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open Ye Bug List Andrew Orlowski 191
By jake
open New Forum Wishlist - but read roadmap first Drewc 155
By jake
open New Reg mobile site sucks. vgrig_us 4
open Badges for Commentards Drewc 342
open A more zoftig Register WalterAlter 2
open House Rules Red Background A Non e-mouse 1
open "This topic is closed to new comments" Jamie Jones 11
By robmobz
open Annoying adverts on mobile site Richard 12 3
open App cr*p Dewix 14
open Cloud Overlords Dewix 8
open Font Change? User McUser 5
open Black and white please. Anomalous Cowturd 3
open Mobile RSS? Baudwalk 9
open When are posts moderated? A Non e-mouse 5
open Petition - Tim Cook's picture dogged 2
open Order of the Brown-Nose I ain't Spartacus 2
open Slide out 'More from the register' overlay Benny 9
open session time magnetik 2
By as2003
open media.struq.com Nick Ryan 4
open How to use the "report abuse" function gazthejourno 3
By Drewc
open Can we loose the annoying "auto expanding" ads? rhydian 7
By Greg D
open log me in death spiral locked in terminal phase psychonaut 3
By Drewc
open El Reg vs BBC Quinnicus 2
open Up vote total query Vimes 2
open Nasty Flash advert I ain't Spartacus 28
open Microsoft Dynamics advert Clive Galway 14
open BadBIOS followup story Oh Homer 2
open "Explosive gift ideas" story seems NSFW to me Day 1
By Day
open NSFW spotlight images Captain Underpants 14
By MrXavia
open Cash'n'Carrion Oh Homer 2
By Drewc
open ¡Bong! The Man Himself 4
open Bonkers Ian 55 3
By Ian 55
open Where is the 'obamacare website fiasco' article? bailey86 2
By Drewc
open AJAX thread voting magnetik 6
By Drewc
open Unable to access article Arachnoid 3
By Drewc
open accessing thecreg on a mobile device Paul 8
By DaLo
open New Layout of Data Centre/BOFH robmobz 2
open Mac OS X, Safari and Cookies - Can't seem to get rid of message Rob Willett 3
open Another nasty ad nichomach 1
open Moderation gone mad? Joseph Lord 70
open Apple Unicode of Death news embargo? imaginarynumber 7
open Yahoom Aebleskiver 1
open Argh! Make it stop!!! Pop-up ad keeps going forever :-( Martin Budden 4
open Argh Corinne 7
open No "Reply" button DaLo 5
By DaLo
open Where's the "send corrections" button? Evil Auditor 3
open What happened to the 'Most Read/Commented' list of articles on the front page? quitequick 30
By Drewc
open What happened to Eadon?? cyberdemon 28
open What's happened to Alistair Dabbs? Russ Tarbox 3
By jake
open Thumbs down and Comments Khaptain 95
By jake