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open Outsourcery has ‘greater flexibility to pursue opportunities’ after £4m Voda loan 2
open A looksee into storage upstart Hedvig's garage 2
By Serif
open It's all downhill from here: Avalanche spins STT-RAM 8
open Don't start reading the last rites for monolithic storage just yet 5
open ETERNUS embiggens at peak of Mt Fujitsu (it's a drive array, not Tolkien) 1
open Radian Memory Systems decloaks, says it'll twin DRAM and flash 1
open Fireworks expected from Oracle at Flash Memory Summit 1
open Hello Tosh, got a downrated 6TB spinner? Yes, for slower workloads 17
By Disko
open Pure's mass disk drive killer lays out plans for flash hegemony 11
open Breqwatr breqs hyper-converged mould with all-flash box 3
open Facebook SSD failure study pinpoints mid-life burnout rate trough 30
open Connected Data's Transporter private-cloud-in-a-box hooks up with the office NASties 2
open All-flash array reports aren't all about all-flash arrays, rages Gartner 11
By cleanur
open Airbnb beats actual posh hotel chain with stupidly large valuation 20
open Samsung spins up its latest rusty rotators for release 18
open Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault 63
open Flash is fallible. But you'd rather have an AFA than spinning rust 11
open Flexible PRAM: Not a bendy baby carriage, but infinitely cooler 1
By DougS
open Huawei humps up its DS8000 heavyweight array range 9
open Women are fleeing from the digital sector, reckons report 67
open Nutanix: We're not a storage company, but, er, watch out, NetApp 3
By Lusty
open HGST shimmy shimmy shingles its way to a 10TB spinning rust drive 17
open Hyperconvergence: Just where is the technology going? 6
open Hedvig flutters in carrying $18m in fresh VC greenbacks 2
By Mk4
open Russia copies EU commissars with own right to be forgotten law 16
By druck
open Violin posts yet more crappy results as it swaps out sales veep 2
open What hyper-converged storage really means for you 4
open Passions run high in EU parliament debate over air passengers' privacy 25
By Mark 85
open Georgens out at NetApp – new chairman, interim CEO named 8
open Veeam's plan: Ignore MBA marketers, don't covet magazine covers 1
By Mark 85
open NetApp name-changes SteelStore to AltaVault 1
By Snowman
open Sony sees the cold light of optical archives, buys ex-Facebooker's upstart 9
open My Passport Grip Pack blooms with new colours … and more storage 6
open Tegile scores VC cash to splash on flash growth dash 2
open Synology slings patch at buggy NAS boxens 7
open Pre-IPO Tegile looking at flash tiering, scale-out and the cloud 8
open EXT4 filesystem can EAT ALL YOUR DATA 20
open NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition 35
open Dell inserts Hyper-V smarts into its DL backup boxen 1
open Nexenta flies over the Edge into the object storage bearpit 3
open Cisco tipped to buy 'dominant' STORAGE BADBOY Nutanix 10
By Cloud 9
open Reader suggestion: Using HDFS as generic iSCSI storage 20
open Hybrid storage arrays versus all-flash: will disks hold their own? 7
By Bryan B
open Try-before-you-buy software. Back in vogue for the storage giants? 1
open There's little spending on Big Data, object storage and OpenStack 4
By Dan 10
open Gartner: Dell nowhere to be seen as storage SSD sales go flat 16
open Dell: Good servers and PCs, but for storage ... oh dear 16
open Who's the fat kid on the storage see-saw? We think it's All-Flash 5
open MAID to order: Inside Facebook's cold-storage data ziggurats 17
By burjoes
open Teradata tumbles off Wall Street pedestal, buys back paper 2
By Dan 10