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closed Flogging an iTunes app? Just 4k downloads will get you in Top 10 15
By Mark .
closed AMD joins LibreOffice, adds GPU grunt to free software suite 65
closed US State Department coughs up $630k for Facebook Likes 24
closed Bigger than Twitter: Opera releases rebuilt Chromium-based browser 54
closed Something's going on with Google Reader but nobody knows what 26
closed Facebook restricts ads running next to dodgy posts 26
closed Ballmer: 'I call it all Windows, all the time' 13
closed Windows Store apps for Office probably won't ship until 2014 9
closed Oracle slips out long-heralded 12c cloudbase in SECRET 6
closed Even Microsoft couldn't crack it, but eHow daddy still wants to try it 1
closed Latest Firefox boosts video chat, 3D graphics, JavaScript performance 17
By Ed_UK
closed Microsoft: Someone gave us shot in the ARM by swallowing Surface tabs 47
closed Hugs all round as Google relaunches Groups service 4
closed Saucy selfie app Snapchat hits $800m valuation as VCs chuck cash around 20
closed Home Office boffins slip out passport-scanning Android app 35
closed Shy? Socially inadequate? Fiddling with your phone could help 21
closed Google to put Chrome Frame to pasture in 2014 8
By Erebus
closed Desperate Venezuelans wiped clean of bog roll 66
closed 'Office Facebook' firm Tibbr wants you to PAY for mobe-meetings app 8
closed Apache devs: 'We'll ship no OpenOffice before its time' 26
By robweir
closed The only Waze is Google: Ad giant tipped to gobble map app 'for $1.3bn' 15
By Nifty
closed Google slides its soft finger-fondling into any willing Android doodad 20
closed BlackBerry wants to see rivals' phones with BBM preinstalled 11
closed Never mind WinRT: Tiny Win8 slabs will ship with free Office, too 33
closed Microsoft waves white flag: We'll put Outlook on Windows RT slabs 53
By UKHobo
closed Google seeks to calm facial recognition furor with app block for Glass 32
By Thorne
closed Groundbreaking Camino browser digs grave, jumps in 17
closed Minty fresh Linux: Olivia hits the virtual shelves 57
closed Microsoft: Office 365 reached 1 million subs faster than Facebook 16
closed Microsoft caves to Google, pulls YouTube app from WinPhone Store 69
By kirovs
closed Peak Facebook: British users lose their Liking for Zuck's ad empire 99
closed Microsoft and pals: Save the global economy by NOT ripping us off 67
closed Microsoft tweaks WinPhone YouTube app to fix Google gripes 25
closed Speaking in Tech: Portland hipsters gagging for yesterday's web tool 4
By caz
closed Eric Schmidt: 'Google IS a capitalist country... er, company' 45
closed Word 2 to Office 365 and beyond: The good, the bad and the Ribbon 20
closed Google builds crowdsourcing into new Maps code stack 26
closed That $1,000 the lad in Lagos needed? Just email it with Google Wallet 43
By Rukario
closed Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app 90
By dogged
closed Apple seeks techies, designers to revive iWork office suite 21
closed Firefox 21 ships with performance-profiling Health Report 30
closed Google abruptly shuts down search-by-SMS portal 8
closed Microsoft: Subscription-only apps? Not for us, yet 25
By Prowler
closed The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+ 95
By Wardy01
closed Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again 253
closed Google not sabotaging YouTube on Windows Phone after all 22
By Mikel
closed Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app 24
By crayon
closed Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report 89
closed Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger 106
closed Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know 90