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Fat or thin: an insider's view on Java's destiny

Jon Rose

What about new additions to Java?

I had the chance to attend the QCon panel discussion, and I have to admit I was surprised at the discussion on reducing the Java SE by removing things deemed unneeded. This seemed very odd to me. Is there any precedent for stripping down a well adopted platform like Java? I would think not… Even if we did, would it really reduce the ‘surface area’ that developers have to know to utilize Java? You still ‘need’ the API’s you ‘need.’

Also, to me using ‘deprecated’ API’s isn’t about being lazy. It is about backwards compatibility. If I want to upgrade a system from Java 1.4 to Java 5, I shouldn’t be forced to rewrite my entire application to take advantage of the Java 5 features in a newer parts of the system.

Either way, I still thought it was a bit strange of Rod Johnson to take the discussion on the ‘Future of Java’ down this road. I personally would have been more interested in hearing about possible new additions.