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T-Mobile UK pumps out the iPhone 4


Selfish but I feel the same way too

I have had smartphones on T-Mobile for about 5 years now, (HTC WinMos mainly, but recently iPhone 3G and 4) and consistently get better connections for data than my friends stuck on stupidly long contracts on o2, so anything that puts users off the better.

I'm still paying less than £25 a month for £120 of calls and texts, plus 3GB of internet including tethering, and a free upgrade phone every year I can sell. Long live Flex-T WnW plus with F&F discount!

Signal is a bit rubbish in some areas (Main culprit is Brighton, GF lives there but she has crap signal on o2 too) but as I spend most of my time in cities i've never had any real problems.

Wonder what will happen when all the Orange and T-Mobile tower merging is finished, hope it goes the way of T-Mo and not the other way, we have Orange at work and all we have is problems.


Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

Jobs Halo

@ AC 1310hrs

Yeh really serves all those people right who paid through the nose for perfectly legal iPhones that come unlocked. Grow up and realise that there are plenty of faults with Apple too, as this case clearly shows.