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open The new FCC privacy rules are here, and nobody is happy 8
By Aedile
open In its current state, Ubiquiti's EdgeSwitch won't have much of an edge on anyone 24
open Gov.UK goes TITSUP 14
By Yes Me
open Vodafone rapped with RECORD £4.6m fine for failing customers 33
open Google fibre: Subs up, Revenue up, expansion over 6
open IBM Australia didn't stress-test #censusfail router and blocked password resets 15
By Halfmad
open DNS devastation: Top websites whacked offline as Dyn dies again 99
By jrdld
open IBM throws ISP under a bus for Australia's #Censusfail 23
open Cisco is still making hay while the SAN shines 1
open DNS infrastructure sprinting to IPv6 while users lag 21
open What's 5G? Who knows, but Qualcomm's designed a modem for it 5
By toejam
open Why OpenCAPI is a declaration of interconnect fabric war 11
By DCFusor
open Junos OS CLI has a bad bug. So good luck applying its new patches 3
By Chewi
open After lessons learned from super-storm Sandy, US telcos weather Hurricane Matthew 2
By Stevie
open Telnet, SSH prod of death smashes Cisco broadband boxes offline 1
open Ofcom finds 'reasonable grounds' that KCOM failed to maintain 999 services 16
open 18 seconds that blacked out South Australia 56
open Cisco hugs sysadmins with a bunch more patches 1
open End user computing in the digital era 5
open Microsoft warns Windows security fix may break network shares 54
open Crusty Cat 5e/6 cables just magically sped up to 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps 19
By Adam JC
open WAN, bam, thank you... oh @£$%. We've gone dead. Drop the burger. RUUUUUN! 9
open STUN hack could help admins choose between 'net links 2
By Mage
open Avaya explains its 'hyper-segmentation' approach to security 3
open Building IoT call for papers: What have YOU done with the internet of things? 5
By jake
open's Digital Catapult wheels out Central London IoT network 4
open Quantum comms succeed over metro-scale fibre networks 7
open IPv4 apocalypse means we just can't measure the internet any more 166
open Cisco plugs another 'Shadow Brokers' hole 1
open Google: There are three certainties in life – death, taxes and IPv6 64
open Aruba OS8 lands, with APIs so non-NetAdmins can do NetAdmin jobs 6
open Cisco's head of enterprise networking bails 4
By Tikiman
open BA check-in system checks out: Staff flung back to cruel '90s world of paper 58
open Beautiful, efficient, data-sucking Smart Cities: Why do you give us the creeps? 13
open Cisco's upsell plan: tell you your old kit is not as secure as its new kit 7
open OpenFlow controller design killing SDN, say network boffins 15
open Cisco axes up to 5,500 workers in scramble to remain relevant 21
By Yes Me
open Light at the end of Intel's Silicon Photonics: 100Gbps network tech finally shipping, sorta 6
open Speaking in Tech: Intel joins ARMs race – even Chipzilla needs to Make All The Things 4
By jms222
open Chip giants pelt embedded AI platforms with wads of cash 7
open Cisco-backed iOT comms aspirant LoRa ships IoT dev kit 2
open Juniper Networks grabs silicon photonic developer Aurrion 3
open Fun fact of the day: Network routers are illegal in Japan 18
By Vector
open Happy Sysadmin Day! 24
open Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink 82
open Verizon wants to replace your net gateways with 'a simple mux' 4
open BT internet outage was our fault, says Equinix 58
open Question: What's missing in Microsoft's data science professional degree? 24
By Esme
open Microsoft tweaks TCP stack in Windows Server and Windows 10 59
open LTE-U vs. WiFi fight gets closer to a settlement 12