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open Inside the Hekaton: SQL Server 2014's database engine deconstructed 2
By Matt 21
open Death of data retention directive: What it means for OTHER data laws 15
By dogged
open Speaking in Tech: Red Hat, Cisco sitting in a tree, m-e-r-g-i-n-g? 2
open Cray flogs 1PB of TASty storage to German übercomputing boffins, leaves them in tiers 4
open How Brit computer maker beat IBM's S/360 - and Soviet spies 66
open Azure Australia data centre undergoing final testing 1
open The gift of Grace: COBOL's odyssey from Vietnam to the Square Mile 72
open Open-sourcer Nexenta fires up V4 storage OS 4
open European Court of Justice rips up Data Retention Directive 56
By JasonB
open Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50 142
closed Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 early code: First look 83
By pan2008
closed Toshiba baby OCZ flings open coat, bares PCIe flasher to world 8
closed Hey IBM – Lenovo here. Sort your server factory strike out, will you? 6
closed Toshiba: Our 2.5-incher does the same job as a 3.5-incher 9
By h4rm0ny
closed Inside Facebook's engineering labs: Hardware heaven, HP hell – PICTURES 42
By Simon B
closed Data Centre World: It's hard work cooling off those hot racks 4
By Roland6
closed Tough times in the server market, even though more iron moved in '13 2
closed Dell gambles solid server sales for NetSuite's riches 2
closed NO WONDER Big Blue dropped it: IBM server biz BOMBED in Q4 26
closed Toshiba new HG6 range REVEALS slimmest SSD module you can buy 3
By doowles
closed How Facebook flipped the data centre hardware market 10
closed EVault hints it might snuggle up with daddy Seagate's Kinetic drives 1
closed Server vendors lovingly dress Intel's latest Xeon in memory jewels 2
closed Intel's new Xeon: Easy to switch between dual memory modes? Uh, no 14
closed HP busts out new ProLiant rack mount based on Intel's new top o' line server chippery 24
By MadMike
closed Better late than never: Monster 15-core Xeon chips let loose by Intel 47
closed FAS flash biz boxen refresher: New boxes fit WHERE exactly? 3
By Lusty
closed NetApp shows off tech specs of FAS array BIZ BEAST 16
closed Flappy Bird becomes massively multiplayer PHOENIX 17
closed PayPal 'n' Google's FIDO drops 'simpler, stronger' secure login spec 9
closed SME storage challengers emerge one feature at a time 26
closed HP 'clarifies' firmware/support contract rules 38
By zaphy42
closed Server tech is BORING these days. Where's all the shiny new goodies? 14
closed Dell reveals 'proof-of-concept' ARM microserver 17
By dajames
closed Private pain: Dell layoff bloodbath to hit over 15,000 staffers – insiders 27
closed Lenovo and IBM's System x biz: It'll be just like 2005's PC buyout 12
closed Hot naked Asian racks in Cali: El Reg snaps Open Compute servers for all 8
By LeeE
closed ARM lays down law to end Wild West of chip design: New standard for server SoCs touted 27
By Tom 13
closed IBM's bailed out of the server market - will they dump Storwize next? 23
By pameron
closed AMD tries to kickstart ARM-for-servers ecosystem 20
By SoaG
closed Home-grown server kit saves Facebook 'a BEELLION dollars' 6
By Tom 13
closed Wanna make your own Azure? Now you can: Microsoft joins Open Compute Project 8
By DavidRa
closed Lloyds Group probes server crash behind ATM, cash card outage 68
closed Microsoft seeks patent for blade server chassis 51
closed IBM needs to sell its stuttering storage biz lines 12
closed AMD starts year, checks watch, hurries out Warsaw Opterons 4
closed Lenovo haggling with IBM over price of System X... AGAIN 4
closed Sandisk's future is far from ULLtraDIMM: Diablo tie-up holds promise 4
closed IBM plays with its Lego, hits upon System X server redesign brainwave 2
closed Micron: Hot DRAM. We don't need no steenkin' PCM 1