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open Smartphone chip champ Qualcomm says it's ARMed for server wars 5
By Zed Zee
open Call the Commish! Ireland dragged into Microsoft dispute over alleged drug traffic data 27
open SAN gang at Nimble jump in Fibre Channel pool, but how big will the splash be? 5
open Alcatel-Lucent buries EDGE routers in x86 server fleet 5
open Ex-IBM x86 server chap joins flash-in-the-DRAM upstart 1
open Through the Looking Glass: Vulture pecks at software-defined storage 3
open Down in the Dell, Compellent and EqualLogic are stirring 5
open HP gives StoreServ a speed boost with flashy cachey spit'n'polish 10
open New Dell FX2 chassis mixes 'n' matches server innards 12
open Facebook OCP crowd to ogle MICROSOFT'S server-room SECRETS 13
By Gartal
open Microsoft has Windows Server running on ARM: report 52
open Keep a beady eye on your business's cloud service shopping 3
open Solaris fix-it firm offers free BASH patch for legacy Oracle kit 5
By Vic
open Oracle ♥s Fibre Channel in virty box refresh 1
By Billl
open Docker's app containers are coming to Windows Server, says Microsoft 19
By MadMike
open HP hops aboard hyperconverged infrastructure bandwagon 4
open Oracle: What's the X4-4? In-memory monster slams jaws down on 3TB, for starters 11
By MadMike
open Lenovo to finish $2.1bn IBM x86 server gobble in October 10
open Samsung lays down PCIe server flash gauntlet 5
open Canonical, AMD, team up with OpenStack-in-a-rack 2
open Seagate's triple-headed Cerberus could SAVE the DISK WORLD 8
open Dell PowerEdge hooks up with SanDisk, stuffs servers with DAS Cache 3
open Blade runner: Cisco ups its UCS server game 1
open Look out: The Far Eastern white-box boys are coming for EVERYONE 12
By Fatman
open Server sales show signs of slight surge 2
open HP busts out new ProLiant Gen9 servers 39
open Pay to play: The hidden cost of software defined everything 76
By Joe 35
open Cisco teases UCS refresh with most of 2014's best buzzwords 2
By MyffyW
open HP: We're still running the ARM race with Moonshot servers 14
open VMware EMC partner Cisco inks reselling deal... with Simplivity 1
open VMware's MARVIN emerges as 'EVO' for branch offices and web-scale rigs 8
open Red Hat: ARM servers will come when people crank out chips like AMD's 64-bit Seattle 7
By Decade
open Citrix drizzles lightly and briefly on VMware's parade with Xen update 4
open Oracle reveals 32-core, 10 BEEELLION-transistor SPARC M7 76
open US regulators OK sale of IBM's x86 server biz to Lenovo 22
open Chinese Bitcoin farms: From scuzzy to sci-fi 27
By DougS
open Dell The Man shrieks: 'We've got a Bitcoin order, we've got a Bitcoin order' 16
By Mark .
open Cisco to reveal UCS for small businesses 2
open Rackspace touts cloudy, single-tenant OnMetal servers to world+dog 1
open Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in 39
open SAP: It was our Big Data software wot won it for Germany 27
open Manic malware Mayhem spreads through Linux, FreeBSD web servers 58
open Speaking in Tech: How I was outsmarted by my LG smartwatch 2
open Virty server bones thrown: Gartner mages see Microsoft rising 8
By Servman
open China clears Lenovo's slurp of IBM server biz 1
open IBM promises mainframes on tap as SoftLayer lands on London 6
closed No more sprawl: Let us consider the benefits of blade servers 9
closed Aereo presses pause on 'tiny antenna' TV-streaming service 16
By Tom 13
closed Windows Server 2003 end of life: Plan your WS2012 migration now 13
By nedge2k
closed MIT boffins build 36 core processor with data-traffic smarts 15