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RIM shares take a bath after uninspiring BlackBerry 10 unwrap

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Re: Playbook

It's also annoying that there is no way to turn off the red "you've got mail" highlight in the corner of the screen.

Settings, Sounds & notifications, Visual Notification

options are Glow Only, LED Only, Glow & LED


UK Ministry of Defence eyes GPS patent payoff


Modulation Error

Ok, so, loosely speaking the patent is for a method of transmitting digital data as a modulated subcarrier on a pre-existing carrier wave. Surely this has already got plenty of prior art involved, Software stored on magnetic tape for one example, early experiments in transmitting software for 8 bit home computers using radio shows or TV programs, NICAM stereo, FAX machines, SSTV using amateur radio, NOAA broadcasts would all use a variation on the theme. I've missed a lot of examples from the list as it would be way too long to document all possible prior art. It just seems to me that companies are more interested in what they can patent and make money from licensing than actually innovating.


Microsoft kills Zune phone talk


@James & AC

James - I can honestly say I detest the Iphone, I find it amusing when people show me their new iphones, yes, you paid a lot of money for a phone that took 3 years to be able to copy & paste, comes with (on average) 18 month to 2 year contracts yet is superceded annually, can only run 'authorised' software unless you hack the phone etc etc (I could continue but this is a windows for phones comment page)

AC, I currently use a TyTn II, which replaced a Hermes 100 (Orange SPV M3100) which replaced a HTC Universal (XDA Exec) etc right the way back. My next phone will most likely be a HTC (Though Orange aren't currently listing a WM based HTC phone other than Touch 3G unless you are a business customer)

The point I was trying to make however was that there is a plethora of virii for the standard x86 windows platform, comparatively few for the WM platform, and the worst possible thing I can imagine from MS is the inception of an OS which SHIPS on 4.3Gb of media, has more security holes in it than Paris Hilton has had spam javelins, expands on the drive at a seemingly exponential rate, boots marginally slower than your average 3 yr old can solve integral calculus in their head, and is less stable than your average serial killer.

Especially when that OS is targetted at a platform which is inherently designed for the purpose of placing calls. If the person who came up with the idea of a full windows version on a mobile phone was an animal, they would probably get caught in a trap, chew 3 legs off and still be stuck.

and finally AC.. yes, it's a good job MS stick to making software, they wouldn't make any money in hardware, they would probably name their hardware something silly like Xbox, or Zune or... oh, wait.

The tiering of the OS was due to the way the Vista platform works, the way Windows 7 will work, and the fact that there are 2 versions of Windows Mobile 6, the Pro version (has office and a few other things) and the Standard version.

What's next? Windows for washing machines? "Fatal Error, The drivers for your socks caused an unexpected fault in nose.exe"


Windows 7 Mobile edition

Oh god, I can imagine it now....

Press Power Button, wait for 5 minutes for windows to power up and install the updates you hadn't noticed the phone had downloaded on your data plan costing you the equivalent of a small country's annual turnover.

Let windows load, only to find that the phone driver wasn't recognised and is now listed as 'unknown device'

Reboot again to get the device to work and then try to make a call. The problem being that the device still hasn't completed booting.

Decide to phone your mobile provider and sort out the settings for SMS, only to find that SMS settings isn't available to people with the Windows 7 Home Premium Mobile edition, only to users of the Business or Ultimate edition, of which you can only upgrade to the Ultimate edition from Home Premium.

Purchase and install the Ultimate upgrade, set the phone up and enjoy using it, resolving never to let it go flat as it takes 2 full batteries just to boot the phone.

Move on 2 months, your mobile bill looks suspiciously like the number for an american premium rate phone sex service. You investigate and find that 30 viruses (virii?) have infected your phone from your home PC and have been spamming iPhone users with 'buy cheap online prescriptions' emails and that all your contacts, including the hot blonde you met at the club the night before now dial guatemalan minicab firms first.

No good can possibly come of this.


Game laws to make underage selling illegal

Paris Hilton

Already done

They have a method of preventing the sale of games to kids already, it's called the price.

Paris - because her price is high enough to prevent kids having access too.