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open Gartner's seers pass judgement on storage industry leaders 1
open Acronis: Yep, we're using blockchain for backup now 4
open File this: XtremIO to fling forth filer functionality 2
open Google lights toasty price war under S3's hot and cold data bits 4
open Flash reaches the enterprise tipping point 3
By emv
open Wow, everyone loves our drives, says Seagate sitting on a pile o' cash 4
open EMC storage wranglers to cuddle Dell SC arrays 3
open 100Gbit/s Mangstor array blows interconnect cobwebs right away 1
open Imagine a sad deflating balloon. There, that's IBM's servers, storage 11
open Open-source storage that doesn't suck? Our man tries to break TrueNAS 35
open Store flaw? Naw! The hyper-converged vendor and the 'bug'-bash 13
open Lenovo be Nimble, Lenovo be quick, inks deal to take on Dell EMC kit 4
open Pushy Pure, cheerful Cisco fortify FlashStack 3
By dpk
open All-flash storage: Tech's ready, is it safe to move yet? 3
open Something strange stirs in the storage backwater swamps, long ribbons of rust that never forget 4
open Fresh from 1,800 job cuts, Fujitsu boasts of spinning rust-killing flashy boxen 2
open Dell EMC World tease: What does 'composable' mean to you, readers? 2
open Startup dusts off rent-a-box on-premises corpse, adds ARM muscle, cloud brains 2
open Just minding your own business, doing HCI. Suddenly you're inside ... a magic quadrant 3
open WD gives My Passport spinning rust drives a lick of paint 25
By Fatman
open WD flashes first SanDisk drives: Blue and Green 8
open Pivot3 produces ROBO Edge Office 3
open HPE, IBM, ARM, Samsung and pals in plot to weave 'memory fabric' 3
By Tomblox
open Dell-EMC races to add and extend flashy bits into its boxen 8
By dpk
open SSDs in the enterprise: It's about more than just speed 34
open Little top tech tip: Take care choosing your storage drives 6
open Inside the Box thinking: People want software for the public cloud 15
open Building iRODS to take load off scientists' back 4
By irods
open The shoemaker, the array refresh and the VMworld smackdown 12
open Private equity ownership produces an improved Arcserve, apparently 3
open Infinidat's big iron array gets data scrunching, no-footprint iSCSI 5
open Zeta Systems: NVMe over Fabrics speed is real... and here's why 7
By G Mac
open Scale scales: HCI maverick heads upstack with apps 1
open Dell EMC 'backs' Huawei open-source management disrupter 3
By strick
open Software-defined traditional arrays could be left stranded by HCI 10
open NetApp, storage class memory and hyper-convergence 2
open Nutanix, yesssss: Fist-pumping breaks out everywhere storage IPO wannabes are found 3
open Tiery-eyed NetApp previews on-prem storage and cloud tie-up 5
open Why XPoint SSDs won't meet original speed claims: A guide 11
By Joerg
open Dell-EMC's dual server supply problem... is not a problem, it reckons 4
open M.2 SSD drive format is under-rated. So why no enterprise arrays? 32
open Colour us shocked: Dell EMC rules converged systems like a boss 3
open Fresh-faced startup promises bigger, faster non-volatile DIMMs 2
open Wow, still using disk and PCIe storage? You look like a flash-on victim, darling – it isn't 2014 11
open Startup iguazio launches NVMe-propelled missile at enterprise analytics 1
open Nutanix's 'expected' IPO date is 30 September 3
open NetApp is hyped about its under-wraps hyper-converged system 5
open Scale-out sister? Unreliable disks are better for your storage 22
open Violin hunts for elusive key to regrowth 2
open NetApp facelift: FAS hardware refresh and a little nip ONTAP 7