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open Former HPE CTO Fink retires retirement, returns to tech 1
open We burned chips in 2016... but then semiconductor sales got healthy again. Whew 6
open Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce 81
open IBM is letting storage hardware revenues slip gently off into the night 7
open XIV goes way of the dinosaurs as IBM nixes fourth-gen storage array 18
open What's SimpliVity CEO Doron Kempel and Arnie got in common? They'll both be back 2
By DG555
open Can all-flash arrays, spinning disks and hybrid really live together? 5
open Hyperconvergered-ception: HPE swallows SimpliVity 14
open Irish flash extender startup goes 3D 1
open Did somebody say object storage? 9 ways to tell if there's a point 4
open Seagate hauls out fat form factor throwback hard drive 21
open OpenIO, blind nano-nodes and coffee cup detection 2
open Sysadmin chatbots: We have the technology 15
By Disk0
open Prepare for ReRAM speed! Crossbar samples SMIC chips 3
By Tom 64
open Market researchers big up NRAM 3
open Do containers stack up as data storage building blocks? 1
open Quantum: Well, would you look at that. We've made some money! 3
open A deduping backup target startup going public – who'd a thought it? 2
open IBM: Cognitive computing needs flash arrays, mark our words 5
open Two tickets to the ARM show: HPE buffs up the StoreVirtual line 1
open Qumulo goes to La La Land, speeds up dreamboat Ryan Gosling 1
open Kerching! That's the sound of Barracuda customers feeling the ransomware fear 3
By ecofeco
open A tale of two conferences: AWS storms ahead, HPE seems to flounder 10
By nijam
open Flashy new jobs for storage folk 1
By Lusty
open X-IO: Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated 8
open Tintri, thrown on the El Reg grill: We'll support NVMe! We promise! 3
By taliz
open WD slims down SSD to squeeze into little Black drive range 8
open Yep. Bitcasa's called it quits 9
open Meet the Tesla of the backup world – Datos IO (no, it doesn't make boxes that catch fire) 5
By 2Nick3
open Vendors flash smartphone storage in Vegas 5
open Nutanix releases fifth version of Acropolis 4
open 2016 – the year 3D XPoint came down to earth from Planet Hype 2
open Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way 89
open Regular or premium? Intel pumps out Optane memory at CES 20
open Seagate performs upgrade transplant surgery on LaCie external drives 4
open What's that surging down the Yangtze? It's a 3D NAND flash flood 3
By PNGuinn
open Igneous ARM CPUs: What if they tossed the blindfold? 16
open Splunk slam dunk as FC SAN sunk by NVMe hulk 7
open Who's been naughty and nice in IT storage – over to you, Gartner-claus 4
open Big Sphere 3D shareholder tosses activist letter in firm's lap 2
By Fatman
open 'Pet Shop Boys CEO' firm quips: We have enough storage people 2
open Turns out there's a market for marijuana... plants' video surveillance 14
open Name's BOND, JBOND: Igneous's ARM strap-on is for your drives only 13
open HPE says 3PAR problem that broke Australia was a one-off. Probably 8
open Mangstor discreetly appoints ex-pet supplies shipper as its CEO 1
open Back up a minute. So you're saying they're buying fewer appliances? 7
open Sphere 3D has had two offers to buy parts of its business 3
open SK Hynix and Seagate exploring flash hookup 2
open Startup grind is over: Now Primary Data must compete with storage giants 1
open Grab an ARMful: OpenIO's Scale-out storage with disk drive feel 4