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open QLC flash is tricky stuff to make and use, so here's a primer 4
open Get yer gnashers round 64-layer 3D NAND, beam WDC and Toshiba 10
By DougS
open Seagate soups up M.2 Nytro flash card 4
open Seagate's south UK factory hasn't a future but HDDs do (it hopes) 17
open Intel's non-volatile memory is firmly in non-growth territory 3
open EMC XtremIO has its quirks but rumours of its death are overblown 10
open Diablo conjures up hell of a DIMM: 128GB NAND pretend-RAM summoned 15
open Intel and pals chuck money at another Fibre Channel killer 7
open Mellanox plans to SoC it to storage speed with Multi-ARM BlueField 1
By Roo
open XtremIO heading for the bin? Total BS, thunders CTO Itzik Reich 18
open Seagate in 10TB drive brand brainstorm 45
open Kaminario flashes service guarantees 8
open FibreChannel dead? Nonsense, says Brocade, here's our Gen 6 kit 10
open Ex-CTO: Yes, Nutanix is buying PernixData 4
open VCs: Can't see an IPO or acquisition for your startup? Don't throw in the towel 8
open Good gravy, Toshiba QLC flash chips are getting closer 4
open Docker and storage – solving the problem of data persistence 11
open Your next storage will be invisible (for a while) 10
open Springpath to focus on Cisco OEM development 2
open The History Boys: Object storage ... from the beginning 14
open Haters gonna hate, hate, hate: Cisco to tailor SwiftStack for UCS object storage cramming 1
open FlashBlade is closer than you think 1
open Blocks appear in DigitalOcean's Droplets 4
open Hype-filled upstart Symbolic IO hires one-time Micron veep 3
open Falling PC tide strands Seagate's disk drive boats. Will WDC follow? 27
open Seagate defrags 14% of workforce: 6,500 axed 19
open Backblaze hopes to melt Amazon Glacier customers' hearts 6
open China really wants to get its hands on Idaho's 3D NAND tech 2
By Mahhn
open Samsung deals out microSD-crushing faster fingernail flash cards 25
By DougS
open NetApp CEO Kurian: Buying SolidFire was a long-term strategic bet 2
open Tintri 'consolidates' Australian office to Singapore 4
open Is Pure Storage a solid business or is skepticism justified? 15
open Apeiron claims NVMe fabric speed without NVMe over fabrics - but how? 4
open EMC will hawk Dell's Nutanix-powered XC kit 13
open Capacity limits are utter tosh: Toshiba fattens SSD, disk with flash layers, helium 10
open Three years in: Can Kurian heal sickly NetApp's woes? 12
open Just the facts, STT-MRAM: Your DRAM replacement's on its way 18
open Etch a stretch: 3D NAND layer cake flop leads to 'string stacking' 8
open One container to rule them all? No. Um, a plastic box* refresher 10
open The future is complicated - can technology make it simple? 4
By Dave 13
open StoreServ's ASIC architect must have one heckuva crystal ball 10
open Amazon twangs its Elastic File System at on-premises filer rivals 9
open Permabit offers deduplication to Linux masses – almost 1
open Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is great on paper. But it's still only on paper 8
By Naselus
open Never-never chip tech Memristor shuffles closer to death row 28
open Another container-sized nugget: Scality S3 server joins nice and small party 1
open All right, pet? Getting owlish about Hedvig 6
open Hyperconverger Springpath pivots to OEM channel. Yes, we said pivots. What of it? 2
open NVMe SSDs tormented for months in some kind of sick review game 53
open NVMe fabric array flasher gets top Tosh flash 2