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open Ye Bug List Andrew Orlowski 219
By jake
open New Forum Wishlist - but read roadmap first Drewc 165
open El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here. Drewc 1007
By V 2
open Palemoon problem Len Goddard 1
open Don Jefe Jamie Jones 1
open Why does it take 8 hours for my posts to be approved? Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance 18
open New look ? FuzzyTheBear 4
open Questionable ads Vimes 2
open User-to-user messages? Kepler 1
By Kepler
open El Reg's Facebook page gazthejourno 1
open Mobile site 'El Chan' links broken e^iπ+1=0 4
open No content in any articles gotes 2
By gotes
open Intentional sexual bias? MyBackDoor 2
By gotes
open Badges for Commentards Drewc 353
By Hadvar
open WP8 app andreas koch 8
open Inappropriate adverts? as2003 5
By Drewc
open El Reg's new ads prevent content from loading Kepler 7
By Kepler
open Sponsored content dogged 5
open Malware warning Oscar 1
By Oscar
open Whither the post-pub Deathmatch? I ain't Spartacus 1
open New Reg mobile site - feedback here! vgrig_us 75
By Drewc
open What happened to the Citrix story ? JimmyPage 2
open no commenting? DaLo 7
open Strange invite received from citing one comment of mine SecretSonOfHG 2
open About comments RISC OS 3
open FIlter Articles Graeme5 2
open Too Much Clickbait Stuart Moore 5
open Mobile site 'earlier' pages broken e^iπ+1=0 3
open Great Firewalled? jphn37 3
open Can you guys do a proper investigation into VALVe's attempt to conquer the living room. Vince Lewis 1 3
open New Reg "Alias" Alistair 1
open What happened to Eadon?? cyberdemon 29
By Mpeler
open Getting strike through HTML to work in comment. A Non e-mouse 1
open House Rules Red Background A Non e-mouse 2
By Drewc
open A more zoftig Register WalterAlter 3
By Drewc
open "This topic is closed to new comments" Jamie Jones 11
By robmobz
open Annoying adverts on mobile site Richard 12 3
open App cr*p Dewix 14
open Cloud Overlords Dewix 8
open Font Change? User McUser 5
open Black and white please. Anomalous Cowturd 3
open Mobile RSS? Baudwalk 9
open When are posts moderated? A Non e-mouse 5
open Petition - Tim Cook's picture dogged 2
open Order of the Brown-Nose I ain't Spartacus 2
open Slide out 'More from the register' overlay Benny 9
open session time magnetik 2
By as2003
open Nick Ryan 4
open How to use the "report abuse" function gazthejourno 3
By Drewc
open Can we loose the annoying "auto expanding" ads? rhydian 7
By Greg D