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open Supermicro's youngest Twin is a real silent ice maiden 1
open Dutch companies try warming homes with cloud servers 23
open Ransomware holds schools hostage: 'Now give us Bitcoin worth $129k, er, $124k, wait ...' 31
open Open-Xchange builds anti Oracle stack after server M&A splurge 4
By Vic
open Premera healthcare: US govt security audit gave hacked biz thumbs up 22
By Stevie
open Microsoft gets data centres powered up for big UPS turn-off 17
open ARM plans to win 20 per cent of the server market by the year 2020 16
open Forget Nokia: Finland's promising future is to be server central 6
open IBM's OpenPower gang touts first proper non-Big Blue-badged server 6
open Premera Blue Cross is sick after hackers plunder their servers 8
open Web geeks grant immortality to Sir Terry Pratchett – using smuggled web code 89
open MOVE IT! 10 top tips for shifting your data centre 30
By Franco
open Latest Gartner wololo: Win Server 2003 refresh might be off the cards 1
open VCE scales up, up and out of exclusive deal with Cisco 1
open iTunes snafu: DNS fail borked Apple's app & iTunes stores for 10 HOURS 24
open Intel gives Facebook the D – Xeons thrust web pages at the masses 7
By Lysenko
open HP battles back against white-box with Foxconn-built Cloudline servers 4
open Ouch! Google crocks capacitors and deviates DRAM to root Linux 79
open Intel SoCs it to 'em with new D: Tiny but powerful 13
open Obsolete – and IP-baring – Anon tool linked to feminist blog DDoS 5
By Glen 1
open 'If cloud existed decades ago, backups wouldn't have been developed' 10
open Grab your pitchforks: Ubuntu to switch to systemd on Monday 158
open BILLION email address spam scam: Feds collar two blokes, hunt another 10
open World’s oldest IT dining society breaks into the House of Lords 9
open IBM System x biz sales: The numbers are out... and they're not pretty 4
open Insight: Have you heard about Windows Server 2003 support? 16
open IBM's FlashSystem 900: ‘Better capacity in less rack space’ 2
open Isilon dives into data lake with HD400 2
open 3D TLC VIMMs could play Violin's music 6
By jcrb
open Got $600 for every Win Server 2003 box you're running? Uh-oh 76
open Wanted: PC salesman to head up HP's UK channel ops 1
open Helium HDD prices rise way above air-filled spinning rust 28
open HP: We're gonna book $1bn worth of Server 2003 sales THIS WEEK 7
open The firm that swallowed the Sun: Is Oracle happy as Larry with hardware and systems? 31
open IBM details PowerPC microserver aimed at square kilometre array 22
open Right, we've bagged IBM’s X86 server biz... now what? – Lenovo 4
open Official: Whiteboxer Super Micro is a $2bn server company 12
open Oracle opens Uncle Larry's cut-price bit barn emporium 3
open Migration skills shortage looms as Server 2003 DEATH DATE approaches 19
open MAINFRAMES are SO NOT DEAD: IBM's launched a new one 112
By MadMike
open HP breaks for Xmas week - aka 'staff hols' - source 43
open Independent inquiry into British air-traffic-control IT nightmare 55
By streaky
open Cool technology: Submerged blade servers escape the heat 16
open NGINX scores $20 MEELLLION to remind people it sells stuff 10
open Why blades need enterprise management software: Learn from Trev's hardcore lab tests 12
By elip
open Hairy situation? Blade servers can reach where others can't 9
By Malik01
open Oracle bypasses SAS/SATA controllers in flashy new servers 15
open A brief history of BLADE SERVERS: From the Big Bang to the, er, 'unblade' 8
open Quantum computing is so powerful it takes two years to understand what happened 45
open Huawei and Inspur Electronics challenge Q3 server status quo 2