompetence...

You may scream about me, and how great micro-soft is...

How many patch Tuesdays have been bug free recently???


Forget phones, PRISM plan shows internet firms give NSA everything

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Re: I have been posting, in various places, that Microsoft, Google, etc..

stevie said: "But these new reports are backed by something called 'evidence', which constitutes something called 'proof'. "

The proof has been out there for years. Obama is known to want to destroy the country. Learned it at his grand-mothers knee, when his mother was frequently out of town... and with the like of Abercrombie helping with mad lib student stuff... (and all the other locos his mom was around. Not to mention his Muslim religion (yes, like His Indonesian citizenship... he never really renounced Islam... )

Most of the rest of the real left, has been out to destroy the US Constition, BUT especially the First 10 Amendments... They hate them.

He is recorded as saying he would destroy the coal industry, is destroying the petroleum business (media is in 20' deep pig sty by never mentioning the fuel prices, as opposed to ever $0.005 it went up under Bush... with hourly reports.

You lived and breathed media reports...

ergo you know naught. It is out there, and has been for 50+ years. You just never wanted to know

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Re: Erm doesn't matter as Skype validates keys, so screwed either way.

going to this, explains much of what the 256-bit is about...


Understanding that 'they' (your decision as to if they are the good guys or bad persons) have direct access to your system (courtesy of Microsoft, Google, Apple or whoever your ISP is) by various back doors and other activities (like how long you have used it...)

time to break is not in years, but minutes. Once broken, access is possible until changed. Security is enhanced by frequency... as long as they don't access the source during set up.

If you are using some primitive speed hardware such as a six core 5.0

Ghz system... time may not be quick.

Using a 10,000 core, dedicated system, time may not be that long.

Using, instead, some serious hardware, such as might be available to massive server bases...

You are dreaming if you think it is more than minutes. The key is resources, not time.

the old rang

256 Bit Encryption... hehehe... dream on...

256 bit encryption is meaningless with code breakers, equipment, and back doors 'denied' as existing, that NSA has had for decades

If, you really listened to what is said, they say they don't have them, but, that Previous Administration implemented them, but, we don't use them, but... to protect national security, they are effective, and only means we have, of helping IRS to find TEA Party members, who are Christian Terrorists...

And against the TEA Party, is the only time they will use the word 'terrorist...'

the old rang

what took you all so long...

I have been posting, in various places, that Microsoft, Google, etc.. etc.. etc..

Have been doing exactly what is NOW being found to be true.]

Of course, the liberal flunkies, have viciously attacked everything said, and spouted the egregious rotomontade of their handlers, against any such obvious truths. But, according to reports, I was right, bleaters were wrong.

I stated, quite clearly, Google helped the Obama campaign build their database and equipment... and was soundly attacked by the mouths yapping like the bleater crowds as if from Animal Farm. But, according to reports, I was right, bleaters were wrong.

They attack with the word 'NAZI' to castigate people of my beliefs...

Forgetting who and what the NAZIs were (National Socialists)...

But, according to reports, I was right, bleaters were wrong.

Now, they point to any lame excuse...

The US news media that so rabidly defended with lies... everything being done... until they (the media) perceived that they were included in the victims of their saints...

I have seen people that as saying the Constitution should be re-written to suit their needs.

I say, the Constitution should be enforced AS Written...

and all the violators of same, should suffer their consequences of losing the rights they denigrate for their own profit...

It isn't just America. But, the Socialists here have been working for many years to destroy the Constitution...

According to reports, I am right...

The Unions being, the greatest supporters of the socialists, have worked their evils in the schools, devotedly, since the end of WWII.

I have known for years that I have been watched, and told many doubters, that they were also being watched...

Keep in mind... it is not just the internet in the US that they monitor ...

And, the blathering pismires will be bleating again...


Email is so last century

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Social (disease) networking is so next virus...

With ALMOST All social network platforms engaging in giving your information to liberal governments (for free)...

NSA having anything they missed from that donation...

