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UK2 email migration still not finished

Russell Haggar

Not me

Nope, my email hasn't been migrated yet. They sent me an amusing email over the weekend, informing me that the mailbox had been restored so everything should be hunkydory now. Of course, when I went and checked, there was absolutely no change. So I took up their invitation to go back to them with any further issues, and after 48 hours they sent me a standard email excusing their slow response by saying that they have 36 billion files to transfer as part of the migration.

It's seems pretty clear from all the other status updates that they've posted that what they're doing is migrating their entire service base to another location, not always seamlessly (to say the least). My money is on the hard disk array being physically transferred via cruise liner (cheaper than a transfer over an intercontinental fibre). When the boat docks, we'll have our email again !

What's the routine to get them to do a manual transfer (even if it does destroy my "slow boat" thesis) ?


Who's going to turn base Ethernet into gold?

Russell Haggar


Blimey. If only the Ethernet camp had listened to those ATM upstarts about ten years ago. Never mind - everyone gets to revisit all the issues over another three-year round of standards committee meetings. Enjoy.