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Microsoft: NSA security fallout 'getting worse' ... 'not blowing over'

Dave Howe

But surely....

The very public PR stun... erm, I mean defence of their customer base MS recently staged should instantly restore credibility? After all, of COURSE we believe MS only got one NSL in the last year, and the FBI backed down when faced with MS Lawyers.....


ZX Spectrum REVIVED as Bluetooth keyboard

Dave Howe

Original ZX...

had the same problem. The keyboard was divided down the middle into left and right halves, and each line in each half had one control wire. each top-down column had a second control wire, so they keys shorted a vertical and horizontal wire together - that was fine for one key press, and not terrible for a second, but the third would be an issue. for any hope of handling multiple keypresses, each key had to have at least one wire (horizontal or vertical) unique to it.


Crypto attack unveils hidden backups

Dave Howe


"We got you, some bits of your hard drive have changed"

"yeah. and?"

"did you write files to that bit of your hard drive?"

"sure, that's what hard drives are for"

"so why aren't they there now?"

"because I wiped them with heidi erasor"

"why would you do a thing like that?"

"because I was going though US customs and its now our company policy to do so in case they (for example) decide to make a "backup copy" of all our valuable customer data"

"we wouldn't do that"

"so where did you get THAT backup from then?"


Google silences Android critics

Dave Howe

open source licencing

I am obviously confused about something here.

If something is open source, then anyone receiving a binary copy *must* be given access to the source and a free licence to modify, redistribute and use custom compilations of that source.

As far as I know, google hasn't released Android to anyone in any form, not binary *or* source. So until someone can show a binary-only copy of Android and be refused or granted access to download the source, there is no way to make any real statement one way or the other... only a legitimate user of Android has the right to ask.


Citrix goes storage light with XenDesktop

Dave Howe

And how does this differ..

From the usual thin client desktop?

Citrix pretty much invented the concept of a mutiuser, remote terminal windows server (of course, unix had been doing that long before, but xwindows is hardly "thin desktop")

Over a decade ago, their winframe product was delivering complete desktops to wyse dedicated terminals (or dos based 386/486 machines running a client) using ICA to stream the display and keyboard/mouse events in each direction (plus share the local drives in the case of the dos machines). This is what eventually became the Terminal Services (RDP) app that comes with almost all windows servers now.

at the same time, DOS machines were pxe booting from and loading a complete win3.11 environment from netware servers, running applications (from the same servers) selectively depending on if they did (or didn't) have permissions to them at the netware level.

either way, I can recall this technology being in place a decade ago - ok, its a *lot* harder to just run modern software from a remote server; apps have got much, much bigger and rely on registry keys rather than easily-redirectable ini files, but I am not seeing anything new or novel here.