People using said social 'friendships' to plot when to do robberies, rapes, and other mayhem...

The (deadstream) media keeping a lid on most of these activities, since they fully support the liberal governments and their plans...

That social media is such a hit, shows so many have no idea what security is a gaffing, laffing, non-entity... (and, though better, it is not up to snuff in email, either)

If you think you are not tracked, hacked, cracked and smacked, because of your usage of social media...

either just wait for such tracking, hacking, cracking and smacking (especially) to hit you in your face.


take off your rose colored (coloured) glasses and just smell the smell...

You are all in government databases, for your tweeting, facing, etc.

You are also there for your emailing... by the way.

But... You are less apt to be on every criminals list, for your social networking, as to when you are not home (or are home alone)... on vacation, just made big purchase, etc...

If you are not on social networking, or, more aware of what you should not say on said security sewer., you are still being tracked (they can find you withing 10 feet, some cases)

Flames, hate messages, etc... ignored here... I have known of this stuff for ages, and, ignore the ignorant.

Ignoring reporting of such, is media policy. It ruins their revenue or political purposes, to report same.


October global temps above average for 332nd straight month

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Who's normal for what's normal?

Temps have been below normal, for 500 years, too...

They pick where they take temps, and declare what falls within 'normal'...

Making sure it doesn't negate their political bias...

and poof! it's normal


Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong

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Turn the gun on DCMA and others...


Post a rate table on all your work and legitimate uses.

Any DCMA, company, lawyer or other flim flam people (congress, gov't, etc...)


That is ANY use.

ANY replication, on line, screen, paper, film, briefs (both underwear or, toilet paper legal)... Per use.

(The often make 40-100 duplicates a week of docs.)

No waivers, exceptions.

Jerk their chains...

They would enjoy discovery, when all you submit is in digital


Mars rover Opportunity spots WALL-E in crater ramble

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Re: Not a Disney/Pixar design!

As one noted, and I add that you young Hu-Persons (stupid political correct name for de-tailed apes) have poor memories of a great character...

There is so much Johnny 7 in that shadow (Tall, Dark and... Squarish)...

And so little 'what's his name' (short, odd-eyed and shortish)...

Nothing like the shadow of 'the squat one' that was drawn, mostly the shadow of the real one in hard metal.

(I am not dis-allowing, that there may have been the old "I never forget a face, but I suck at names" error, just to allow for gray matter loss.) Spelling/Grammar not included...


Tick-like banking Trojan drills into Firefox, sucks out info

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I see it is imitating Firefox again (and google, sort of)

I gave you a thumbs up for using your head and giving sound advice.

I still no longer use Microsoft, malware.

the old rang


I apologize. I detected, in the article, specific mention that the problem was MICROSOFT software (only identified after the headline... so, you may have missed it.

And, no, I avoid using software, as pitiful as you have described...

I use No Windows malware. Dumped it years ago. I am moving into much more secure software, run by groups not selling or outright giving away personal info to the 'government ins' for political paybacks.

I usually avoid Microsoft hot-heads... could not resist, this time.

The black-hats still consider Windows/etc. easy pickings`.....

Not as bad as what Redmond does to you, but, easy

the old rang
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This is a MICROSOFT PROBLEM Affecting several browsers, especially including INTERNET EXPLORE (ie: IE) and also, Chrome/Chromium, as well as Firefox...

But, in typical reporting for diners at the Redmond lunch wagon, the blaring headline ONLY targets Firefox, for a MICROSOFT WINDOWS PROBLEM...

I bet you also tell how Bill Gates is pushing raising the price of Gas/Petrol for the saviour of the economy, Obama... NOT


LinkedIn offers MORE SECURE hobnobbing option

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IT Angle

linked into what

I use no 'social networks'... Baring tracked by the government email

No message services... Baring tracked by the government email

Avoid anything to do with network news/Clinton News Network..(I don't even watch Fox)...

I live in the new USSR ( er.. uh... America)

I have to read European news to find out what is going on here, half the time, since the deadstream media here doesn't cover it.

