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HP: Still choosing the wrong women


Fire the Board!

HP lost its way and started its decline with Carly F. It became a "Circus" with Mark H as he was nothing more than an obsessed bean counter. But the real blame goes to a clearly incompetent board that seems clueless in being able to get the right leadership in place.

Does anyone really believe that Meg W will last for more than 24 months?


Ellison taps ex-HP CEO Hurd as Oracle co-prez


NCR+HP+Oracle = ?

Well, I wonder how many quarters it will take before Hurd starts closing down offices, cutting staff and generally taking Oracle down the path of no return as he did at HP and NCR before that. This guy is a one trick pony – A bean counter, nothing more nothing less.

SAP and IBM will be delighted with this development!


Did Hewlett-Packard overreact on Hurd's Fishergate?


He was pushed.....

Just ask corporate customers what they think of HP these days.... it will become obvious that something had gone horribly awry at HP and why Hurd was probably pushed out, with much hast by the board of directors. Over the past 5 years all HP customers saw were cost cutting, retrenchments, office closures and an inability to execute. IBM must have thought Hurd was the best thing since sliced bread... all they had to do was sit and wait as HP's customers came knocking at their door.

In time HP will probably recover from their 2nd bad CEO in a row, but hopefully the era of a one trick pony has ended and real leadership will appear. If not HP will indeed land up being nothing more than a division of Oracle Corporation or split up into various individual companies!!!


Ballmer says Big Blue hands in too few pies


Maybe Microsoft just don't get it!

Maybe Microsoft just doesn’t get it - I'm not an employee of neither Microsoft nor IBM. However I am a customer of both and have an outsider’s perspective on both companies.

I think that IBM is a far more business focused than Microsoft, and aims to deliver quality services and products to their customers without compromise. I believe that they do this far more effectively than Microsoft, who often come across as dysfunctional and confused at times!! IBM has long moved on, and no longer sees itself as an IT company but rather as a business solutions company, something that Microsoft clearly still does not understand.

(HP and Dell certainly do, both of whom are trying to move into the same "value added services" direction as IBM).

Granted both are great companies and I won’t take that away from then, but I think that Microsoft are being somewhat arrogant if they believe that IBM has lost it's vision…. on the contrary, during the worst recession in decades, IBM’s results speak volumes. It's a strategy that certainly appears to be working!

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