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Sonim XP3 Enduro ultra-rugged mobile phone

Stuart Carruthers
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Bought my dad one...

of the JCB Tough branded phones made by Sonim last year from Phones4U. Same colour & spec but slightly different layout. Only costs £100 though had to also by £20 Vodafone P&G airtime. It came sim-unlocked so stuck his O2 sim in without a clitch! He loves it, just the part on building sites & it become a bit of a fad, so much so that they've all got one now! Can vouch for its resiliance, he replaced Nokia's on a 6-months basis beforehand. And its so loud even though he's lost some of his hearing he asked me to reduce the volume!!

If you want one of these looked for the JCB Tough as the same handset branded Sonim was £300!!"