Yet, I find, I know 20-30 times more about this country, and what the people in charge are anxious to keep from us...

Now, Why should I use those networked security holes?

Linked in?

to get a job?

glad I'm retired.


Mozilla explains user-tracking proposal for Firefox

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We track to keep your privacy????

ANY tracking, takes away some kind of privacy.

Tracking location, takes away much more than just what you think...

No matter what 'they think'... it give someone else a way to either track you, or find out where you have been.

Especially in this day and age, with governments being catered to by supporters in corporate entities, the warning alarms should be ringing off the wall.

I did note, finding where I can turn it off is not just where you might think...


Ocean currents emerge as climate change hot-spots

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Missing data

Having followed the farce of global warming, for so many years...

I wonder when the 'man-made global' tree huggers will finally look at the long lines of volcanoes that have been erupting for years (one over 1100 miles long), that, may warm the oceans, and the volcanic origin ice melters of Kilimanjaro and Greenland (but who's counting)....

But, since they have nothing to do with the problem, and the earth's temperature only gets odd when Algore goes into extremely unusual freezing to give global warming reports...

We know Gaia and all are only perturbed because it was Bush's Fault....

And the Dinosaur extinction...

yada, yada, yada....

So, with all the High School papers submitted to prove the students were correct...

And all the 'weather equipment' put next to electric power plant exhaust systems...

Those volcanoes can not have any validity to the global warming question, since their incontrovertible was eaten by their doggie.

love it.


Ubuntu savaged by rivals infected with fondleslab fever

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Still looking...

When I first ran into Unity, I hated the idiotic cell phone rip off. The stupidity of it. The crashing of my system. The dragging down of any speed. I left Windows because of that (and lack of any security... Windows flamers, eat it... with Active X there is no security), and went to Ubuntu, many years ago. That Ubuntu chose that abomination, has had me looking for a better Linux distro. I still use Ubuntu 10.10.

Over the last few years, every time I tried Mint... I hated it... scratch that. Not too fond of the other options.

Why doesn't someone just work on integrating reasonable computer sense, with the likes of Ubuntu 10.10, for the millions that have said Unity and garbage like it, suck?

I don't want a cell phone for a desk top. I want a computer, simple and functional, not dragged down by useless gee-gaws and noise.

If I wanted it, and all the crashing, virii, and snooping from Redmond, I would still be using micro-soft... most apt name for a ...

And, like Redmond, it seems, they will patch it forever, and never fix it.


Battered Sony hires cyber-security chief

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Sony still needs to learn about security...

The claims to fame, this person has, are Microsoft, and Homeland Security...

Homeland Security and Microsoft security, are oxymorons of the first order.

No matter what else is said, I always see, the same errors in security for Microsoft, unchanged since the early 1990s.

Even now, they are violating customers' privacy, by tracking, illegally.

Homeland Security is run by the current administration, doing so well, ruining our country...,


No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

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I started Ubuntu with warty...

I stopped any thought of dIsUnity after 20 or so tries on 3 different computers. It is a piece of phone crap poorly executed with no redeeming value.

I have stayed with 10.10, and am hoping some one goes with a fork and makes it better.

For that crappy looking garbage all over the desk top....


None of the so called 'non-unity spin offs, are non-unity, which is a resource and cycle drag on the system. Warty was much cleaner and faster. Hell, Windows 7 is faster and cleaner... and only poorer security risk


Bin Laden's porn stash: Too good to be true?

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"American" Owned

Highlighting this line:

<i>Another report from "American-owned" Associated Press raised an eyebrow down at the UK's Independent on Sunday.</i>

Of the article. I take some moderate exception.

George Soros, the DNC, and those currently running the white house, own the opinions, polls and statements of most of the very left wing radical media...

There are many, here, that resent them being called 'Americans.'

Certainly not believers in the US Constitution or American Values.

Look at just the issues that they lie for and lie against...

And refuse to 'truth' about.

Most of what I get for news, comes from other than media sources on this side of the pond...

