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Firefox extension detects FireSheep snoop software

Mr Beast

Don't have a Cow man

" in an attempt to expose the bovid practices of Facebook and other websites..."

Erm Bovid? Methinks you may be getting your cattle befuddled. Ovid, yes. Bovine, notsomuch.. Bovid? OMG! Killitwithfire!!!.

The IT question would be who watches for the watchers watcher process?


Dell intros 'smallest' desktop PC made with desktop parts

Mr Beast

It also uses desktop components....Hmmm

So, most other manufacturers have used laptop components to get the reduced sizing, but Dell haven't.

With the exception of the optional Wi-Fi Card..

Aannd the 2.5" Hard drive.

and did we mention the optical drive was from a laptop as well.... (Well certainly looks that way to me and probably everyone else with eyes.)


So Dell have managed to integrate a small standard motherboard into a very small case with a power supply internal to the unit. Most of the other components are either on board, or are laptop parts.

A rather misleading description in the article I feel


Exploding mobile battery suspected in S Korea fatality

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Blasting CAPS (you see what I did there :-) )

Perhaps, and this is of course pure speculation, the chappie had a blasting cap in his pocket between his phone and his body.

Perhaps the explosion was the blasting cap detonating and what they should be exploring was the detonating mechanism behind the blasting cap going off.

of course nobody knows for sure....

can't think of a better icon


Online sales of stolen gear prompt call to list serial numbers

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Don't think that will work.

So are the serial numbers just going to be placed on each advert? And will there be any cross reference to ensure duplicates, or reposts. As soon as a serial number is added anyone with nicked equipment will just use what looks like a genuine serial number. Hell, maybe this will allow them to create genuine serial number stickers and then flog it off down the car boot. When the police check, it's genuine.

Serial numbers should be tracked by the owner, AND by the manufacturer.

If someone nicks your HP Laptop, YOU phone HP and tell them that it's been nicked. Then, when someone decides to update drivers, or autodetect my system and tell me what drivers I need. Bing! thats a hit. flag their vistiting IP address and invite them to have them emailed instead of downloading them that gets turned over to the police.

Hell, they could even be evil and say that there is a "critical BIOS patch" that must be installed. The Thief (or at least the receiver of the stolen goods) downloads it, applies it. Hey presto one Brick that just displays.....


(at this point it's probably going to be lobbed in the nearest bin)

If it does get to a police station somehow. police return it to the owner along with the crime reference number. they phone up the manufacturer and maybe fax a copy of the police doumentation. HP Ship out BIOS repair CD and a recovery CD as well.


Software upgrade KOs gas shipping auction system

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Dev, Test, UAT and Production???

Whilst not all systems warrant it, most systems that are revenue generating, or client facing have, (or should have) an environment that mimics the production environment so that software patches or upgrades can be tested.

The creation of such environments however do tend to increase costs significantly, so you'll probably find that either there was no such system in place due to cost cutting measures or budget holders. Or the costs were such that the business decided that such outages were operationally acceptable when weighed up against how much an outage may cost and how much the test (or fail over) systems cost.

At least they had some BCP in place even if it relies on ancient technology (Who said that Fax was dead)


TV-Links man was arrested under trademark laws

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@b Shubin - Mislabeled Package

Best post of the lot, had me falling off my chair.





the new Shubinism perhaps. we get


It sounds like something my wife experienced last night.

(To top it off, the acronym is made up of random abusive names and makes no sense.)

All hail Shubin!

Henceforth, I do declare, all truly terrible Acronyms should be known as a Shubin. The mark has been set.


MPs slam criminal assets recovery IT 'mess'

Mr Beast

lame excuse for poor management!

Do they really expect people to believe that because they didn't spend money on a bespoke system that was potentially overpriced, that this excuses them from telling their staff and middle management from the ground up to ensure that they account for their time and submit a weekly report to their line managers.

My god! a bespoke spreadsheet could do this.

They could not account for which hours had been spent on which cases and which individuals.

Put this in a business context.

Company does work for client and creates a project to do this work. (a "Case" per se) this is assigned a unique ref number (Case number) management assign staff to this and estimate the amount of time it will take. This creates a rough budget that it should cost, and the staff assigned to this case report back on progress and how many hours are spent on a weekly basis.

If this is not done, then unless it's a fixed fee project, the client's project cannot be billed and you lose money.


With these simple day one principles, if you don't follow them, your company will go bust as you are not billing your client.

Whats happened here, Oh! I say. they lost more money than they gained.

Tarra then chuck, don't let the door slam you too hard on the way out.

Fantastic idea in principle (the concept of the department that is) let down by crappy management.