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open North America down to its last ~130,000 IPv4 addresses 115
open Sprint: Our 'unlimited' mobe plan has one tiny limit: High-quality video 9
open UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends 178
open Smart meters set to cost Blighty as much as replacing Trident 99
open Is that a FAT PIPE or are you just pleased to stream me? TERABIT fibre tested 23
open Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run 28
open So much for rainbows, Zuck: Facebook staff still overwhelmingly male and white 67
By heyrick
open Cambridge boffins: STOP the rush to 5G. We just don't need it 44
open ICANN's leaving the nest, so when will it grow up? 8
open Privacy advocates descend on proposed domain name change 22
By moiety
open Understanding the network energy efficiency challenge 6
open Ubuntu scaling up VM addressability 4
open It begins: Time Warner Cable first ISP accused of breaking America's net neutrality rules 30
open June 30, 2016: The day the US will hand over control of the internet 12
open Giganto French telco merger: Altice makes eyes at Bouygues 3
open Taylor Swift boycotts Apple Music over no-pay-for-plays shocker 80
open OK, forget DNS for a sec. Why not shift IP addresses and protocols away from Uncle Sam? 15
open Verizon promised to wire up NYC with fiber... and failed miserably – audit 28
open US govt: Am I the only one around here who cares about DNS security and stability? 2
By Naselus
open MILLIONS of broadband punters aren't getting it fast enough – Which? 49
open Cisco account managers' sales bonuses slashed 12
open US FINNISHes Nokia-AlcaLu acquisition waiting period 4
open Cisco to pour BEELIONS into China 2
open Canadian government websites hosed, Anonymous takes credit 3
open Google-owned smart-gumble-maker Nest snubs Google's smart-gumble OS Brillo 14
By Thorne
open AT&T fined about 3 days of profit ($100m) for limiting 'unlimited' plans 20
open United Nations sends peacekeeping forces to Internet of Things war 9
open When your ISP flouts net neutrality rules, here's who you should contact 3
By gerdesj
open Phone hacking blitz hammers's poor VoIP handsets 15
open Chuck chucks Cisco's China C-suite 4
open Cisco issues 16 patches to pop pesky peccant packets 2
open NOBODY reading your Facebook post? TOUGH LUCK, sez Zuck 22
open Wholesale price cap: Take THAT, BT, says (now toothy) Ofcom 20
open Microsoft picks up shotgun, walks 'Modern apps' behind the shed 63
By Chika
open INTERNET of BOOBS: Scorching French lass reveals networked bikini 73
open Google wants you to buy Nest CCTV, turn your home into a Brillo pad 25
open Screw you, ISPs: Net neutrality switches on THIS FRIDAY – US court 22
open Future Range Rovers will report pot-holes directly to councils 88
By x 7
open Australia's data retention regime starts October 13th says A-G 5
open Net neutrality starts this Friday! Kinda! Sorta! It's a little complicated ... 6
By Mark 85
open US Congress oils up, jumps over ropes into DNS wrestling match 8
By Tom 13
open Fourplay frolics: Vodafone launches landline broadband 14
open Ex-Microsoftie in worthless Euro netizens data security promise 8
open Israeli firm gets legal on Indian techie over ISP ad injection spat 36
open Apple's HomeKit: So, you know, it exists and all that. Oookay ... 10
open Verizon splits with carrier-led bonking and invests in SimplyTapp 4
open SDN's dream: Use what you've got, not what you're promised 7
open Jurassic Part: Vertu announces lizard-skin phones 18
open Microsoft makes Skype beach body ready with web browser beta release 25
open Vodafone IS talking to Virgin Media daddy Liberty Global 7