And a damned shame, I have to sometimes rely on sources the media is ashamed to admit have the right to publish.

Those that 'own' the AP may be of dubious American Citizenship... or values...

Those that controle AP...

Hardly have Traditional American Values.

Like honoring private property, truth, honor, integrity, responsibility for your own actions...

If you a going to slam my opinion... Please start with the value 'Truth'...

Something 95% of the US media knows little about... ever publishing


Microsoft coughs to wobbly Office Live problems

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A Rogue Redmond Feature

This isn't one of those 'Redmond Rogue Features' that always make 'Windows Users' so happy, is it?

Shameful ingrates using Windows complaining about those well Planned Redmond Rogue Features...

They are designed to add Excitement, Thrills, Chills and opportunities for hollow apologies.


Watson? Commercial – not super – computer

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No racisism because..

You are not correct. current computers have no preferences, they currently (for the most part) perform their function in Binary or variations of same. They do not prefer it. it is what they are. (some few were decimal, but, aside from being much more accurate, they still worked in a binary representation of decimal...)

They are not particularly fond of the Human species because of the sci-fi books making them out to be killers, ogres, and sentient. (they are none of those things at this time).

Watson was just a 'chess playing computer' with a much higher degree of database programming. (Human dust and moisture does computers no good, either... to say the spilling of various fluids, on sundry parts of the system.... Did I mention the Super Computer Keyboard again, yet? preferably with super computer still attached)

Computers can be progammed by humans, to do good, evil, so-so and screw up. But, the computer is just following the coded instructions (for which they get blamed, even though it was the programmers fault... (I don't need a programmer for the keyboard... a sexy typist would be nice, but I am not begging....pullllleeeeeeze---ok.. i'm begging... sigh)

the old rang

Until ... is the answer...

Until more people understand the question you are seemingly worried about, there will be very little understanding of the question.

Most of your belief and fear, at this time, is predicated on a ficticious image.

Computers can not, at this time, take over the world. It is just as unlikely that golems powered by large racks of abaci will.

At this time, they are still just tools, used to manipulate data. And too often deliberately being manipulated themselves to give wrong answers. (sic Global warming computer models were required to come up with the answer they wanted or the data was adjusted... every time at all locations controled by the cadre)

The question should be, about how it can be done, if it can be done. Understanding that it, eventully, will come to pass, that there will be sentient, self-replicting machines. The problem is understanding, you will probably not be around for the unveiling. Once the machine gets to a certain point, it will happen quicker, but, it is no where near there, now.

Will they become our masters? For now, computer masters are the least of your worries. We have people in power that are trying to do that, with no need of computers.

Don't ignore computer development. Watch it and be marveled. But, there is much more out there you should not ignore... believe me

the old rang

How long will it take to evaluate '42'

the exact time it takes the philisophers and psychologists to figure out they are going to be redundant, plus the time it takes to hire the Vogon fleet and they clear the way for the bypass... minus a few seconds for the answer to be available, but, unable to be recaptured (they think... until book 5 of the trilogy)

Unless you asked Marvin....

the old rang

Please forgive the spelling errors...

I didn't edit after a certain point, and my keyboard is a horrible speller.

(Wanted: Supercomputer keyboard... cheap)

the old rang

that Watson was not a super computer, is a conclusion of one...

that has not the foggiest what a super computer is...

'Super Computers' be they one processor (none at this time) Six to ten un-hobble Play Station CPUs used to be many, and the Air Force is resurecting many), a thousand really old AMD cpus, A Cray, Which hobbles together many more AMD newer CPUs... Or any of the IBMs which are listed on the fastest Computers lists, with the Chinese 'super comuter, etc, etc, etc,

are all Super Computers, made of several commercially available (except possibly the Chinese one) cpus, computers, systems or glued together whizz-bangers.

NASA sent men into space with less computer power than the later 486 desk tops (which, were faster than the 'first' super computers.) Many desktops today, with multi-cpus and gawdawful amounts of memroy, terra-bytes of disk, and SSDs. are much faster than some of the 'Super Computers' of the 1990... and used to play desktop tournaments at things like HALO...

