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closed Microsoft Office on iPad: U can't touch this (yet) says Ballmer 14
closed Microsoft watches iPads flood into world's offices: Right, remote desktop clients. It's time 75
By whatsa
closed Google gets closer to EU antitrust deal over search dominance 'abuse' 7
closed Microsoft to merge Windows, Windows Phone stores in 2014 26
closed Google's latest PRIVACY MELTDOWN: Web chats sent to WRONG people 32
closed Apple TV update available after weekend tellybox-wiping snafu 8
By Salts
closed App Store ratings mess: What do we like? Sigh, we dunno – fanbois 25
closed No luck at all for BlackBerry as Messenger apps launch stalls 32
closed Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS 78
By illiad
closed Brits are world's most wired drivers, says fleet tracker CEO 20
closed Final preview of IE11 for Windows 7 uncanned 35
By Ian 55
closed BlackBerry Messenger to launch on Android, iOS this weekend 21
By bazza
closed Dev delays push ship date of Metro-ized Firefox to January 2014 9
By ricegf
closed Twitter just got sh**tier: Natter emitter hit by code critter, fritters web glitter 16
By Nym
closed Doctors face tribunal over claims of plagiarism in iPhone app 65
By Ross K
closed Foursquare gets pushy with fandroids, touchy Windows 8 bods 12
closed Facebook strips away a bit more of your privacy – but won't say why 109
By Seanmon
closed US mobile app dominance threatened by ANGRY BIRDS revolution 7
closed Skype: 3D video calling is the FUTURE 20
closed Facebook gov surveillance data kept locked inside, er, Facebook 19
closed Did Google's Waze gobble run rivals off the road? UK watchdog starts probe 20
closed Loads of mis-sold PPI, but WHO will claim? This man's paid to find out 26
closed Come and get it: Feedly Pro hits general availability 8
closed Need the loo AND need to build a website? There's an app for that 26
By Anteaus
closed iCloud outage outrage: Look, iPhoto friends, kitty just learned to... NOOO 44
closed Chocolate Factory hits the Translate button on Google+ 15
By Manolo
closed A single company is responsible for 1 out of 4 BlackBerry apps 15
closed Firefox takes top marks in browser stability tests 55
By pepper
closed Microsoft shoehorns Skype into - we quickly kick the tyres 23
closed Fanbois taught to use Apple's new killer app: Microsoft Windows 113
closed 12 simple rules: How Ted Codd transformed the humble database 43
closed Apple erects measures to stop app-happy kids splurging parents' dosh 38
closed Just add creepiness: Google Search gets even more personal 82
closed Auntie touts e-babysitting ... and no £15,000 in-app purchase shocks 26
By hplasm
closed Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition 52
closed Evernote hobbles third-party apps... but is it pulling a Twitter? 2
closed Salesforce asks devs to cough 800% more for security review 7
closed PayPal's fizzog-based payments app rubbished over reliability worries 29
closed Apple trademark filing may provide peek into iTunes Radio capability 7
closed Think your smutty Snapchats can't be saved by dorks? THINK AGAIN 58
By Inachu
closed Web ad giant (Google) pops Adwords into Maps for iOS and Android 46
closed PayPal lets Brit 'burb-dwellers buy stuff using their ugly mug 22
closed Apple: Of course we stalk your EVERY move. iOS 7 has a new map to prove it 43
closed Google lifts skirts, reveals Play All Access to UK market 34
By Law
closed BlackBerry slides crown jewels into Samsung: BBM Android app touted 20
By Nifty
closed Shack in flat-pack bric-a-brac lack flap? Whack on this 3D flat-pack app 29
By Nuke
closed There's a tide of unstructured data coming - start swimming 12
closed Lost phone? Google's got an app for that, coming this month 58
By dogged
closed Google rolls its eyes, gives Windows Phones five more months to sync 35
closed No fondleslabs please, says Microsoft as Office 365 hits Android 41