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open NetMundial 'rule-the-internet' ISC project gets grudging support of civil society 1
By Yes Me
open NHS and POLICE non-emergency services GO DARK after Voda switch failure - source 7
By Spud
open Floody hell! Brits cram Internet of Things into tight White Spaces 14
open NSA SOURCE CODE LEAK: Information slurp tools to appear online 38
open Stop the IoT revolution! We need to figure out packet sizes first 19
open Huawei's and ZTE's SDN embrace: soft power in vendor-land 1
open OIF and ONF to co-operate on standards 1
open Two driverless cars stuffed with passengers are ABOUT TO CRASH - who should take the hit? 105
open Mellanox preps to ship 100 Gbps adapters 3
open Researchers show off three-domain international SDN 4
open IEEE turns crank on new wired Ethernet standards 15
open Juniper boss exits after board probes his 'leadership and conduct' 5
open Pica8 adds 'transitional' SDN capabilities 1
By Gartal
open Juniper shrinks its MX monster router onto a USB stick 5
open Ericsson boss sticks a pin in Google’s loony Loon bubble 30
By Slx
open 7 questions we're dying to ask the internet's MOST EXCITING BLOKE 10
open UN takeover of internet postponed indefinitely 19
open Facebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switches 12
open Remember Internet2? It's now a software-defined metacloud 8
open Cisco and friends chase WiFi's searing speeds with new cable standard 13
open Activist investors force Riverbed into climbdown over cash 'n' costs 3
open Whisper chief: 'We're not infallible but strive to do right by our anonymous users' 16
open Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD 130
open Analytics pusher Interana: Why tweak your seeks when you can scan your DRAM? 1
open BT claims almost-gigabit connections over COPPER WIRE 97
By AndrueC
open Brocade's Vyatta gets OpenDaylight controller 4
open US boffins demo 'twisted radio' mux 24
By DougS
open Oi! You noisy servers! Talk among yourselves and stop bothering that poor router! 5
open Xpliant targets white-label Ethernet switch vendors with shiny new silicon 3
open Three photons can switch an optical beam at 500 GHz 7
By Adam 1
open It's a pain in the ASCII, so what can be done to make patching easier? 76
open Holy sentient blender, Batman: Telefónica to trial AT&T's Internet of Home Stuff in Europe 8
open NHS grows a NoSQL backbone and rips out its Oracle Spine 83
open White box switches out-sell Brocade, Arista in the data centre 2
open eBay, Facebook, Tumblr ALL go TITSUP in me-too MULTI-FAIL 28
open Gamma's not a goner! UK ISP sorts out major outage 9
open New York looks to PROBE TWC over US outage 3
By cs94njw
open UK.gov sinks another £1.6m into Internet of Stuff spec HyperCat 21
open The Return of BSOD: Does ANYONE trust Microsoft patches? 111
open Boffins brew TCP tuned to perform on lossy links like Wi-Fi networks 18
open The internet just BROKE under its own weight – we explain how 177
open ETSI publishes nine network function virtualisation standards 1
open AWS adds on-premises Radius MFA to Workspaces DaaS 2
open Danes cram 43 Tbps down ONE fibre using ONE laser 12
open Hey, big spender. Are you as secure as a whitebox vendor? 13
open House of the rising SAN: Cisco plonks physical 16Gbit/s kit on the table 3
open Cisco's application-centric infrastructure arrives at last 1
open Cisco says network virtualisation won't pay off everywhere 12
open Texan firm buys disaster recovery bods Neverfail 2
open IEEE gets to work on 25G Ethernet MAC standards 4
By Mpeler