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open DWARF PLANET Ceres beams back SUNNY north pole FROWN 15
open Who runs this world? Sony Pictures CEO jokes about getting UK culture minister fired 19
open FCC hit with SEVENTH net neutrality lawsuit 21
open Google has tested its speedy QUIC internet protocol on YOU – and the early results are in 16
By big_D
open Budge up, Navy boys, I've got some broadband spectrum to flog – FCC 6
open US Navy's LOCUST DRONE CANNON is like death SWARMED up 24
By big_D
open Windows Phone 10: Less stuff that does more – plus IE-killer Project Spartan 21
open JetBrains releases CLion - new cross-platform IDE for C/C++ users 14
open ICANN banked $60m from dot-word auctions. Just what exactly is it going to spend it all on? 19
By Mark 85
open WW2 German Enigma machine auctioned for record-breaking price 27
open While AMD, Apple et al thrash around, chippery fat-cat TSMC is grinning all the way to the bank 9
open Don't shoot the Messenger: NASA's suicide probe to punch hole in Mercury 27
open The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house 117
open Netflix's house of cards to be fortified with HTTPS appliance 5
open Default admin password, weak Wi-Fi, open USB ports ... no wonder these electronic voting boxes are now BANNED 47
open LA schools want multi-million Apple refund after kids hack iPads 94
open Jawbone Up4 tapcash wristjob: Get BONKING with the latest sweaty hipster toy 13
By Mark 85
open DTS announces DTS:X – sparks object-based audio war with Dolby 31
open Labour policy review tells EU where to stuff its geo-blocking ban 62
By JulieM
open Ukraine conflict spilling over into cyber-crime, warns former spy boss 8
open Nokia to take $6bn bath on Navteq following AlcaLuc purchase 18
By Mark 85
open D-Link router patch creates NEW SOHOpeless vuln 15
open 2550100 ... An Illuminati codeword or name of new alliance demanding faster Ethernet faster? 7
open Hey, you wanna help run the internet? This power restructure is for YOU 3
By Yes Me
open Internet kingmakers cry mercy over mad dash to fill global DNS throne 4
open Troubleshooting feature on Cisco routers is open to data-slurp abuse 12
open Adobe, Level 3 drive a stake through heart of vid-stream creature before it attacks again 8
open This open-source personal crypto-key vault wants two things: To make the web safer ... and your donations 53
open Four boggling websites we found hidden in the BitTorrent network using the Maelstrom browser 8
open Sinister lobby group (AT&T, Verizon among membership) sues FCC to kill net neut 10
open Korean telco LG Uplus launches first ever 4G voice roaming service 1
open Fraudsters target Nazi Android malware at Russian bank customers 5
open 'Granola-eating tree hugger' takes plunge, becomes IoT upstart 12
open What a time to be alive ... hard and floppy disk drives play Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit 15
open China weaponizes its Great Firewall into the GREAT FIRE CANNON, menaces entire globe 49
By Tom 13
open Sprint fined $16m for sticking it to The Man: Telco 'overcharged' Feds for phone wiretaps 16
By h 2
open FAA approves Amazon US drone flight just months after firm gave up and went to Canada 24
open Microsoft Lumia 640, 640XL: They're NOT the same, mmmkay? 24
By jimbo60
open ICANN urges US, Canada: Help us stop the 'predatory' monster we created ... dot-sucks! 56
open Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs 130
By DiViDeD
open Do your switches run Cumulus Linux? Puppet will pull your strings 2
open Ex-cop: Holborn fireball comms outage cover for £200m bling heist gang 77
By A Ghost
open Screw YOU, Apple – Netflix teases world+dog with its own 'coming soon' SMARTWATCH 12
By PaulM 1
open In the time it takes you to watch The Hangover, AT&T will pay a $25m fine for privacy scandal 4
By Mongo
open Bell Canada pulls U-turn on super-invasive web-stalking operation 29
open FCC taps CenturyLink on shoulder, mumbles about a fine for THAT six-hour 911 outage 10
open The Internet of Stuff is a gigantic ultra-perv robbery network – study 34
open ONOS to SDN world: here's our numbers, show us yours 1
open Mobile 4G spectrum investors actually spent $12.4m on walkie-talkie frequencies – US SEC 10
By Tom 13
open Samsung and HTC: Gaze upon our EMBIGGENED numbers, pesky analysts 1
By chasil