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open T-Mobile US hires someone other than bungling Experian to offer ID theft monitoring to hack victims 10
By Mark 85
open Like your job at Sprint? Yeah, about that ... $2.5bn in cuts coming 6
open Ofcom: Ahem, about that 28GHz spectrum. Let's talk fees 8
open Three mobile data network GOES TITSUP across Blighty 31
open Five things that doomed the big and brilliant BlackBerry 10 66
open Xiaomi plans 'mini-mi' mobile network 7
By N13L5
open Roll-your-own public safety broadband network too pricey for Australia 2
open Hutchison will float O2 … as soon as the Three merger is done 27
open Tremble, Vodafone! The UN ain't happy about your phone-hacking 2
open AT&T grabs dictionary, turns to 'unlimited', scribbles it out, writes: '22GB a month' 22
open Three VoLTEs to victory as it jumps into UK 4G voice offering 23
open Vodafone 'fesses up to hack of journalist's phone, denies 'improper behaviour' 24
By Looper
open Hi. Ofcom? My mobe's call quality is crap – but you said it was fine 10
open Verizon: we're going to start bringing you 5G NEXT YEAR (sort of) 4
open Ofcom issues stern warning over fake caller number ID scam 61
open Google to China: Please Play with us, we promise to respect your strict censorship diet – report 13
open Infineon CEO admits auto-chip biz may be a takeover target 2
open T-Mobile US CEO calls his subscribers thieves, gripes about 'unlimited' limited tethering 55
open BYOD? More like CYOD as companies still set the parameters 29
open Vodafonica’s Cornerstone missing its UK coverage target, says report 5
open One in eight mobile calls in India drops out __ ___ middle of your chat 14
open Foxconn to build Xiaomi phones in India 2
By Mark 85
open Huge hack attack: UK data cops to probe Carphone Warehouse breach 13
open Carphone Warehouse coughs to MONSTER data breach – 2.4 MEELLION Brits at risk 66
open Power Bar: EE was warned of safety risk BEFORE user was burned in explosion 99
By Zmodem
open Hey, Apple! 1999 just called and it wants its voicemail avatar back 25
open German railways upgrade their comms tech from 2G to 4G 13
open Indian mobe networks don’t want 700MHz – because they're too poor 2
open A dual-SIM smartphone in your hand beats two in the bush 30
open Flubbed hardware fix knocked out 911 calls, T-Mobile US cops big fine 10
open Yes! Windows Phone lives: Microsoft to pump the device Kool-Aid 16
By 45RPM
open The modest father of SMS, who had much to be modest about 22
open Apple fanbois to be empowered to bonk each other 30
By launcap
open Pisspoor EE customer service earns it a cool £1 MILLION Ofcom fine 20
open 'I am so TIRED of your bullsh*t...' Sprint boss flips lid at T-Mobile US CEO 16
open Sprint: Forget all we said about strangling your web video streams 9
By asdf
open EUROPEAN PURGE on hated mobile roaming charges 13
By Pigro
open Ofcom: We need 5G spectrum planning for the future’s ultramobes 5
By Slap
open ITU: we'll have 5G standards ready by 2020 8
By DougS
open Sprint: Net neutrality means we can't stamp out download hogs 22
open Nokia adds German uni to 5G research ecosystem 1
By druck
open LTE will catch up with 3G by 2020: Ericsson 3
By leexgx
open Japan, EU: we'll research 5G unicorns together 4
By Lars
open Mergers scuttle strategy as Ofcom reneges on spectrum promise 4
open First production car powered by Android Auto rolls out – and it's a Hyundai 31
open Microsoft: Cortana not exclusive to Windows – it loves Android, iOS too 29
By h3
open O2 craps itself on national Blighty holiday as cabinet minister moans: 'Oi, sort it out!' 29
open Zero rating? Zero chance says Vodafone India 2
open Mobiles at school could be MAKING YOUR KID MORE DUMBER 50
By J 3
open Turkey president: Nuts to 4G networks, we're cutting straight to 5G 14