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An alternative to going to camp. Previewing VMWare's Fusion

David Roy

Not unline VMWare Workstation 5.x

Just read your article. May I ask if you have used VMWare Workstation on Windows? You made a couple of comments that I have found to be exactly true to this product as well... one which has been in use for a couple of years now: The Direct X performance is not great and the CD Eject does not work from the Host OS when the VM is running.

The CD issue is understandable to some degree... the guest OS is potentially using the CD so the HOST OS is stopped from ejecting it. It should be easy enough to simply eject from the Guest OS... or detatch it from host OS (in VMWare Workstation, that is a single right-click and select disconnect.)

The thing you mentioned about "shared folders". If Fusion is like Workstattion (which it does seem to be), you have to create these shares manually, and would not seem to be an issue with the app, but maybe "as designed"?