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Cisco network kit warning: Watch out for malware in the firmware

Art Jannicelli

Paywall downside

Hey Cisco... This is why you need to release your updates from behind a pay wall. If admins could download updates and even the Cisco VPN client without having to go through TAC hell for access... Maybe kits like these would be a non-issue since admins would not be trying to download updates/clients from random places on the internet.

HP is in the process of making this same mistake.


Virtualization software to crush server market

Art Jannicelli

Small Business and the short sited

The last company I worked for had a farm of about 75 Virtualized Servers. It saved the company a lot of money by allowing us to transition off of older platforms and consolidate rack space and power. As mentioned above because we ran our VM's from our SAN we rarely had any down time even in the event of hardware failure on a host node. For this company it was a great thing.

However, in small business and/or companies where non-technical management holds the check book and is most concerned with quarterly numbers; VM just doesn't add up to them. In these companies they would rather get a bottom of the top of the line server from Dell or HP that can be upgraded later if needed. As opposed to dropping the large investment required to purchase an ESX box capable hosting 10 VM's plus licensing. Not to mention the need to have failover capability and optimally a SAN. Moving to VM is an enterprise level upgrade.

Therefore, I would be curious to know what percentage of low end servers are purchased by small business vs. enterprise customers. If anything I think Dell and HP can depend on small business to maintain their demand for low end servers indefinitely. Small Business and the short sited are just not interested in making the upfront investment required to create a solid VM infrastructure.


If Google is a Russian spy op, when will it buy U-Haul?

Art Jannicelli

The other low cost Self-service hauler

Don't forget about Budget truck rental they have comparable prices to Uhaul and much better service.

I actually met a regional sales manager for Uhaul and he admitted that Uhaul makes it's money doing commercial rentals, so they put their very best equipment and people on making commercial customers happy.

However, rather then having worthless stock left over when a truck no longer meets commercial standards it is demoted to the consumer fleet. This all makes sense why Uhaul treats consumers like crap with poor service and trucks.

We just have to hope Budget doesn't get itself too wrapped up in commercial clients before it starts doing the same thing.

For the record I have rented Uhaul 3 times and every time it was a fiasco, problems with the vehicles and they rented the truck I had reserved online cause someone arrived before me needing a truck, so essentially they got to hold my money and I got to wait a few days till they found me a truck.

I have rented from Budget truck rental many times and there service, reservation, and trucks have been outstanding. i have actually had more problems with Budget car rental.


Microsoft Silverlight to copy Flash video tricks, Adobe responds

Art Jannicelli

DIVX forgotten

If you haven't already you really ought to download the DIVX player. The quaility and compression are vastly superior to Flash or WMP. They even have their own web 2.0 site.

It's a shame they haven't been noticed by the main stream. After using this player you'll never go to youtube again.