Nailing down a definition of 'Super Computer' has always been hard, since the speed changes are dramatic over time. Super Computers of yesteryers, are usedtowazis, compared to today.

With the potential of Graphen combined iwth other 'atom thick' elements on the very near horizon, super computers will be possible in garrish ear-rings of the next 'Hot Spy Momma' coming down the pike.

If Scientists were upset because Sony screwed up their Super Computers because Sony disabled 'Linux' in the Play Station....Your faux definition of 'commercially avaiable' and hacked together' have little meaning in the Definition of 'non-super computer'.

It has to do with how many instructions and threads are handled - - - ONLY.... and how fast they are handled.


Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

the old rang

The forgotten Stig

Noting disparaging comments about "The Stig."...

First, off site 'stigs' aside...

there was more than one Stig. That was so that if there were problems, they could replace the driver with.... get ready... another driver. This was the entire reason behind the helmet, no talking, and other traits.

In after article links (which did not include the manufacturer, btw)...

You have only 'Dr. Who - cares' links, not one for 'Stig' or 'Top Gear.'


Windows malware dominates Mac malware detection chart

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Reliability and Mircrosoft...

I find your premise very strange...

You should use a Microsoft phone to write your article...

Store it on and SD card...

Then load it into the normal computer you use...

Then try to go to the phone, since, it won't load...


Microsoft will blame someone, including you.... for the problem...

Now, why are you using Linux, if you trust Microsoft?

Sorry Cap'n... I dinna under-stand the premis'


Google in shock 'we serve ads' claim

the old rang

A little reality check

Before you understand that 'they' can call ads ads...

keep in mind how many of the 'advert companies' are OWNED by Google...

Start with DoubleClick


US census takers fight angry Americans for their data

the old rang

Invasive federal Vermicious Knids...

The Constitution was very specific on the Census.

The 'government' has taken, (with law-writing courts, etc.) to abusing and persecuting with the census.

Rampant invasions of privacy, which, brainwashed libs don't think are wrong, have been infesting the census for left wing radical causes.

The constitution says they can ask 'how many people live here' and they have taken that to find your national origin, and a few other things to gerrymander voting districts to keep 'their people in'...plus a few hundred other uses (like raising property values of people likely to vote against them, and lowering same for 'friends'..

Rigging the unemployment rate, was for 'good' press from the deadstream media, and the presstitutes that report the figures as if really fact (which they weren't)

Enough knew what was going on, and, most went out with self-important indoctrination that the full government would lean heavy one those not answering every pismire question.

Naw... This was a farcical exercise that is too abusive, of something that should be done without all the nanny-state nosiness.

Ain't it great they lost so much of the power, this election, for it to be used against them!!!

I don't like either party abusing the information, but, I wold love to see ALL gerrymeandering districts done away with (form/future gov Brown was behind egregious gerrymandering... hence the name gerrymeandering)

Some of the information IS important... like how many people live here...

After that, most is stupid intrusion... BY OUR CONSTITUTION... That which is not something the nanny-staters want, restraining them.


OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers

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I investigated the 'Libre Office' option of the stick. If I was running Red Hat, it might be worth the effort... I am not, so it isn't. I know how to get around an RPM file to deb... but don't feel like wasting my time getting around hundreds of RPM files, after extracting the TAR...

Looking at Lyx and LaTEX more and more, even with the learning curve. (Lotus is archaic with only 32 bit software, not worth the finagling to function.)

If I want to do a book, Lyx/Latex seems to be the answer. RTF or .txt is enough for 99% of what I write... The other 1%? I use a pen..

Irritating the Open Source Community, though, makes little sense... Too many of them are 'Black Hats.'


NHS loses massive Microsoft licensing rebate

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Gates Horns

All that money...

There is one piece of hospital management software, recognized by many as the best in the world. Strangely enough, the software was developed by the Veterans Administration (under George Bush, and having Obama toot his tweeter to take credit... but ...) It was developed to take in the needs and problems of a MASSIVE hospitalization problem, and, works... It does not use Microsoft products, and, has been available for years...


