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open Nexenta, SanDisk hop into bed, one thing leads to another – now they've got a 512TB flash brat 2
By Turtle
open Damn well knew it! Seagate has helium drives in its labs 3
open Tegile looking at some really flashy fabric 4
open Snap out of the snapshot habit, says mutant upstart Reduxio 3
open Seagate births 8TB triplets and a 2TB mobile nipper 22
By xbit
open Muted HAMR blow from Seagate: 4TB whizzbang drive coming 2016 19
open VMware unleashes vCAOS on the world 9
By Starfan
open Startup BlueData in the green after pocketing millions from Intel et al 2
open Storage boosters: Six mSATA format SSDs on test 10
By Gigabob
open Tegile's new faster fatter flash box flings self at big data analytics 9
open HP's 3PAR trifecta soups up entry-level, AFAs and software 8
open DDN: Quicker storage access passes HPC buck to CPU makers 1
open If anyone’s going to benchmark the IoT, it’s us, says TPC 1
open ExaGrid growing in parallel, adds global GRID back-up to appliance software 4
open If new NetApp CEO George Kurian has a plan it's under his hat 4
open Coho Data containering in the dock – now with added Google, Splunk 4
open Seventh bigshot flings self out of EMC Federation window 5
open Shingled drives get SpectraLogic archive down to 9 cents/GB 8
open NetApp's glass-house-stone-throwing exercise 22
open HP storage results borked by bleeding currency rates 2
open Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive 390
open Imation now fully under activist investor's control 3
open HDS fills in the available blank space in VSP range 4
open Kaminario gets triple vision with 3D 3-layer flash 10
open Tintri adds tincture of all-flash array to its range 4
open Pure Storage's 'disingenuous' financial figures still out there 21
open WD unleashes bigger, badder, Black and revved, rapido Red Pro 5
open Seagate scoops Dot Hill for US$694 million 2
open DSSD bridges access latency gap with NVMe fabric flash magic 3
open Dell reselling Scality's RING for multi-petabyte data munching 3
open Yellow and blue circles, red arrows added to Gartner's Magic Quadrant 7
By jimbo60
open LaCie to shutter Wuala cloud storage service, data deleted Nov 15 12
By Disko
open Filling the void between fast/expensive DRAM and slow/cheaper flash 5
open Comparing Avere and Violin – one's overlooked, the other's overcooked 3
open XPoint memory ruminations: Expert says it's not PCM 5
By N13L5
open Imation ejects its removable disk biz, hands it to Sphere 3D 3
open Pure and simple: Why Gartner's and IPOing storage biz's numbers didn't line up 23
open Watch out, Tokyo! Samsung readies a 15 TERABYTE SSD 31
open Data centre disk use is spinning down – Wikibon report 7
open Pure as the driven IPO: Upstart tells SEC it's go for stock market debut 17
open Fresh flashery from the NANDsters 1
By Marc 25
open Samsung barks out the orders, reveals its 3D flash lead 1
open HGST sets hearts aflutter with second sexy PCM demo 2
open Hyper-scaling multi-structured data? Let's count the ways 2
open Boffins beat Amazon Web Services at its own storage game 4
By mi1400
open A close shave: How to destroy your hard drives without burning down the data centre 99
open Smaller EMC VNXe unit revealed, then hidden again 3
By MityDK
open Stuffing the wafers: SanDisk presses on with 48-layer 3D NAND chip 5
open EMC II, VMware and the future: Unpicking the house that Joe built 6
open HP hikes up specs on hyperconverged offering 4