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Shuttle X 5000TA

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Our Kitchen PC

I've set-up a PC in the Kitchen, for the wife & it's an HP 24" 'TouchSmart'. It, too, comes with Vista - but HP indicates that the touchscreen interface will NOT work, if you switch it to XP Pro (like the rest of my mini-network). I certainly don't know for a fact what the technical reasons could be for being forced to use Vista (Home Premium) on this system - but whatever those reasons may be; might also be the same reasons the Shuttle X5000 'All-in-One' is also saddled with Vista. And Yes, it _IS_ in the Kitchen, so she can stream TV, listen to music, google a recipe & check her email. Her PC in her 'Unicorn' room (Hey... she Loves Dragons & Unicorns - what can I say?) is too removed from the Kitchen to be useful for this type of use. Just an 'FYI'. -Tony T.