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LG KU990 Viewty cameraphone


Just my 5 cents worth

A phone is still a phone but it is of cos much better than many with numerous built in features of a camera.

It would be a pain for those who need to access wifi daily

I try to convince myself it looks good but I'm only happy when I dont look direct at the front only at the side. It looks cheap sigh...

UI is simple and easy to access but scroll thru the touch screen with your fingers take some experiment and patience. I finally found how to use it, press on it with some pressure, dont let go and at the same time slowly slide it will do the trick. Alternatively, just use the not so user friendly jog dial behind around the lens if u still cannot get it.

The Calendar is basic and quite a few features are missing like for example there is no options for you to key in when you want the alarm to sound for an appointment entry, the only choice you have are all listed for you to choose.

Sucessful syncing to the pc is not consistant, sometimes it fails to connect and worst, it doesnt gel with outlook.

Let me explain, most contacts do have multiple phone numbers like office, mobile or home. But when it is sync, it doesnt register all the different numbers into one contact but you will see the same name many times cos it splits up the different phone numbers of one single contact.

It also doesnt captures Email address during syncing.

Called LG support apparently they need to investigate and come back to me.

BTW, cant sync it on Vista OS yet only WinXP.

Image quality is nothing fantastic so dont expect alot from it. I'm more confident using my P990i camera even though it is a 2mp phone. At least I dont have to worry about blur image if there are some slight shake.