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Asus Lamborghini VX2 laptop

Andy Hearn

its a good machine, but the price lets it down

for nearly £700 cheaper, you can get an Asus G1 which is almost exactly the same spec.

A T7200 @2Ghz instead of a T7400 @2.13Ghz

A 802.11a/b/g wifi connection instead of pre-n, which will be redundent in a month or two anyway when the N specification is officially released.

The Nvidia Go7700 is still sufficient to provide a good game. you're not looking for pure frame rates, but the imersivness of the expirience. i can play all my games at 1680x1050 just fine thanks.

World of Warcraft, need for speed, halflife2, quake4. etc etc.

very happy with my G1 for £1300, but in comparison, don't buy these car badged laptops unless you really have nothing better to do with 2grand.