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London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax

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Is Ken committing political suicide?

Bait and switch - follow the money...

So Ken got us all to support the idea of a congestion charge, to ease congestion in central London, with the assurance that it would impact very little on residents living in the zone.

He got others, like me, to invest in a duel-fuel car - paying a premium for it, in the belief that it would benefit me financially (for the times I went to central London) as well as benefitting the environment (with cleaner emissions, but still with CO2).

Now the switch, as residents have to pay full whack "congestion/CO2" charge and my duel-fuel car loses its economic rationale. If all the cars in the congestion charge zone reported in the 2001 Census were used, and charged £8 a day, Ken would raise over £500,000 a DAY. That doesn't include the cars from outside the zone coming in, or the £25 a day that some will be charged. So what is he going to do with all that dosh?