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open EU U-turns on mobile roaming fees: No 90-day cap after all 31
open What the world really needs right now is more Comcast: US cable giant mulls wireless service 7
open 'Inherent risk' to untried and untested 4G emergency services network – NAO 38
open Good luck squeezing saturated market, Euro mobe firms, say Orange, Telefonica 22
By paulf
open Nokia's 4.9G races Ericsson's almost-5G, yet the finishing line is a mirage 5
By Mage
open Qualcomm, AT&T get together to test mobe networks for delivery drone control 2
open UK's EE scores network reliability clean sweep, rival dwarves fume 22
open EU will force telcos to offer 90 days of 'roam like home' contracts 32
open 'Power equipment failure' borks EE's data services across England 14
By xpz393
open US spectrum auction falls short by, oh, you know, $66bn thanks to tightwad mobile giants 13
open EE looks at its call charges, hikes a bunch, walks off giggling 74
By quxinot
open Sprint learns that a 'rebate' includes paying people money 16
open Unlimited mobile data in America – where's the catch? There's always a catch 20
By Number6
open Breaker, breaker: LTE is coming to America's CB radio frequencies 27
open BT and Nokia slink off together, muttering about 5G tech 8
open Verizon fingered in Android bloatware-for-cash cram scandal 28
open EE roaming outage hits Brits basking abroad 21
open BlackBerry's new best pals: Microsoft, Google, Samsung 7
open I'm good, I'm fine, solid quarter, real well ... pants Sprint as it limps past, spilling $300m 6
open Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK 34
By g7rpo
open Facebook and Google show how the world really will be blanketed in 5G 9
open AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company 10
open 5G: Mother of all pipes, or actually useful? 10
open Google's Android Pay hits Australia 7
open EU operators’ 5G manifesto misses the point 10
By DougS
open OpenCellular: Facebook tests its open templates on base stations 6
open Verizon, KT, Telefonica: On three continents, operators prepare for 5G 1
By jonfr
open 3GPP sets 2018 as freeze date for 5G air interfaces 5
open Dev boss: What will Microsoft do with Windows 10 Mobile? Surprise – it's for work! 17
open Ericsson: 5G migration won't be a terrifying slog. No. We have ‘plug-ins’ 8
open In brave new 5G world, data centres are pizza boxes... or football fields 4
open Huawei: Come 2017, we'll also deal in pure, uncut software 1
By inmypjs
open Linux's NFV crew: Operators keen to ditch clunky networks, be 'cool' like, er, Facebook 9
open Microsoft hops onboard bonk-to-pay bandwagon 18
open Brexit: More cash for mobile operators or consumers? Pick one 103
By Baldy50
open Users fear yet another hack as TalkTalk services go down 46
By Slx
open TalkTalk says 8-month app outage lasting 'bit longer than we hoped' 17
open One ad-free day: Three UK to block adverts across network in June 101
By PapaD
open Florida man, Chinese biz fined $48k, $35m on mobe signal jam raps 25
By quxinot
open Three UK: Our MMS prices are up. Get around us with WhatsApp or Skype 44
open Inside Project Loon – Google's megaplan to build a global internet 24
open Catz: Google's Android hurt Oracle's Java business 35
open Ooh missus, get a grip on my notifications 83
open T-Mobile US gobbles up another 2.2m customers 8
open EE grows network by one-third, promises to build 750 new sites 6
open Verizon is big on IoT 'cos its wireline biz is dying on the vine 3
open Peak Cable looms: One in five US homes now mobile-only for internet 28
open TalkTalk broadband customers continue to flee 33
open Facebook open-sources city-wide WiGig internet comms, phone masts 1
open UK competition watchdog gripes to Brussels about Three-O2 merger 42
By Roland6