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open UK government officially adopts Open Document Format 52
open Report: Google back in Europe's crosshairs over web domination claims 9
open Fujitsu and Capgemini's giga-quid HMRC lashup given drubbing by govt auditors 9
By Matt 21
open STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google's 2012 privacy slurp 8
open Home Office threw £347m in the bin on failed asylum processing IT project 33
open iiNet says metadata retention means a great big tax on everything 8
open UK.gov's data grab and stab law IMMINENT as Drip drips through House of Lords 28
open OK, EU chiefs, 3 years of copyright wrangling - let's get it sorted. Now this white paper... DOH! 11
By Lakanal
open NAO slaps down Cabinet Office gov-IT savings claims AGAIN 7
open Australia gets spooks' charter, new leak penalties 6
By Mark 65
open MPs wave through Blighty's 'EMERGENCY' surveillance laws 62
By streaky
open Voteware source code review 'could lead to hacking' 29
open Interview: Michael Cordover, voteware freedom-of-information crusader 5
open Data retention saves Australia from TERROR says Labor MP 16
By ops4096
open May: UK data slurp law is fine, but I still need EMERGENCY powers 37
open Drones face privacy regulation under Oz government plan 3
open FCC OKs $5 BEEELLION Wi-Fi cash splash in schools, libraries 5
open 'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365 54
open Indian government flings ONE HUNDRED BILLION rupees at startups 7
open UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention 123
open Global protest calls for canning SOPA-by-stealth treaty's IP bits 10
open Secret Senate software stoush: Greens intervene 6
open Snowden seeks Russian asylum extension 10
open What's your game, Google? Giant collared by UK civil lib minister on 'right to be forgotten' 34
open What's that? The Bureau of Stats has an API and nobody TOLD you? 2
open Revealed: SECRET DNA TEST SCANDAL at UN IP agency 17
open Universal Discredit: Gov admits Treasury HASN'T signed off biz case 11
By dogged
open NORKS hacker corps reaches 5,900 sworn cyber soldiers - report 8
open Euro banks warned off Bitcoin as Canada regulates it 48
By JustNiz
open Google de-listing of BBC article 'broke UK and Euro public interest laws' - So WHY do it? 78
By Velv
open Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth 156
open China blocks Flickr and OneDrive 4
open HOLD THE FRONT PAGE: US govt backs mass spying by US govt 24
By veti
open Amazon snubs FTC: We'll see you in court over kids' in-app cash blowouts 31
By Tom 35
open Fibre to YOUR premises NBN still on table pending telco talks 11
open Mystery bidder plunders the whole haul in Silk Road Bitcoin auction 22
open EFF sues NSA over snoops 'hoarding' zero-day security bugs 17
open British and European data cops probe Facebook user-manipulation scandal 49
open Viv Reding quits justice commish role - heads for EU parliament 23
By Jim 59
open New NSA boss plays down impact of Snowden leaks 34
open Cambridge Assessment exams CHAOS: Computing students' work may be BINNED 60
open Pension quango's £18.5m project FINALLY goes live... 2 months late 9
open New Russian law punishes online 'extremism' 39
open Bitcoin was illegal in California? Whoops, governor fixes that 165-year-old money law 10
open Western Australia considers ban on R18+ games 10
By Bernie
open The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder 216
closed NSA dragnet mostly slurped innocents' traffic 256
By Roo
closed NSW government agencies bend over and take it from telcos 6
closed Who gives a F about privacy? New scorecard rates US pols on spying 22
closed Germany dumps Verizon for Deutsche Telekom over NSA spying 43