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open No biggie: EMC's XtremIO firmware upgrade 'will wipe data' 19
By Amazi
open Gartner ranks upstart trio ahead of EMC, HP and IBM in battle for flash array dominance 10
By Bellost
open Tech starfleet: Will EMC Federation survive a Tucci departure? 4
open No TKO for LTO: Tape format spawns another 2 generations, sports 120TB bigness 31
open Apple iCloud storage prices now ONLY double Dropbox, Google et al 15
By JaimieV
open Behold our SPINNING DATA GRAVE: WD carts out 6.3TB cold storage drive 18
By Jan 0
open Flash data storage: Knocking TAPE off the archiving top spot 8
open We lift the lid on Intel's Pro 2500 SSD. Shock, horror: It doesn't use its own NAND chips 5
open SAN-free, NAS-free? Scottish PHDs lift kilt on how they'll pull storage out of the aether 25
open Whopping 10TB disks spin out of HGST – plus 3.2TB flash slabs 43
open WD punts cash at ... no, it couldn't be... another 'tape library killer'? 2
open Death of a Salesman: Enough with the marketing already 17
open OwnCloud: Fiddly but secure host-from-home sync 'n' share 38
open 'Software-defined' IS just a passing fad: HP techie Fink Tank lays down law 17
By Cloud 9
open Is the all-flash data centre just a tantalising dream? 10
open It's official: Vendors are NOT shifting that networked storage 4
open Fedora gets new partition manager 22
By Saigua
open You know what Cisco needs? A server SAN strategy 9
open Not so ESXi? Open sourcery could help VMware win... virtually 18
By cjcox
open 4th Century GOBLET could REVIVE CORPSE of holographic storage 32
open Somebody's nightmare? I'm a veteran VNX array with a BADGE 3
open A Terabyte in my HOUSE? Got more than that in my POCKET 16
open Zoom to the clouds: EMC signs kit deal with Ducati superbike racers 1
open We're not on the Gartner Magic Quadrant? Just imagine our concern, says HDS 22
open Toshiba makes play to replace NFC with own speedy short range tech 7
By Vector
open Fujitsu, Intel tilt at hyperscale storage with Ceph-powered arrays 2
open Cisco UCS Invicta off the shelves, for now 1
open Tech kingpins: Your kit would be tastier with a spot of open source 2
open The man who found Atlantis: 14PB of storage, flashy models and Moore's Law 9
By Jim 59
open How to grill an American VC... on the storage upstart world 1
open Community chest: Storage firms need to pay open-source debts 31
open FIRST LOOK: Gartner gurus present all-flash prognostications 12
open Hyper-converged flash appliances are COMING. Here's one I dreamed up earlier... 4
open The A-to-Z of storage news: Your quick 'n' dirty tasting menu 3
open Like condoms, data now comes in big and HUGE sizes 12
open Welcome to the HYPER-converged bubble of HYPE! Enjoy it while it's here, storage folk 2
open AWS Zocalo squares up to box Box, Dropbox, sync 'n' share flocks 2
open Hyperconverged kit is SO HOT right now. $140m sound about right, Nutanix? 6
By MyffyW
open Better be Nimble, tech giants, or mutant upstarts will make off with your sales 7
open Cleversafe CEO: We would tell you about the 8TB drive, but... 15
open That 8TB Seagate MONSTER? It's HERE... (You'll have to squint, 'cos there are no specs) 39
open VMware's high-wire balancing act: EVO might drag us ALL down 8
By Ideaz
open Forrester says it's time to give up on physical storage arrays 22
open HP lets the SAN shine: StoreVirtual now bigger, flashier, OpenStack-ier 3
open Biz data botherer CommVault slips out fresh do-it-all bundle 1
By Yugguy
open Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding 15
open TELEPORTABLE storage? Atlantis Computing's PR bods jump the shark 4
open It's ALIVE: Unstructured data upstart whips out data-AWARE array 5
open WTH? Upstart stuffed with ex-VMware bods grilled on Amazon cloud 'rescue' plan 3
open Can it be true? A BIG DATA benchmark? Yes, says TPC 1