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open CIA super-spy so sorry spies spied on Senate's torture scrutiny PCs 35
open Twitter: Hey. Remember us? Hello, yes. Govts want to spy on us too! 8
open Microsoft and pals applaud UK's 'Google Review' copyright move 7
open Has Europe cut the UK adrift on data protection? 80
open Russia to SAP, Apple: Hand over source code to prove you're not spies 34
open Yes, Australia's government SHOULD store comms metadata 30
open Government's 'Google Review' copyright rules become law 23
By cracked
open SOULLESS machine-intelligence ROBOT cars to hit Blighty in 2015 123
open British Lords: Euro 'right to be forgotten' ruling 'unreasonable and unworkable' 70
open FTC: We've put '$100 MEEELLION phone bill fee cram scam' on ice 5
By Rol
open Senate introduces USA FREEDOM Act to curb NSA spying excesses 40
By Mark 85
open Dusty pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter laws will do for social media crimes 15
open TV rudeboy and Outsourcery boss Linney joins Gov.UK SME panel 7
open Adam Afriyie MP: Smart meters are NOT so smart 129
open Microsoft in Chinese burn ENIGMA: Anti-trust agents' 'sudden visit' to offices 8
By Bucky 2
open Need a US visa, passport? Prepare for misery: Database crash strands thousands 40
open French authorities take lead in grilling Google on 'Right to be Forgotten' 20
open UK.gov's Open Source switch WON'T get rid of Microsoft, y'know 99
By PeeKay
open US Social Security 'wasted $300 million on an IT BOONDOGGLE' 44
open Arrr: Freetard-bothering Digital Economy Act tied up, thrown in the hold 48
open ICO: It's up to Google the 'POLLUTER' to tidy up 'right to be forgotten' search links 56
open Psst. Hey, Jock. I got £100m for outsourcers here. Fancy a hit? 4
open Who should do security clearance checks? Did you say 'chat-bot'? This military slinger hopes so 24
open Google rival BLASTS Almunia 'n' pals for settlement proposals 2
open Help yourself to anyone's photos FOR FREE, suggests UK.gov 43
By veti
open Mr Almunia, how many more times can Google rewrite Euro search 'dominance' settlement? 8
open UK government officially adopts Open Document Format 94
open Report: Google back in Europe's crosshairs over web domination claims 10
open Fujitsu and Capgemini's giga-quid HMRC lashup given drubbing by govt auditors 9
By Matt 21
open STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google's 2012 privacy slurp 8
open Home Office threw £347m in the bin on failed asylum processing IT project 34
open iiNet says metadata retention means a great big tax on everything 8
open UK.gov's data grab and stab law IMMINENT as Drip drips through House of Lords 28
open OK, EU chiefs, 3 years of copyright wrangling - let's get it sorted. Now this white paper... DOH! 11
By Lakanal
open NAO slaps down Cabinet Office gov-IT savings claims AGAIN 7
open Australia gets spooks' charter, new leak penalties 6
By Mark 65
open MPs wave through Blighty's 'EMERGENCY' surveillance laws 62
By streaky
open Voteware source code review 'could lead to hacking' 30
By Vic
open Interview: Michael Cordover, voteware freedom-of-information crusader 5
open UK Parliament rubber-stamps EMERGENCY data grab 'n' keep bill 64
open Data retention saves Australia from TERROR says Labor MP 16
By ops4096
open May: UK data slurp law is fine, but I still need EMERGENCY powers 37
open Drones face privacy regulation under Oz government plan 3
open FCC OKs $5 BEEELLION Wi-Fi cash splash in schools, libraries 5
open 'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365 54
open Indian government flings ONE HUNDRED BILLION rupees at startups 7
open UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention 123
open Global protest calls for canning SOPA-by-stealth treaty's IP bits 10
open Secret Senate software stoush: Greens intervene 6
open Snowden seeks Russian asylum extension 10