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Tiscali pulls plug on 186K

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Dominic Marocco owns 186k

186k is privately owned by Dominic Marocco not Hutchinson - everything that he does is about greed he is not interested in giving a good service to the general public or businesses - he is only interested in making money from good people and lining his own pockets and buying more mansions from ex boxers...do yourselves a favour leave 186k as fast as you can and force this man out of any business where he is "supposed" to be providing a service to people. Insiders say he owes Tiscali over a million pound and thats why they have said enough is enough, insiders say its only a matter of time before BT pull the plug as he owes them millions aswell....why dont you pay your bills Mr Marocco and keep these poor people in the service they have paid your for, but you havent paid your suppliers for, sell a house and pay your debts, your a disgrace! and trying to blame Tiscali for this, your a total joke!