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Is it or isn't it? Brown keeps bottling the ID card question


ID Card.....followed closely by ID theft

Whilst I have nothing to fear from ID thieves - or at any rate, those ID thieves who think they will be able to take out mortgages and apply for credit cards and empty my bank account etc as my credit rating is so bad they are more likely to get a knock from debt collections - I am thoroughly disturbed at the thought of heaven knows who in the public sector sniffing around my identity. Having worked as a temp in several areas of "Government" I can tell that a lot of this wonderful new "database" will be administered, very badly, by temps and other workers who are hired to fill a diversity hole. They will be given little training, little thought and care, afterall they are simply expendable, the jackass to whom to pin the blame tail when it all goes horribly wrong.

Of course, the lessons of history are that Governments use identity to divide, conquer and destroy. If these ridiculous cards ever actually come to pass, I will be packing up and going. My father fought for Britain's freedom and to crush a tyrant over sixty years ago. After a decade of Labour's pinkwashed socialism, I am left wondering why exactly he bothered. This is not the country he and countless others fought to save.


Parents to get classroom spynet in 2010


Strangely enough, I always believed the teacher's job was to


Does it not strike anyone else as just a trifle odd that our schools are now supposed to act as pseudo jailers for semi feral children that the parents and the police have failed to control! Whilst presumably, the Wizard of Oz hides behind the green curtain and sends his reports back to some curious overlord somewhere in the Westminster swamp.

That the Government wishes to offer more form filling and general time wasting in place of an education for children, which of course would ensure that they are fit and ready to fill the jobs which are already earmarked by the Government for foreigners, on the grounds that we have no persons available or able to fill these posts - none of this should come as any surprise. Small wonder it is that legions of the able are now escaping Britain for other countries, leaving behind the binge drinkers, and those unfortunates who cannot escape, as the blob like entity of the burgeoning public sector swallows them whole with scarcely a hiccup.

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