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open NBN Co makes it official - backhaul charges will fall 1
open Ex-EU digi supremo Steelie Neelie's net neutrality bid in tatters? 10
open Mighty Blighty broadbanders beg: Let us lay cable in BT's, er, ducts 50
open BEST EVER broadband? Oh no you DIDN'T, Sky – ad watchdog 19
open Where the HELL is that Comcast technician? Finally – an app for that 4
By cs94njw
open Greening the copper with NFV, lower power optics from GreenTouch 5
open Fujitsu CTO: We'll be 3D-printing tech execs in 15 years 21
open FCC: Gonna need y'all to cough up $1.5bn to put broadband in schools 16
open Broadband sellers in the UK are UP TO no good, says Which? 43
open FCC: You, AT&T. Get over here and explain this 'no more gigabit fiber' threat 12
open 'Net Neut' activists: Are you just POSEURS, or do you want to Get Something Done? 21
open Is your kid ADDICTED to web porn? Twitter? Hint: Don't blame the internet 45
open NBN 'working' on pay-for-fibre-to-your-premises product 9
open SCREW YOU, net neutrality hippies – AT&T halts gigabit fiber 74
open FCC makes up its mind about net neutrality: Er, we'll decide in 2015 6
open TalkTalk's 'unbeatable signal strength' and 'fastest Wi-Fi tech' FIBS silenced by ad watchdog 27
open Shuddit, Obama! Here in Blighty, we ISPs have net neutrality nailed 48
By AndrueC
open Net neutrality, Verizon, open internet ... How can we solve this mess? 29
open Net neutrality, Obama, FCC, Title II:Your ESSENTIAL guide to WTF is happening 15
By Tom 13
open Has Switzerland cracked the net neutrality riddle? 37
open Why 120 people protested outside San Francisco City Hall (Hint: 'Hybrid' net neutrality) 6
open UK superfast broadband? Not in my backyard – MP 45
By Bob H
open Manufacturers SLAM UK.gov: 'High speed broadband' rollout is TOO SLOW 24
open Netflix and other OTT giants use 'net neutrality' rules to clobber EU rivals 41
By Tom 38
open Broadcom pitches chips at G.fast OEMs 4
By russsh
open US Senate's net neutrality warrior to Comcast: Remind us how much you hate web fast lanes 16
open Austrian telco trials G.fast as 'interim solution' 1
open Don't mess with Texas ('cos it's getting Google Fiber and you're not) 14
open City council thinks what we're all thinking: 'Comcast is terrible – and NOT welcome here' 34
open Remember that tale of a fired accountant who blamed Comcast? It's kinda true, says telco 56
open Strange tale of an angry bean counter, Comcast and a shock 'firing' 27
open First gigabit-over-COPPER chipset lands 15
open You folks probably don't have much to say on the Comcast-TWC merger ... FCC extends deadline for comments anyway 7
open NBN Co to launch commercial FTTN in Q3 2015 2
open Net Neutrality? Hold my coffee, I got this: FCC says it's still considering all options for Open Web 16
By Eguro
open Surprise: if you work from home you need the Internet 20
open Turnbull: NBN won't turn your town into Silicon Valley 25
By Stewba
open Comcast exec: No, we haven't banned Tor. I use it. You're probably using it 8
open Virgin Media hit by MORE YouTube buffering glitches 28
open Straight to video: Facebook to add 'view counts' to autoplay newsfeed vids 30
open You can thank Brit funnyman John Oliver for fixing US broadband policy, beams Netflix 48
By ipghod
open FCC boss Wheeler: Lack of broadband choice is screwing Americans 41
By Jaybus
open Comcast merger-bait spinoff to be known as GreatLand Connections 15
open Vertigan killed FTTP but the battle for scalable FTTN has not begun 7
open NBN predicts a million premises next year 12
By JJKing
open NYC, LA mayors hammer Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger 16
open Time Warner Cable customers SQUEAL as US network goes offline 27
open Government report: average Oz user will want 15 Mbps by 2023 20
open NBN Co claims 96 mbps download speeds for FTTN trial 18
open Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices 54
By Tsung