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Virgin Media network downed by scouse power outage


Useless bunch of idiots

The article doesn't get the full story: Virgin's email has been broken for 24 hours. This SNAFU cost me a business deal, because documents didn't arrive in time ... and for the last 24 hours, virgin's fault line has consistently told me a pile of porkies about the status of a fix. The tickets on their status page are misleading and rarely updated, and this morning one of their staff had the cheek t tell me that their email is a "free service". Rubbish -- it's advertised as part of a package for which I pay them, and if I'm late paying my bill it's cut off.

I'm moving my email to a separate provider who has proven clue in keeping their systems running, but in the meantime I'm using gmail. Why can google provide a more reliable free service than virgin can when I pay them? And why are the likes of Ofcom so lax in ensuring that ISPs publish honest and timely tickets to confirm the status of any SNAFUs in their services?