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Happy 20th Birthday, IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad

Rod Talboys

ThinkPad Excitement

I use to sell these beauties in my previous life as an IBMer.

It was always exciting to get your new ThinkPad, loaded with IBM specific SW and re-boxed. Ones that stand out in my memory, but I forget the numbers, are

1. The small "Butterfly" Model. When you opened the lid the keyboard gyrated and ended up being bigger than the base.

2. The "Tablet". It had a keyboard but in this model the lid would swivel around 180 degrees and you folded it back on top of the key board and prodded it with stylus. Great to demonstrate but I always used the standard keyboard in the privacy of my own home or office.

3. The "Overhead Projector Model" This time you could remove the back of the lid, open flat and place screen, less it's metal lid on OHP and show your "Storyboard" slides. In a perfectly dark room the audience could even see them.

However my favourite story was about the salesman who returned his ThinkPad as faulty. He had a puncture and being on soft ground (not sure what he was doing?) the car jack kept sinking so he placed his ThinkPad under the jack to spread the load!


IBM to park mainframes on the cloud

Rod Talboys


Ahh... I was a CICS specialist SE way back in 1975 when a fresh newbie IBM SE, and then DB2 when this came out in 1980s or there about.

Could buy a round of drinks for a £1 in 1975 and the sky was always blue and .......


Best compact camera with a viewfinder?

Rod Talboys

Canon A710 IS & A720 IS

I have used various A series Canon cameras over the years and been pleased with them all. Of course my Nikon Digital SLR D80 is better but for convenience my current compact Canon A710 IS is great.

It has 6 times zoom, image stabilisation, 2.5 " display, 1cm macro, VGA movies, and more. See www.dpreview.com that gives this and the current A720 IS models a great report. Current model A710 IS is available from Jessops for £149.

Also you can download the free if unsupported SW from http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK to add lots of features including RAW support!

I recently had a hands on a Canon G9 which was very nice to use but of course much more expensive and once you have applied above sw does not have a lot of extra features over the A710.