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open List prices mean zilch. Remember that when buying from upstarts 9
open Shocking new low for SanDisk – 15nm flash chips rolling out its fabs 9
open Pure Storage opens wide, VCs shovel in yet MORE millions of $$$ 10
open New HDS array: It's a G1000 Jim, but not as we know it* 13
open It's GOOD to get RAIN on your upgrade parade: Crucial M550 1TB SSD 7
open HP's top-end array just TOPPED ITSELF 7
open Enterprise storage will die just like tape did, say chaps with graphs 32
open Diablo: Get a load of this, PCIe flash-floggers. It's DIMM fine stuff 2
By wchild
open SanDisk surfs cash tsunami on biz SSDs: Prelim nice, but DIMM? 2
open El Reg drills into IBM: The storage biz's got that sinking feeling 14
open Kids, guess where we're going for Easter? France for a 'software-defined storage experience' 1
open Multi-hypervisor workload ... what? Just think of it as a virtual MAGIC CARPET 4
open Oz winemaker/cloud says DEY buy cheaper than vendors' SDS 1
open AMD demos 'Berlin' Opteron, world's first heterogeneous system architecture server chip 28
By Iceman
open Nutanix tries to lure in BIZ WHALES with fresh storage NOS 2
open Fusion-io: Ah, Microsoft. I see there's in-memory in SQL Server 2014... **GERONIMO!** 16
open Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo: Turn your phone into a 72GB beast 40
By Timmay
open Hic! Storage upstart DEY bought out by Australian wine merchant 4
open Dell tanks up with hot Fluid Cache, drives databases twice as fast 1
open Violin Memory fiddles with board, adds new director – music to Clinton Group's ears? 2
open Cisco reps flog Whiptail's Invicta arrays against EMC and Pure 37
open Micron plumps STACKED SILICON BEAUTY with SerDes 1
open You'd better get out before the sync 'n' share bubble POPS 19
closed 'Software-defined anything' is NONSENSE. Don't bother pitching it 8
By dan1980
open Violin array comes with new SQL sauce 4
By gary27
open Puff on a hybrid – next thing you know, you're hooked on a public cloud 15
By Bernard
open Budge up VMware, array upstart Tintri's ramming in Red Hat Linux KVM 9
open Violin plays storage world like a fiddle, 140 characters at a time 4
closed G-Tech intros glossy HHD box: Because media 4Kers need external storage too 4
closed Storage heaven or hell: What’s it like in your world? 1
closed IT bods: How long does it take YOU to train up on new tech? 14
By AndrueC
closed CDOT relatively crap for flash, hyperscalers crap for constant storage 24
closed WD unborks MYSTERY My Cloud borkage 5
closed End of an era: NetApp chair Dan Warmenhoven has left the building 11
closed Snappy snaps: Veeam cuddles up to NetApp for storage selfie 11
closed Furious MyCloud users descend on WD website as borkage continues 32
closed LaCie bigs up 2big, 5big, 8big... WHOMP: Lands big data on your desk 9
closed Symantec scratches head over balance sheet, calls in JPMorgan 14
closed Seagate brings out 6TB HDD, did not need NO STEENKIN' SHINGLES 57
By Lusty
closed We don't want your crap databases, says Twitter: We've made OUR OWN 9
closed Overland Storage in fiendish reverse stock split share value ploy 2
By Herby
closed EMC intros data protection-as-a-service: You shall D-PAAS 4
closed Fujitsu punts all-flash Eternus box... JUST before NetApp pulls a FASt one 4
closed MySQL daddy Monty talks up Fusion-io's data-stuffed flash 3
By LeoP
closed Tintri: We have ZERO interest in adding compute to storage 7
closed Aw, SNAP. It's too late, you've already PAID for your storage array 10
By storman
closed LaCie adds fire to Fuel: Revs Wi-Fi external storage gadget to 2TB 10
By Tom 7
closed LSI embiggens MegaRAID flash stash 4
closed Scality slips its Ring around Kinetic drives 2
By Tom 35
closed Spin that disk drive forecast, Gartner: Watch those desktop units dive 6