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open Netflix launch brings Australia's biggest ever download deluge 3
By stalle
open Facebook, French sat operator in SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA 4
open Want cheaper AT&T gigabit service? Move to a Google Fiber city 18
By Bob H
open What does EU farm subsidy get spent on? Yes, broadband for Irish farmers 17
open Sky 'fesses up to broken fibre cables as cause of outage woes 31
By Grandad
open EU, China promise 5G cooperation, seek an understanding on standards 2
By John 98
open Microsoft, Google scramble to COLONISE INDIA 6
open Ex-BT boffin Cochrane blasts telco's 'wholly inadequate' broadband vision 30
open EE is UK's biggest loser on customer broadband gripes – AGAIN 19
By crayon
open BT boss: If Ofcom backs us, we promise to speed up UK broadband 33
open NBN fibre-to-the-node launched: Now the long sprint begins 8
open Who wants a European Broadband Award? Anyone? *tumbleweed* 8
By hatti
open EE: Yes, our broadband service is a total clusterf**k – but we promise to improve 31
open It's not broadband if it's not 10 Mbps, says Ovum 30
open 'Major' outage at Plusnet borks Brits' browsing, irate folk finger DNS 70
open Beardy Branson says own OneWeb sats can replace Australia's birds 3
open United Nations pledges to get everyone online… by 2030 12
open Broadband powered by home gateways? Whose bright idea was THIS? 41
open Malcolm Turnbull's run Australia's NBN for two years. How's he done? 15
open NBN vaults Australia into global top-10 … DDoS attack sources 2
open NBN cable rules spark electricity network push-back 12
open India, Myanmar lead the way as mobile bandwidth consumption mushrooms 2
open Germany to fork out BEELLLIONS for farmers' broadband 16
By Nifty
open nbn™'s Sky Muster satellite lands in French Guiana 5
open BT commences trials of copper-to-the-home broadband tech 64
open That thing we do in the UK? Should be ILLEGAL in the US, moans ex-State monopoly BT 49
open Shadow minister for Fun calls for Openreach separation 24
By Tom 38
open NBN cost blows out by at least AU$10bn and FTTN isn't launched yet 14
open NBN Co yet to make a single fibre to the node connection but is eyeing off 18
By rtb61
open More UK broadband for bumpkins, but have-nots still ain’t happy 33
open Gigabit Google? We're getting ready for 10 gigabits says Verizon 13
open Telstra's Netflix downloads get EVEN SLOWER 13
By Zmodem
open What balls! India blocks 0.00008 per cent of web in anti-pr0n move 18
open Remote Queensland fibre hookup hopes dashed, for now 4
open New twist in telco giants' fight to destroy the FCC's net neutrality 20
open Sri Lanka braves monsoon with Loon broadband balloons 4
By mi1400
open FCC swamped by 2,000+ net neutrality complaints against ISPs 8
open BT hands £129m back to after beating rural broadband targets 26
open So just WHO ARE the 15 per cent of Americans still not online? 33
open BT broadband in broad-based brownout and TITSUP incidents 34
By Tom -1
open FCC now regulates ISPs – but don't take your complaints to the watchdog just yet 6
open Help! Our Virgin Media TiVo boxes are stuck in a loop! Help! Our Virgin.. 52
open Regulator okays Optus exit from HFC network 6
By -tim
open Canucks: Hey, Big Dog Telcos. Share that fiber with the little guys, eh? 18
open BT's Openreach plots end-user trials 35
open Free internet for kids! Obama's offering free internet to kids! (Yes, there's a catch) 21
open Telstra vid downloads getting SLOWER says new Netflix speed test 4
By Mark 65
open nbnTM plans for future backhaul upgrade to FTTN cabinets 18
open Comcast: We're twice as fast as Google's 1Gbps Fiber (for x4 the price) 16
open Practice makes perfect: NBN fibre deployments accelerate 6