NHS, having been sold a bill of good (will not even postulate that there may have been some under table financing) has been doing NHS for a ton (tonne) of money for years, causing a loss that will also include dependency on current ability to 'cross-over' to Linux with so may years of money spent, that could have had system working better, cheaper, with fewer problems...

You see, chaps...

Much as I dislike much of what 'government developed' generally means, OPEN SOURCE medical system software, developed away from general government interference, by the VA out of self preservation and using Linux... saves money, and with attending non-cost packages says YOUR NHS was as fleeced as the sheep in Australia and New Zealand....


From a Linux user, tired of gobsmack ware.


'World's largest' airship inflated in colossal Alabama cowshed

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A little correct information, please

It would be nice, to know that this is a balloon, not a rigid airship.. (no frame)...

Blimp is ok...for this type of airship...

Zeppelin is not

But, cute article for those that are interested in airships... A little disturbing those liking Dirigibles.


Microsoft wants pacemaker password tattoos

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Nice security idea from the 'security' capital of the world... REDMOND?


Tattoo on the bottom of the foot, the password to control your heart pacemaker...

That means you can no longer go to the beach, trust anyone in bed, enjoy an afternoon in the sun by the pool...

And if people are really out to get you, they would know how, by just taking your socks off...

Then, if you didn't have Atrial Fibrillation before, you will until they get what they want

That is even more fun than having software written in Active X!!

And you thought Microsoft knew nothing about security...

If you did think they did... this proves you wrong.


US government rescinds 'leave internet alone' policy

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To the Anonymous Coward Mr. Herp Derp

Look up the meaning of Socialist and Liberal...

Look up the translated meaning of the words the initial N.A.Z.I. stand for...

Look up the first stage of government under Communism... as described by Marx, Engles, Stalin, etc.

All are known by those not blinded by lack of education (as in real learning, not that taught by our current school system, in general, and most definitely not by the less than truthful MHM.)

BTW - I often have to go to the British media to find news which will not appear in the MHM for days, weeks or months, if at all. I can find anti-liberal news in even the most pro-liberal media there, never found in the MHM in America.

You might also really look into our US Constitution, to see where none of what they are proposing is allowed, by the very document that all of them have derided, said was not adequate, and have (especially in Obama's case, specifically stated) would change ...

But, which they swore (with their fingers crossed) to protect and defend...

Don't believe me...


(moveon.org, huffington, NY Times, The alphabet networks etc...do not qualify)

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Big Brother

It is not 'their bit' that 'they' want to control...

The mindset of the type of people currently in charge, and their puppet masters, is simple...

It is all 'theirs...

and if we are quiet little sheep, they might let us use some of it... unless we say the wrong thing.

Note, Soros got billions (via Brazil) in bailout jackpot... The government here is doing what (not reported in the news here) Mr. Soros is trying to do to the rest of the world's economies. (had to read Brit new for that)...

And who was the big bucks behind pres. oblamitonbush? .. Mr. Soros.

The NY Times is going to charge for 'net' access to their site. That is because they can't sell papers, They can't, because more and more they are less and less a newspaper than The National Inquirer (who beats them to stories by a year or so)... They do this because their songs are written by the same people that want to control the inter net.

Wonder when they are getting their bailout roulette fortunes...

Bottom line.

Let those in charge now do what they are proposing...

We will have to use scrambled radio transmitters moving every few minutes to have communication... because the use of the net will no longer be safe.

Kind of like in China

Quoting a famous book ...


the old rang
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Give the President and Congress 301 status.

They most certainly have the worst (not best) in mind. They require back doors to everything they can, already... The are hostile to free enterprise (Capitalism for those in Roma Linda)... They are the ones that passed the laws (actually overturned one by passing another) that is the Main Cause of the current financial crisis (thank you Dodd Pelosi Franks and Bubba Bill), and with their cohorts in the international arena, the setting up of the Global Warming scheme to do otherwise (yes, I am a conservative. Not a left wing wacko that doesn't know what a nazi really was).

