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open EXT4 filesystem can EAT ALL YOUR DATA 19
By Chemist
open NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition 17
By MityDK
open Dell inserts Hyper-V smarts into its DL backup boxen 1
open Nexenta flies over the Edge into the object storage bearpit 3
open Cisco tipped to buy 'dominant' STORAGE BADBOY Nutanix 7
open Reader suggestion: Using HDFS as generic iSCSI storage 19
open Hybrid storage arrays versus all-flash: will disks hold their own? 5
open Try-before-you-buy software. Back in vogue for the storage giants? 1
open There's little spending on Big Data, object storage and OpenStack 4
By Dan 10
open Gartner: Dell nowhere to be seen as storage SSD sales go flat 16
open Dell: Good servers and PCs, but for storage ... oh dear 15
open Who's the fat kid on the storage see-saw? We think it's All-Flash 5
open MAID to order: Inside Facebook's cold-storage data ziggurats 17
By burjoes
open Teradata tumbles off Wall Street pedestal, buys back paper 2
By Dan 10
open Flash banishes the spectre of the unrecoverable data error 33
open Barracuda: It's like the IKEA of backup and security 4
open CommVault struggles to get the wheels back on its growth engine 2
open Dive! Dive! Dive! Imation submarine barrels down toward rocky seabed 4
By Mark 85
open Compellent kicks EqualLogic out of Dell's bottom end: New SCv2000 1
By Wahoo
open EMC to open-source ViPR - and lots of other stuff apparently 2
open EMC touts X-brick's hit house: 320TB all-flash cluster and XtremIO v4 7
open Hyper-convergence? I believe – just not like this 4
open Pure Storage flashes SAP credentials for HANA platform 4
open One bit to rule them all? Forget it – old storage types never die 13
open If flash storage achieves FaME, will it live forever? 3
open NetApp's all-flash FAS array is easily in the top, er, six SPC-1 machines 9
By dikrek
open HDS turns its back to ASICs: Storage vaults to rely on x86 sans magic 2
open Oh, hey, look – it's the hardware storing all your medical records 3
By x 7
open NetApp CTO Jay Kidd resigns and retires from the industry 6
By dikrek
open Infinidat decloaks, bulging with a BILLION greenbacks 4
open Free markets aren't rubbish – in fact, they solve our rubbish woes 62
By dc_m
open Samsung Electronics' sales go OVER A CLIFF 17
By VinceH
open How do you sell fewer hard drives but make more profit? Let's ask ... Western Digital 4
open SanDisk goes nuclear with its Fusion flash card range 4
By Archaon
open Disk drive shipment numbers set to spin down 18
By Tom 13
open Seagate close to open-sourcing Kinetics object storage platform 2
open Hyperconverged solutions can't live without flash 4
open Whee! IBM storage hardware revenues just keep sliding and sliding 4
open Netlist gets derisory $2 award following Diablo IP theft trial kerfuffle 9
By Samy8
open Want to super scale-out? You'll be hungry for flash 5
open NetApp nails 11PB Oz supercomputer storage deal 5
open Qumulo gets fat appliance alongside skinny fast one 2
open Colombian hacker who spied on gov-rebel peace talks jailed for 10 years 8
open Pure Storage shoves channel growth ahead of IPO dream bid 5
open Samsung's PCIe flash card: Slim, speedy, and just nibbling power 16
open Veeam lobs backup bombs, with Cisco lighting the fuse 8
open Yahoo! adopts! Ceph! to! underpin! Flickr!, plans! storage-as-a-service! service! 2
open Purple strain? Purple gain: WD doubles cam count for spy drives 5
open Why are enterprises being irresistibly drawn towards SSDs? 80
open Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran 16