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UK PS3 price begins to drop


In response.

John Munyard: "I understand where you're coming from but frankly the international market just doesn't work like that anymore."

I know that, what I talking about was the apparent complaint that a UK citizen buying a PS3 in the UK is paying more then a US citizen buying one in the US. It simply isn't true they're both working roughly the same amount of time to get one (and In the case of Hong Kong more time)

How the market should work is that a UK citizen should examine the prices worldwide and then decide to buy from what ever country they wants. what you mention as "legally captive" can be boiled down to two items. Firstly IP rights which should mean that you can't sell goods in an area before the manufacturer does, but is sadly taking the tack that you can't sell goods in an area without the IP holder's permission even if they're selling the same goods in that area due to 'diminished respect for the brand'. Secondly Health and Safety, imported goods may not meet EU consumer safety standards.

The former is a con-trick and, like region coding, if it were being done by a government would be up before the WTO before you could say "trade restriction", the latter is a joke as the power supply unit on the PS3s are identical regardless of country.

So yes in that respect we're being stitched-up, still doesn't mean that the PS3 is more expensive here then elsewhere. It also doesn't stop you importing one from anywhere else in the EEA.


We pay too much whine whine whine.

I'm fed up of this, 'A PS3 is so much more expensive in the UK then anywhere else' really how do you figure?

$600 in the US, HK$3,780 in Hong Kong and £425 here in the UK.

Pull out your currency converters and whine. Finished? Good! Now take a look at the median incomes for these countries

$670/week in the US, HK$2,300/week in Hong Kong and £450/week for the UK. Now look at the prices compared to these - 90%, 94% and 164%. Oh wow look at that the US and UK are about the same and people in Hong Kong are being charged relatively *more* then both. Bet they're really complaining huh?