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open New Forum Wishlist - but read roadmap first Drewc 201
open Ye Bug List Andrew Orlowski 238
By Drewc
open El Reg Cold Call A Non e-mouse 9
open Another day, another SNAFU. 1980s_coder 4
open Typo... 1980s_coder 1
open Why does it take 8 hours for my posts to be approved? Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance 36
open User forum request 1980s_coder 1
open Badges for Commentards Drewc 408
open Reg forums TITSUP? Antonymous Coward 13
By Mark 85
open Unable to login to El Reg Channel A Non e-mouse 2
open Why do I get logged out of the forum after a fixed time period? LeeE 1
By LeeE
open Leap second bug? DougS 2
open Tin foil hat icon Dewix 2
open Broken comments links 1980s_coder 3
By asdf
open El Reg mini-poll 1980s_coder 5
open Badger comment icon A Non e-mouse 7
open Emoji support in El reg forums 1980s_coder 1
open [PSA] being blocked by MVPS Hosts spider from mars 2
open Login b0rked Dan 55 6
By Dan 55
open Submitting articles 1980s_coder 2
open Request: two-step social media buttons Dan 55 1
By Dan 55
open Ban the Banner! Dewix 2
By Vimes
open Any chance of a Surface 3 review? Vimes 3
By Vimes
open Graphical 404 page 1980s_coder 1
open A new advertising low on this site Vimes 3
By Vimes
open Post count TonyJ 5
open Incorrect Article Grouping Designation CarltonR 1
open not getting e-mail digest Gavin Burnett 2
open El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here. Drewc 1185
By Dan 55
open Questionable ads Vimes 5
By Lusty
open comments moderation or censorship? eulampios 10
By Lusty
open Site popup on mobile devices 1980s_coder 8
open Is there already a thread to bemoan the article header images? CraPo 4
By Dan 55
open Gartner Ad MrWibble 1
open SSL dogged 3
By Dan 55
open The Platform? Ben Bonsall 2
open Change of email address Mahatma Coat 1
open Scrolling problem Len Goddard 1
open WP8 app andreas koch 9
By dogged
open I have spotted Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese 2
open Story priority ? JimmyPage 1
open Formatting Dewix 3
By Dewix
open User-to-user messages? Kepler 2
open New look ? FuzzyTheBear 5
open Call from the register? Dr. Mouse 1
open Don Jefe Jamie Jones 2
By dan1980
open Palemoon problem Len Goddard 1
open El Reg's Facebook page gazthejourno 1
open Mobile site 'El Chan' links broken e^iπ+1=0 4
open No content in any articles gotes 2
By gotes