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Disney sitcom says open source is insecure

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Independence Day

Wow, that IS a coincidence: I noticed a number of inaccuracies in Independence Day as well.


Death to Office or to Windows - choose wisely, Microsoft

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Re: Re: newfound respect for open source

We have lots of expensive commercial Linux software. Most of it supports specific distributions (RedHat mostly, it is a business after all). Installs aren't that bad, and if they are that's why we pay for support. That doesn't necessarily scale well for end-users but for a big rollout you only have to do it once.

If you haven't seen enterprise commercial Linux software then you just haven't been looking.


Republican reps push for mandatory gun ownership

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Some data




I only did states where gun access [aka what I could find in 30 seconds] was above 50%. Gun study was 2001, crime was 2010, so YMMV there. List is: state, % access, overall crime rank (1 is bad), violent crime rank (50 is bad)

Al 51.7 40 23

Ak 57.8 37 6

Ar 55.3 41 11

Id 55.3 5 42

Ms 55.3 28 31

Mt 57.7 7 41

Nd 50.7 3 49

Sd 56.6 9 46

Wv 55.4 11 39

Wy 59.7 6 43

To my eye, no clear correlation between reported crime or violent crime and gun access, but I'm not a statistician.


Sprint introduces $10 smartphone premium

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CDMA users can't switch phones...

Sprint is a CDMA provider that provides locked handsets, so it always knows the make and model of your smartphone; no SIM switching available, and of course to change an ESN would violate something-or-other.

I already pay the $10 fee on my wife's Evo, and knew about it going in; you just price-shop knowing that Sprint's data rate is $X+10, they made it painfully obvious on the site. The "fees" that bug me are the ones that aren't well-disclosed.


Broadcom shrinks Ethernet switching gear to 65nm

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According to the report, 40% power reduction, I assume that means only the switching chip, not the whole pizza box. I doubt they changed the rates for 802.*... Not a lot of boxes in this space that aren't using Broadcom chips, anyway. outside of Cisco (and some of theirs do as I recall). Green is money, in the US.

I will say the only 802.11n AP chipset I've seen that works on the old (=cheap) PoE standard is the 65nm Broadcom one... though I haven't seen kit based on it in the stores yet, so that just might be "on a roadmap" somewhere.

The only wireless Broadcom card I've had that wasn't wired is my 802.11n minipci in my Dell, and so far it's been solid with my Cisco and Linksys gear. Haven't needed Linux drivers for it but that's always hit-or-miss anyway, I have an old Cisco card I use when the built-ins don't work.


US senator accuses FCC of rigging 700MHz auction

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"Virginia is behind many 3rd world countries -thanks to our free market system, where a single company comes in and grabs all the high profit areas effectively shutting out competitors by making it too expensive for anyone else to provide service outside the densely populated sections."

Of course if the market was unregulated other companies would be allowed to compete in the high profit areas. As it is the state and municipalities make the decision who gets service and who does not by designating an area provider that gets the monopoly. If you want to switch the area cable provider from Cox to someone who promises to cover your area, complain to your city representation, who will soundly ignore you 'cause they get all kinds of free stuff to keep Cox... I mean will give due heed to your concern and thank you for your trouble.


Judge accuses hacks of hacking cannibal ruling

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Jobs Horns

Probably just warning the attorneys to keep their traps shut...

"That's what I think happened, and I think that because I do not believe any of the lawyers involved here would violate" the confidentiality order.

She's a judge, of course she knows the lawyers involved would violate the confidentiality order if they thought it was in the best interest of their case. Now if they keep chattering they know she'll sic the district attorney on them for conspiracy and computer crimes, aside from the contempt charge...