Now to control the internet.... That is the biggest communication they have not been supported by. The MHM (meat head media) in the US has stonewalled all the real facts about them...

They have to stop the internet... or they can not pull any more shenanigans, while shielded by the (losing control and going tit up unless they can get bailout money) media.

They, like other liberal governments, such as Communist Russia, China, N. Korea, Sadam's Iraq. Hitler's Germany....

.... Can Not Survive a Free Communication System Open to the Free Exchange of Ideas.

The Internet.

I know that both sides use the internet. I disagree with the other side, but don't want it shut down.... I would like to see it die from lack of recognition for not having valid output. Unlike they, who want no voice of opposition.


Creaky old Windows flaw rises, divides doommongers

the old rang

I do not speak for Windows Users, anywhere.

Quite the contrary.

I only speak for myself...

(Am not a ventriloquist, you know... I leave that to the media and their 'Wonderland'.)

I used to use Windows, and found that it was a security hell hole (my opinion, and that of all the blackhats who are still doing things to it, and who sometimes complain that it is no longer fun, since it is too easy.)

I am neither a hacker (white hat) nor a cracker (black hat)... I am just a simple, undereducated old rang.

But, I did not start off by slavering in the forum about 'froth mouthed penguinistas.'

That type of post seems to come quite easily from both sides (and I am quite adept at being able). I simple replied to the 'side that did start'...

After being in and around computing for only about 50 years. I know little about bugs, errors and such. I worked, for a time, looking at black hat sites (you might never imagine what is not known by the masses about what IS going on with the black hats... nor with the UBER BLACK hats... of whom you probably know naught)

As such I am only an ignorant and under educated, no-longer-window user, a tired old rang....

Not a froth mouthed windows user who loves the most attacked software (which most of windows is written with)...Active X....

Cheers... and I am not in the same time zone as Britain...

And some less experience, don't know from whence the time stamp comes.

Might be a Windows user that said that....

But, that is an opinion of only a poor, uneducated, old rang...


the old rang

Let's see...

You are waiting for a 'penguinista' to froth a mouth at you??

No need...

You have punishment enough running windows... thinking it is heaven.

and believing what they tell you about all their 'enhancements'...

Why punish those that will never learn...

More fun to watch them stumble all over themselves in their own froth.

Enjoy yourself.

I bear you no malice.


the old rang

Gee! and it is only Wednesday...

That makes two this week!! (only)

1) The 'Firefox' blamed, Windows problem (since it ONLY HAPPENS ON WINDOWS)

2) And since it bears credence to my previous statements that Microsoft has some problems over 10 years old (something diners at the micro-soft diners rarely mention in their articles)...

Gee... Love them reasons (in part) for why I use Linux (Ubuntu) and Firefox...

BTW... The LOUD promulgating of Firefox and Linux problems by the m/s diners...

Does not seem to be reflected in the flaw here described.

I hope they can (finally) fix these problem (One is way over 10 years old.)

And, for all that will flame me....

I told you so. (oops.. that slipped out. It is a 'windows' key keyboard. forgive me??)


NASA pegs Noughties as hottest decade on record

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NASA has lost most of its budget...

and the Dems say either speak like our puppets or go mute like the dead.

that is the way in washington now.


'Domestic extremism' police called in on climate hack

the old rang

Who's on First?

The real question is, which of the three SHOULD be investigated.

The hackers (they are "White Hats" for finding the East Angila corruption)

The East Anglia 'alleged' criminals, the ones who took government funding, UN Funding, and other fundings to perpetrate a fraud to create trillions of dollars of theft, waste and loss of buisiness,lives and give corrupted government aid and comfort...

Or their cohorts that called in the NDET

It is important not to misdirect government resources further in the stupidity (East Anglia's actions)


Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

the old rang

PS: to Does everything really have to be tasteless? #


Combine that article, with my post and the manipulation of data to prove global warming...

and let me know (intelligently) where the MHM and sensibilities are.

