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Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites



going by a lot of peoples stories i was quite lucky, i got up saturday morning rang them "Que. position 36" i put phone down (not hung up) and would check every 20min for changes it was 2 and half hours till i got to speak to a human. after all that time i made sure i had all the details of the account holder right down to his shoe size i was not leaving anything to chance. i got the new password and made the guy on the phone repeat it about 4 times just to make sure. dose anyone know how much that call has cost me from a BT line?

don't what is about those stupid fasthost text capitol things but i have to reload the the page about 10 times before i get one that i can see the difference i L l 1 !!!! unreal

this hole thing has given me a kick up the ass i now store all my passwords for everything in a encrypted file and i have changed them all so they are all different

i have a other sites hosted with a another company and they changed the mysql DB server address structure but they had the common decency to do a find and replace on your database connection scripts to make sure they worked! why could fasthosts not do this so that the web sites continued to function?