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closed Facebook-owned Instagram morphs into messaging service to please admen 20
closed Find out what's new in SQL Server 2014 1
closed NO XMAS PRESENTS FOR Google Now and Siri: Chirpy scamps get a C+ 21
By Sheep!
closed How UK air traffic control system was caught asleep on the job 87
closed Developer unleashes bowel-shaking KILLER APP for Google Glass 40
By jake
closed Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software 72
closed Amazon Web Services opens can of whoop-AAS on as-a-service rivals 1
By Stretch
closed Why BURN Facebook after reading when you can 'save it for later'? 10
closed Looks like Google may ask you to PAY for YouTube music - report 22
closed Microsoft squashes Exchange Server bug 3
By Sheep!
closed Visual Studio 2013: 50 Shades of Grey not a worry for MONSTER dev TOOL 38
By btrower
closed I'm Feeling LUCKY OR LAZY™? Chrome gets hands-free voice search 13
By Bob H
closed Google faces fresh privacy gripes for splashing your G+ mug over ads 13
By Dexter
closed Dropbox joins Linux patent protection hit squad 21
closed Supermodel Lily Cole in Impossible partnership with Jimbo Wales, YOU 29
By veeguy
closed What’s new in SQL 2014? 29
closed Bill Gates orders HITMAN to KILL right-hand man STEVE BALLMER 36
closed Macy's: Now with Apple's Minority Report ads system that TRACKS your iPHONE 36
closed From Dept of REALLY? Sueball lobbed at Apple over crap iOS Maps app 55
By Jemma
closed Wireless pay-by-bonk? Yawn... Google Wallet now lets you pay by CARD 5
closed GAH: Now it's INSTAGRAM and Windows Phone 8 26
closed Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December 130
closed Gaming co ESEA hit by $1 MILLION fine for HIDDEN Bitcoin mining enslaver 17
closed Prime Minister David Cameron in TWITTER HOOKER SHAME 59
closed Salesforce forces Force sales-force sales: Or tries to anyway 6
closed We go joyriding in the Google Maps-killer's ROBO-CAR 49
closed Cocky Microsoft strokes soft tool in public for 3D printing on Windows 8.1 24
closed Twitter declares war on Storify, whips out custom curated timelines 2
By ecofeco
closed New Internet Explorer chief is man behind Windows Phone reboot 13
closed iTunes-for-corporates private app stores put firms at risk – survey 8
closed Google to web: SHUT YOUR MOUTH or Chrome 32 beta will do it for you 19
By Sheep!
closed Netflix, YouTube video killed the BitTorrent star? Duo gobble web traffic 49
closed Internet Explorer 11 for Win7 bods: Soz, no HTML5 fun for you 75
closed Apple kicks iStuff-sniffer out of App Store 34
closed Apple ships cures for Mail, iBooks, MacBook Pro maladies 14
By Stacy
closed Feedly coughs to cockup, KILLS Google+ login as users FLEE 25
closed How my batch process nightmare was solved by a Wombat 24
By leeCh
closed 'Shared databases are crap' Oracle reveals shared database management suite 9
By Joe 35
closed Feedly gets Greedly: Users suddenly HAVE TO create a Google+ account 30
closed Google Chrome: Extensions now ONLY from the Company Store 45
By MArnold
closed Skype U-turns on plan to kill off desktop API, spares foot from bullet 8
closed Google 'fesses up: Yup, we're KILLING OFF IE9 support for Gmail, Apps 52
closed Apple patents technology to STALK YOU in your own HOME 53
closed How the W3C met its Waterloo at the Do Not Track vote showdown 42
closed Google Street View goes INSIDE a Royal Navy submarine 23
closed Adobe exec puffs cloud shop: Online features are so 'compelling'... What are they again? 21
By Stretch
closed Post-PC era? Post-MAC era! OS X Mavericks 'upgrade' ruins iWorks 158
closed The Reg undergoes a Twitter makeover: Come join the squawk 11
closed Just HALF of 10m iPhone, Android BlackBerry BBM app downloads activated 40
By jason 7