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Dell revives WinPho handset brand for Win 8.1 fondleslabs

Jambo Widetrousers

Not surprising

...since Microsoft put up $2bn as a loan to help Michael Dell buy his company back:


Back scratching and all that. Mind you, I'm a proud owner of both a Windows Phone (HTC 8X) and Surface Pro, so this is all to the good as far as the platforms are concerned.


Life-size Portal gun to shoot onto shelves soon

Jambo Widetrousers

Google Translate FTW

The page translation is fun, but the page title even better:

"Beans torpedo head office: Store Figures - / Neka system portal / portal device Prop Replica (s) and / or game"



Google Maps absorbs Earth view

Jambo Widetrousers

Anaglyph mode...

Has anyone else noticed that StreetView now has a '3D mode on' option on its right click menu - which immediately changes the view to an anaglyph 3D simulation?

Now where are my red/green glasses....


OLED TV sales to soar, says market watcher

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Time will tell...

I've been working in broadcast for ~20 years, and worked with the first ever HD systems from Sony. Nothing I've seen has stood up to those original HD CRT based sets - until I saw the XEL-1. I still won't bother with plasma or LCD (although the new Samsung LED backlit sets are pretty good), and I still have a 22" Ferguson CRT that kicks the crap out of most displays I've seen.

If they can solve the lifespan issues, and get the price right, OLED is the only thing I've seen that I'd want in my front room. Of course, if it's a heavily compressed SD signal being badly upscaled to an HD display then all bets are off anyhow ;-)