Also... Breaking a Cherry can be explained simply enough, to a child, without lying.

It 'simply' mean a first step into maturity. AS IN... Google is bringing out a new operating system. The first step is to announce it nearing release.

the old rang

Re: Does everything really have to be tasteless? #

I find some things, RUDELY tasteless...

Take how the scandal over the chaps faking the research over global warming were cooking the data... and most of the world press (brainless supporters of the long known useless data) are ignoring the story.

How all the rats in various government agencies from the smallest EU to the UN are covering their tracks so as not to be shown as partaking of the scam... Starting with Mr. Brown, maybe??

Anyway, they are all scurrying to the rat-holes and the media is doing the same as they did when Drudge reported the Lewinski matter. Nothing... at least, until they have no choice.

But... IT IS News, just not the kind of news the media can mis-report, fabricate, and totally lie about, quite as easily, since it shows how they have not done THEIR jobs for 40+ years. (as in the Chap at Goddard weather (algores mentor) who was fired for cooking the data to prove October 2008 was hottest by copy pasting July data from Siberia into August, September, October.) MHM (meat head media) reports, buried, if mentioned at all

Since they are going to ruin industries and gild their own pockets, certain political entities wanting to rape the world for their own gain, don't want that news out...

That, dear gentle lady, is not only vulgar... but will kill millions, putting more into poverty, slavery and ... if you will, subject to more 'cherry popping' for both males and females, than Genghis Khan, the Vandals, and the Huns combined. I guess it is OK, though, since they almost used proper grammar and etiquette.

And that is only one instance.

If you don't want to know what is going on, please go back to the New York, LA or London Times.

If you do, the wild and woolly inter net may be the place to find it...

If you want 'civilisation'--- Try the BBC, ABC, CNN et al... Don't expect to know anything... they don't have it there and have not had it for years..

You're (see, I can use it right) looking for two things, not found together now a days - REAL news, and 'veddy veddy proper media reporting.'

The Reg is not that proper.

The main stream media is rarely guilty of truthfully reporting the news.

the old rang

Cheery Cherry Memory...

I am reminded of an 'adventure' in my youth (think late 50's early 60's). My date and I were joined by another couple and went to the Pink Poodle in Waikiki (I live not far by road, not bridge)

The waitress came, took the orders and sounded them to the 'cooks' or 'soda jerks,' if you will.

My date, took her time, and ordered last. She asked for a 'cherry coke' ...

The waitress, turned and sounded out 'ONE VIRGIN COKE!!"

My date, redder than the cherry juice that would have been used to anoint said coke... Immediately changed here order to just a plain coke...

The waitress, turned again and sounded out... "SCREW IT!!"

(This really happened, and I doubt we were the only ones it happened to)

If your critic was offended by your headline in 2009...

And that was not a problem in 1960 Honolulu...

I think the sensitivity level of the audience member involved is set higher than the vernacular of the day, not to mention The Reg.

Maybe, like a good car seat... he should tuck and roll with the punch lines, instead of being like an over inflated balloon chair and getting blown out of proportion.

The Reg has its faults (don't we all) and I don't agree with all that is said. But, I try to criticise not so much the tone and timbre of the writing style, as much as pick at that which I disagree with at a more technologyical or political level.

The land is still somewhat a free country... for now. And you have every right to speak your piece (kind fo like I am doing now). But, trying to muffle humor (humour? gag lines!!) is kind of too politically correct to be in vogue with this site.


Murdoch admits delays on paywall scheme

the old rang

re: A fool's errand

But, you seem to forget... he has to keep the people working to put those stories where you find them...

and is not getting what might be called just compensation.

The thirst for real news is still our there...

As I said in my first post.

Unless it is real news, rather that the daydreams of so called news reporters and ersatz journalists...

...I would pay for it, and willingly.

But, with the sewage from the likes of the NY Times being passed off as jorunalism...

Narry wo' a sou.

But, there are many out there that think it is reporting... and for their tastes, they should be soak...