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open Disaster roster: OMG, are YOU SAFE? I dunno. Check Facebook 12
open Sway: Microsoft's new Office app doesn't have an Undo function 84
open Chrome 38's new HTML tag support makes fatties FIT and SKINNIER 21
open Do Moan! MONSTER 6-day EMAIL OUTAGE hits Domain Monster 10
open Apple's iPhone bonk to 'Pay' app launches on Monday 42
open Linux Foundation plans open-source drone hit 8
By DougS
open Women in tech: Not asking for raises is your 'superpower' – Nadella. *chirp*...*chirp* 9
open Right, suits off: Windows 10 preview Internet Explorer is here 14
open You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students 46
By druck
open Guess who SAP's picked for UK boss? Yep, it's a distie man 2
By Wedgie
open Behind the Facebook DRAG QUEEN CRACKDOWN: 'Anonymity soon!' 41
By Kepler
open Microsoft: Yeah, about that 50% post-Christmas customer price hike... 47
open SHOW ME the MONEY: Payment code spied in Facebook Messenger 25
open So long Lotus 1-2-3: IBM ceases support after over 30 years of code 75
open That PERSONAL DATA you give away for free to Facebook 'n' pals? It's worth at least £140 35
open Anti-Facebook Ello: Here's why we're still in beta. SPAMGASM! 30
open Ordnance Survey intern plonks houses, trees, rivers and roads on GB Minecraft map 40
By BonezOz
open 'In... 15 feet... you will be HIT BY A TRAIN' Google patents the SPLAT-NAV 42
open Facebook's self-destruct status update beta test will self-destruct 3
open Not appy with your Chromebook? Well now it can run Android apps 37
By ricegf
open Profitless Twitter: We're looking to raise $1.5... yes, billion 16
By joed
open Google extends app refund window to two hours 27
open SAP chaps cook up Glass Glass style apps for ...WHERE are you off to with that FORKLIFT? 7
open Do you accept Bitcoin? That'll do nicely, says Apache 9
By wikkity
open Jimbo tells Wikipedians: You CAN'T vote to disable 'key software features' 70
open 'Enterprise' ends ten-year mission: Choc Factory's biz services now Google for Work 9
open It's official: Brit parents want their kids to be just like Steve Bong 10
open SHARE 'N' SINK: OneDrive corrupting Office 2013 files 22
open Epiphany hits Raspberry Pi founders, users 38
open China: You, Microsoft. Office-Windows 'compatibility'. You have 20 days to explain 48
open Rejoice, Windows fans: Stable 64-bit Chromium drops for Win 7 and 8 31
open Twitter gives ANALYTICS to the unwashed masses 6
By Mark 85
open Not so Instagram now: Time-shifting Hyperlapse iPhone tool unveiled 4
open Google kicks PowerPoint in the fondleslab 18
open Microsoft parts Azure cloud, reveals NoSQL doc database 9
open Eat up Martha! Microsoft slings handwriting recog into OneNote on Android 14
open Google straps on Jetpac: An app to find hipsters, women in foreign cities 7
open Twitter displays our 'Favorites'. That is, like, PRIVATE, huff naive users 17
open Take the shame: Microsofties ADMIT to playing Internet Explorer name-change game 145
By St33v
open HANA has SAP cuddling up to 'smaller partners' 5
open Microsoft punts FREE Office 365 mail migration, but some are not chuffed with the idea 10
open What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade 89
open Google hops into bed with Brit red-top: Cooks up 'draw an app' coding compo for kids 28
By Flymo
open Speaking in Tech: 'Facebook Chat Heads – what a stupid name' 1
By TrixyB
open Yosemite Siri? Apple might plonk chatty assistant on your desktop - report 35
open China cracks down on instant messengers: Users must hand over REAL NAMES 21
open HTTP-Yes! Google boosts SSL-encrypted sites in search results 57
open Google's 'right to be forgotten': One rule for celebs, another for plebs 41
open Microsoft: IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 is TOO GOOD. So we'll cripple it like Safari 46
open Swell. Apple buys 'Pandora-for-talk-radio' app... for $30 meeellion 12