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open VVOL update: Are any vendors NOT leaping into bed with VMware? 3
open Resistance is not futile: Here's a cookie sheet of luke-warm RRAM that proves it 5
open HGST polishes Ultrastar SSD whoppers, stuffs with denser Intel flash 9
open AWS hell no: Can Microsoft Azure sales beat Amazon's cloud? 48
open Arcserve on split-up with CA Technologies: 'We’re a startup now. We’re really hungry' 6
By Benno
open Disaster Recovery upstart joins DR 'as a service' gang 3
open Super Cali optimistic cloud is now a focus – even though the sound of it is something quite 11
open Dive in, penguins: Upstart builds Linux virtual SAN 1
open Hey Intel – that new Pro 2500 SSD looks awfully familiar 16
open The triumph of VVOL: Everyone's jumping into bed with VMware 7
open EMC boss Tucci’s last battle: Stopping a forced VMware selloff 6
open THUD! WD plonks down SIX TERABYTE 'consumer NAS' fatboy 62
By bri
open Dell and Unitrends both bulk up their backup 1
open Clouds gathering above Big Blue's storage empire 2
open Office 365's free terabyte leaves Amazon's Glacier melting 27
open Hybrid array startup Tegile plucks CMO from Violin 5
open IBM's GPFS marries LTFS: You may now kiss the enterprise 4
By Open
open Wham, bam, thank you NAND: SanDisk SSD sales soar 6
By N13L5
open Hey Microsoft: You want to keep hardware partners onside? Stick to software 11
open Seagate chances ARM with NAS boxes for the SOHO crowd 31
open FLAPE – the next BIG THING in storage 14
open Seagate finally digests EVault – 8 years after swallowing 1
open It was always Azure thing: NetApp floats boxen into Microsoft's cloud 5
open Hybrid upstart Tintri: Legacy vendors? We're eating their lunch 10
open IBM shoots Elastic Storage into SoftLayer cloud 1
open Gartner: To the right, to the right – biz sync firms who've won in a box to the right... 7
By Texas
open Two years in the making: Sneak peek at VMware's future VVOL tech 9
open It's a boxless, super-flash, hyper-converged world: But what'll we do for BULK STORAGE? 8
By J. Cook
open Who's that new kid making hybrid SAN kit? Yes, it's MICROSOFT 1
open EMC gives up the goods at storage shindig: VMAX3 speeds, feeds 9
By snorage
open Tegile boots Dell array out of chemical biz. Dell responds: Tegile, who? 7
open EMC's new Isilon models are great little performers – but why no capacity increase? 1
open HGST's tiny whopper: Just 2.5 inches, but we've packed in 1.8TB 10
open EMC huffs, gives XtremIO a polish, shows off shiny data services 6
open Let the SAN shine: Cirrus Data Solutions plugs speedy solution 1
open IDC busts out new converged systems charts, crowns Oracle as Platform King 7
open WD adds Miracast support to feed-slinging tellybox gizmo 8
By Tom 35
open Kiss my DRaaS: Actifio reckons its virty gear will shrink your storage 1
open Simplivity drops sweet OmniCubes into channel's cup 2
open Listen bud – crud FUD flood is dud, says Dell: 'We do support VSAN' 2
open What makes a tier-1 enterprise flash array a superior beast? 9
open Speaking in Tech: 'Software-defined' anything makes me BARF in my MOUTH 4
open Cisco doesn't make hyper-converged gear, but if it did, it'd probably look like this 5
open X-IO offers emergency RACK IMPLANT treatment for moaning hosted VDI users 2
By M. B.
open New research: Flash is DEAD. Yet resistance isn't futile - it's key 30
open WANdisco plunges into the Hadoop foam party, shakes its replication booty 3
open Los Alamos National Laboratory likes it, puts Scality's RING on it 1
By Gartal
open Alex Bouzari on his big data storage firm: First, we got rid of the VCs 3
open QLogic exec chairman HK Desai dies aged 68 4
open It's here, the 4TB FLASH drive: SanDisk rips sheet from the Optimus MAX 10