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open AT&T dangles gigabit broadband plans over 100 US cities 24
By AndrueC
open Google eyes business service in latest Fiber trials 3
open Virgin Media so, so SORRY for turning spam fire-hose on its punters 33
open BSkyB, CityFibre, TalkTalk pull clear of bigwig BT's bundles – plan to set fibre to York 26
closed Broadband Secretary of SHEEP sensationally quits Cabinet 99
closed Steelie Neelie secures MEPs' support for 'net neutrality' – in principle 8
By Yes Me
closed MPs attack BT's 'monopolistic' grip on gov-subsidised £1.2bn rural broadband rollout 67
closed ISPs CAN be ordered to police pirates by blocking sites, says ECJ 54
closed BT finally admits its Home Hub router scuppers some VPN connections 78
By Lunatik
closed BT snatches crown: Soars to top of complaints list 65
closed ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body 82
closed AT&T and Netflix get into very public spat over net neutrality 77
closed ISPs failing 13m Brits on broadband speed, claims consumer group 36
By hoola
closed BLUE BIRD DOWN: Turkey wipes out Twitter 'scourge' 20
By ortunk
closed iiNet CEO Michael Malone resigns 7
closed Turnbull to add speed test app to MyBroadband web site 5
By Pu02
closed Cherry-pick undermines NBN business case: Switkowski 12
closed Plusnet shunts blame for dodgy DNS traffic onto customers' routers 53
By Ian P
closed Indonesia plans 10 Gbps FTTP as part of 20-million-premises broadband project 24
closed BT's IPv6 EXPIRED security certificate left to rot on its website 30
By Paul
closed BT demands end to Ofcom wholesale broadband subsidies for BSkyB, TalkTalk 42
closed Mens sana in fibro sano: Virgin Media network-level smut filters are ON 51
closed NBN Co tells iiNet: Use Broadcom chips in VDSL routers 5
By RobHib
closed Stuff the delays! PM chuffed to have BT's superfast broadband in his constituency 16
closed Google's 1Gbps fiber 'not driving' Time Warner Cable's sudden Austin speed increase 11
closed FCC will have to drop a bombshell to solve net-neutrality conundrum 11
closed Google teases more cities with bonkers-fast fiber broadband rollouts 10
By Mark 85
closed NBN to be built even if cost-benefit analysis shows no ROI 21
closed Google promises 10Gps fiber network to blast 4K into living rooms 49
closed Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year 27
By Nifty
closed Virgin Media's flaky broadband network turns Bolton off 40
closed BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections 80
closed BT fattens up its sales thanks to hearty fibre+footy diet 5
closed BSkyB sees first half pre-tax profit tumble as sales climb 29
closed Achtung NIMBYs! BT splurges extra £50m on fibre broadband rollout 34
By Bunbury
closed Alcatel-Lucent and BT unveil super fat pipe, splurt out 1.4Tb per second across London 30
By Tom 38
closed Plusnet is working on a network-level filter to block pirate sites 73
closed Virgin Media's 'little(ish)' book of deals contained BIG FIBS, rules ad watchdog 39
closed BT-owned ISP Plusnet fails to plug security hole on its customer signup page 32
By M Mouse
closed KCOM-owned Eclipse FAILS to cover up the password 'password' 46
closed Take that, BT: Vodafone and BSkyB mull over broadband tie-up - report 24
By Dacco
closed KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS' 88
closed EU eyes UHF spectrum: What do you think, biz bods... broadband? 24
closed Yet another pricey Olympics' exec drafted in by UK.gov - this time for broadband spending 21
closed BT banks on ex-HSBC man to take charge of Openreach biz 26
By Chad H.
closed AT&T's sponsored data plan: Who, us, violating net neutrality? 16
closed BT tweaks WORDING of sex-ed web block after complaints 68
By JohnG
closed Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block 130
closed World+dog: Network level filters block LEGIT sex ed sites. Ofcom: Meh 101
closed Why UK.gov's £1.2bn fibre broadband rollout is a bumbling FLOP 55