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open Shrinkage!? But it's sooo big! More data won't leave storage biz proud 4
open DSSD President quits Dell EMC 3
open WDC loads its belt-fed drive cannon, blasts out disks 'n' cards galore 11
open So. A new tech upstart wants 'feedback'. Um, maybe it actually does 4
open How DDN benefits from Japan quake anxiety 1
By joed
open Erasure coding startup springs forth from Silicon Fjord 5
open We grill another storage startup that's meshing about with NVMe 1
open How to solve your Microsoft storage challenges with All-Flash NVMe 3
open NASA's hyperwall wonderwall uses virtual flash SAN 3
By Ru'
open Datrium: $55m burning hole in its pocket and raring to go global 1
open Micron wheels out 'highest density' SATA SSD on the market 13
By N13L5
open In EU, Veritas: Post-Symantec firm flogs data protection 'safety' to biz 2
open HPE launches two-pronged attack on hyper-converged market 8
open Violin Memory axes staff just before Christmas, gives CFO $150k bonus 34
open Dell EMC kills off VxRack Neutrino 2
open Pure Storage is betting its FlashArray farm on NVMe 3
By dikrek
open HyperGrid's ex-ice hockey player evangelist wants to slot the puck 2
By Alister
open Well, FC-NVMe. Did this lightning-fast protocol just get faster? 10
open Spinning rust supply chain seizes up after BIG disk demand spike 6
open HPE: Keep cool, cloud peeps. Store hot data in on-premises flash 1
open HPE getting long-term archives taped 2
open Double-DIMMed XPoint wastes sockets 15
By Snar
open Storage newbie: You need COTS to really rock that NVMe baby 7
open I'm not having a VMware moment – there's just something in my eye 20
open HDS kicks flash array baby out of pram 2
open Hello, SAN-shine. You and NVMe are going to have a little chinwag 1
By Rainer
open Nimble: Thank flash for sweet, sweet AFA 6
open HPE core servers and storage under pressure 6
open Dell EMC's Pure-crushing benchmarks are flawed, says, er, Pure 15
open ExaGrid, Pure, and Veeam want IT to march to their drumbeat 4
open Wikibon invokes the old gods to make six tech predictions for 2017 2
open Fancy a wee quasi-DRAM? Supermicro bulks up server memory 6
By Ru'
open EMC crying two SAN breakup tears 6
open Permabit pulls on Red Hat, opens arms for a Linux cuddle 2
open Disaster-recoverer Zerto wades into Microsoft clouds 2
open HPE tape library permits unauthorised remote access 4
open WDLabs goes Pi-eyed and sees triple 6
open NetApp's regeneration could be deep surgery or anti-wrinkle cream 7
open NVMe SSD? Not yet, says Pure, but promises to deliver it 14
open Seagate plans to bring down the 16TB HAMR... soon(er) 6
By Aitor 1
open HDS has HCI – but it's not hyper-converged infrastructure 1
open Aw, snap: Independent disk drive failure rates from Backblaze 4
open Harder, better, faster, stronger (apparently). The IronWolf goes Pro 9
open Lenovo intros monster disk box 14
open Qumulo bangs out new software, Apollo server support 1
open Midi-archive box from WD stops at 19PB 6
open Gotta speed up HPC arrays. Flash or disk, flash or disk. Let's do both – Seagate 1
open Portable drive, 5TB capacity. Hmm, there's something fishy here 50
By N13L5
open Kaminario's Dani Golan reaches for the sky 2
open Arkivum's new CEO gets £3m cash boost to play with – now what? 2
By Dr Who