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California Highway Patrol rounds up queens, workers

John Ervin

To bee, To Sheep, To Turkey

I can imagine a truck load of bees overturning. But here in Virginia we have transport trucks with Chickens, and Turkeys. Nothing is worse than following a Chicken or Turkey semi - truck in 90 degree heat in the summer time.

Feathers flying everywhere (these are wiremesh cages - trucks have no sides, tops or bottoms). Bird shit dropping on the windshield. The smell alone is enough to want to vomit even when inside the car.

Last year alone, I had to wash Turkey shit off the car (a white wagon) at least three times- due to extensive travel in the Western half of Virginia on I-81, and I64.

Now imagine 1000+ turkeys on a farm near the highway, in 90 degree heat in the summer time - we have that here in Virginia also.

I think I would prefer the bees any day. Even when I got stung 6 times last year by Hornets that were almost 2 inches in size.


US Air Force: Looking for a few good cyber warriors

John Ervin
Jobs Horns

The ground work has been put down, can we meet the standards ...

Comp TIA A+, Network +, and Security + are already mandatory tests for IT personnel in the information tech field in DOD (all four services), and mandatory by contractors working with military in this field

Many other advanced certifications are available, and the military bases raises (money), promotions, and re-enlistment, based on how many you pass.. 2 tests are required a year in the Army to stay in the field.

Guess what - can't pass the top three, you don't pass go, and generally loose a bonus, and possibly a position.

When I mentioned this to my Civilian employer, and showed him the DOD manual mandating these certifications - the comment was when customers require it, so will we... Any certification, computer related is FREE for me to take, but no raises for passing, or attaining any of them.

So if civilian companies are not ponying up raises for certifications (MCSE, COMP TIA, Cisco etc), but the military is... Where do you think the talent will go ?????