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open Windows Server 2003 end of support draws ever closer 7
open It pays to fake it: Test your flash SAN with a good simulation 3
open AllJoyn your whitegoods, says Qualcomm 6
open HTTP/2 is now utterly officially official 17
open Amazon, eBay and Oracle in dirty power SHAME 15
open Nutanix announces beta of Community Edition software 5
open All-Russian 'Elbrus' PCs and servers go on sale 30
open Microsoft points PowerShell at Penguinistas 70
open Cisco plugs remote code execution flaw in UCS Central control freak 4
By Denigor
open Rip up your AMD obits: Gaming, VR, embedded chips to lift biz out of the red by 2016, allegedly 17
open Intel raises memory deflector shields in Xeon E7 processor refresh 11
By MadMike
open Low price, big power: Virtual Private Server picks for power nerds 22
By Paul
open VCE to use Quanta servers for new 'VxRacks' 1
open Kubernetes gobbles rkt for instant-on containers – no Docker required 1
open Wordpress munching contagion turns Linux servers into spam bots 17
open VCE now competing with VMware 6
By jdundon
open Gambling with your data: Betfair fixes HUGE account reset email vuln 5
By roark
open PayPal adopts ARM servers, gets mightily dense 5
By bazza
open The Government Digital Service: The Happiest Place on Earth 25
open GDS monopoly leaves at risk of IT cock-ups, warns report 34
By Lewi
open Android mobe biz OnePlus goes to the dogs - or maybe cats 8
open Ad-blocking is LEGAL: German court says Ja to browser filters 55
open AssangeTM ♥s dictator Kim Jong-un say Sony Pictures' lawyers 15
open ‘Right to be forgotten’ prompts more French privacy concerns 5
open Remember SeaMicro? Red-ink-soaked AMD dumps it overboard 17
By Tatsu
open Sysadmins, patch now: HTTP 'pings of death' are spewing across web to kill Windows servers 109
By steeple
open Amazon CTO destealths to throw light on AWS data centre design 10
open Oracle grunts, grimaces, pushes out 98-flaw security patch batch 11
open It's 2015 and a RICH TEXT FILE or a HTTP request can own your Windows machine 23
By Tom 13
open What just went down on Intel for three months? Er, PC and mobile chips 5
open Welcome to the FUTURE: Maine cops pay Bitcoin ransom to end office hostage drama 76
By BillG
open Backdoor bot brains snatched after cops, white hats raid servers 11
By Pez92
open Fancy a wristjob from Tim Cook? TOUGH LUCK, you CAN'T HAVE ONE 82
open 'Chinese hackers' were sniffing SE Asian drawers for YEARS 5
By Jan 0
open Videogame publishers to fans: Oi, freetard! STOP RESURRECTING our dead titles online 56
open It's Friday or as we call it, What Is Intel Buying Now Rumor Day: Not Altera, but Broadcom? 3
By asdf
open Because the server room is certainly no place for pets 72
By Wzrd1
open Oh, hi there, SKYNET: US military wants self-enhancing software that will outlive its creators 44
By HildyJ
open Defiant Labio lawyer spits on black hats after 'med data' theft 8
open Pro-tip: Steal a TARDIS to survive Windows Server preview death 8
By mtcoder
open Hacked uni's admins hand ID theft prevention reward to data burglars 7
By Stevie
open AMD opens kimono on chip futures a little more 13
By Bob H
open Feds cuffed for allegedly PILFERING Silk Road drug souk's Bitcoins 21
open In-depth: Supermicro's youngest Twin is a real silent ice maiden 24
open Dutch companies try warming homes with cloud servers 23
open Ransomware holds schools hostage: 'Now give us Bitcoin worth $129k, er, $124k, wait ...' 31
open Open-Xchange builds anti Oracle stack after server M&A splurge 4
By Vic
open Premera healthcare: US govt security audit gave hacked biz thumbs up 22
By Stevie
open Microsoft gets data centres powered up for big UPS turn-off 17
open ARM plans to win 20 per cent of the server market by the year 2020 16