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open Ericssson-LG jumps on South Korean cloud to make 5G rain 1
open Singapore slings £18k fine at text-spam-spaffing biz owner 4
open Steelie Neelie: Enjoy your EXCLUSIVE UHF spectrum in 2020, mobile operators 15
open Google could be a great partner for Iliad in its quest for T-Mobile 8
open Siri: Helpful personal assistant or SERIAL APP KILLER? 59
By Yugguy
open EE plonks 4G in UK Prime Minister's backyard 7
By Neil 44
open EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages 52
By Zmodem
open Will It Blend? Maybe. BlackBerry’s secret comeback weapon 26
By DougS
open Huawei: 'Tizen has no chance', Windows Phone is 'difficult'... it's Android all the way 25
open Cult of T-Mob US wants you to INDOCTRINATE your friends and family 7
open Roll up for El Reg's 3G/4G MONOPOLY DATA PUB CRAWL 28
open EE: STILL Blighty's best mobe network, says 'Frappucino' Moore 34
By Zmodem
open UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones 83
open New Sprint CEO says he will lower axe on staff – but prices come first 9
open EE network whacked by 'PDP authentication failure' blunder 33
By Zmodem
open What's the nature of your emergency, Vodafone? 19
By xpz393
open UK mobile coverage is BETTER than EVER, networks tell Ofcom 36
open Tech city types developing 'Google Glass for the blind' app 8
open Three floats Jolla in Hong Kong: Says Sailfish is '3rd option' 17
open Don't call it throttling: Ericsson 'priority' tech gives users their own slice of spectrum 12
open Ancient pager tech SMS: It works, it's fab, but wow, get a load of that incoming SPAM 52
By zb42
open O2 vs Vodafone: Mobe firms grab for GCHQ, gov.uk security badge 7
open Ofcom sees RISE OF THE MACHINE-to-machine cell comms 2
open POW! Sprint kills T-Mobile US bid ... BAM! CEO Hesse is out 3
By Bucky 2
open 'POWER from AIR' backscatter tech now juices up Internet of Stuff Wi-Fi gizmos 10
open Verizon to FCC: What ya looking at? Everyone throttles internet traffic 23
open BT offers vanilla mobile deal to biz bods 3
open European networks giants have adjusted to life with Huawei at last 4
By Lars
open Operators get the FEAR as Ofcom proposes 275% hike in mobile spectrum fees 22
open BlackBerry lands feature-light BBM on Windows Phone 4
open Ah ha, mon amour violet ... French Iliad attempts to nibble on T-Mobile US 4
By Hans 1
open T-Mobile US preps for $43 MEEELLION shower of gold on cram victims 2
open You, Verizon. What's with the download throttle? Explain yourself – FCC boss 20
open Microsoft's Brit kid Cortana lands on UK WinPhone 8.1, but China's is the real cutie 36
open Speak your brains on SIGNAL-FREE mobile comms 18
open Trying to sell your house? It'd better have KILLER mobile coverage 46
By xpz393
open FTC to mobile carriers: If you could stop text scammers being jerks that'd be just great 7
open What FTC lawsuit? T-Mobile US touts 10GB, $100 family-of-4 plan 8
open Termination charges drop smacks Vodafone and EE in the WALLET 10
open Seeking LTE expert to insert small cells into BT customers' places 5
open BT: Hey guys, we've developed NEW MOBE TECH! It’s called... 2G 23
By dave 93
open All those new '5G standards'? Here's the science they rely on 15
open It's FONDLEMANIA: Mobile devices outstrip PCs on China's internet 3
open iThing builder Foxconn applies to be mobile network operator in China 4
By DougS
open GoTenna: How does this 'magic' work? 47
By Nm42
open Move up, Siri and Cortana: BlackBerry's new... 'Assistant' is here 10
open X marks the chop: Microsoft takes axe to Nokia's Android venture 48
open If BlackBerry killed off its social gaming platform, would anybody notice? 5
open Rural mobile coverage: Tweeting twits to join chirping tits in UK's national parks 18
By AndrueC
open Will Microsoft devices sit happily on a single platform? 15