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open Fujitsu fleshes out Ceph hyperscale CD10000 with cost-saving tweaks 1
open As 'cheap as tape': HGST’s disk array gets Commvault OK 1
open Intel doubles capacity and speed of PCIe flash card 10
open Tegile thrashes rivals in race to supply vomit-free krill pills seller 8
open EMC purchase of Graphite Systems was a wetware buy 3
open Federation is golden, says EMC II boss Goulden 1
By OmarBH
open Blood in the boardroom as Imation ejects from tape media business 6
By Jove
open Peaxy offers a vision of the future – and it’s a silo-melding data lake 2
open Red alert: Pure Storage IPO could maybe hit as early as next week 1
open Where VSAN doesn't shine: Sources explain EMC's ScaleIO purpose 3
open Whoops, there goes my cloud: What to do when AWS foresakes you 18
open Cisco who? HP puts Pica8's OS into its open switches 13
By Lusty
open Want to know the key to storage happiness? It’s analytics. Yeah, it’s that simple 6
open NetApp slims down latest controller, beefs up channel efforts 9
open Diskicide – the death of disk 24
By Mk4
open Look out, Silicon Valley – Don Basile is back to kick ass and chew gum 5
open We want flying space cars and robo-butlers, and Pure Storage wants $450m in IPO cash 4
open Thanks for the memory: XPoint put under the analyst microscope 7
open Policing the data hinterlands beyond the corporate firewall 1
open SolidFire not a shiny object chaser 3
open Backblaze beats Bezos: Backup biz boasts bettering AWS bit bucket 3
open What the Zeus? Nexenta beats VSAN, Nutanix and SimpliVity 4
open Samsung sneaks out its TRIM, SMART SSD model – using 3D Magic 4
By Gigabob
open Parrish has vanished: NetApp chief marketeer leaves the parish 7
open LTO-7 has it taped, but when will 'bigger/faster' thinking hit the buffers? 49
By Lusty
open D-round VC ReRAM cash comes crashing down on Crossbar 3
open Nimble flashes the all-flash array as ‘intense’ consolidation period approaches 19
open Cloud casts deep shadows over disk backup market 1
open Synology systematically soups up filer software 6
open PernixData offers dollops of free software … you’ll upgrade later, ya will, ya will 4
open LTO issues mighty seventh-generation 15TB tape format 6
open VMware VSAN … and the great missed opportunity 10
open Are you in the 1%? The 1% of sysadmins who need specialized flash? 7
open Storage's boss blogger could be on the way back 1
open Presenting Mangstor's NVMe superfast flash storage pocket rocket 1
open Fujitsu sidesteps data scientists with a move toward tuned machine learning 10
open DSSD says Violin's right: SSD format is WRONG for flash memory 17
open We asked a maker of PCIe storage switches to prove the tech is more interesting than soggy cardboard 3
By eswan
open Dog walkers, the San Andreas fault ... and the storage industry 11
open IDC says server-based storage sales are soaring – and Dell's pwning the market 6
open Seagate promises to HAMR us all with spinning rust next year 19
By Mellon
open Files on Seagate wireless disks can be poisoned, purloined – thanks to hidden login 60
By dshan
open Drifting phases and noise in phase-change memory 6
By ibmzrl
open 128TB SSD by 2018? Toshiba promises much, delivers ... a little 37
open Tintri T850: Storage array demonstrates stiff upper lip under pressure 19
open Nexenta, SanDisk hop into bed, one thing leads to another – now they've got a 512TB flash brat 9
open Damn well knew it! Seagate has helium drives in its labs 13
open Tegile looking at some really flashy fabric 5
open If VMware is a sun, here are the storage worlds we've spotted orbiting it 3
open Snap out of the snapshot habit, says mutant upstart Reduxio 4