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open Brit boffins use TARDIS to re-route data flows through time and space 12
open So you invent a wireless network using LEDs, what do you do next? Add solar panels. Boom 37
open IEEE signs off on 400 Gb/s Ethernet development 12
open Tesla cars can now 'do an ET' without hurting anyone's bottom line 30
closed Who's up for yet another software-defined net protocol? Cisco wants to see some hands 3
By btrower
closed Hardwired crypto certificate FAIL bricks Juniper router kit 29
closed Facebook taps up NASA boffins to launch drone fleet, laser comms lab 12
closed Cisco ships six fixes for DoS bugs 2
By -tim
closed Zombie Nortel grabs Cisco by the neck, again 15
closed Chinese boffins ginger up Hadoop with OpenFlow funnel 1
closed Prepare your data centre to face the future 4
closed GFI LanGuard 2014: Go on. Find my weaknesses and point them out 14
By rm -rf
closed Panel: Death of Cisco and Juniper switches are greatly exaggerated 2
closed Intel and pals whip out 1.6Tbit/s cable: Come on baby, light my fibre 3
closed High-end SAN peddler Dot Hill delivers profit – market says 'meh' 3
closed New 4G router pitched at biz bods sick to death of titsup networks 20
closed Cisco kicks off $300k Internet of Things security competition 9
By Tree
closed Ethernet boffins get ready to kick off 400G development 11
By bazza
closed Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can 8
closed IBM stuffs 64Gbps of traffic down 'low quality' fibres 5
closed Q: Just why are AT&T, banks snubbing kit from Cisco & co? A: Control 24
closed Netflix coughs up to cruise on Comcast 37
closed Nokia may consider merging with Juniper: report 7
closed Alca-Lu joins race to make telco networks more cloudy 1
closed Walking in a WiFi wonderland 12
closed IBM, AT&T ink global Internet of Things tie-up 6
closed Cisco HAUNTED by $655m memory components snag 7
closed I want SDN and I want it now! 14
By Jo 5
closed Fibre Channel Industry Association extends roadmap to 128G bps 14
By Hapkido
closed Is FCoE faster than Fibre Channel? Who knows? Just run your own tests 37
closed Oracle and Pluribus team up, flip the switch on Cisco SDN killer 6
closed Indian internet tunnelers trump Chinese web deniers 7
closed Open MPI hits milestone with FORTRAN-ready 1.7.4 release 37
closed Fixed networks to sag under weight of mobile data: Cisco VNI 3
closed Sons of Sun roar 'Freedom!', uncloak server-switch 3
closed Brocade-funded study says Fibre Channel faster than FCoE 13
closed Big Data? Yeah, nice buzzword. Give us the nuts and bolts this time 7
closed Cloud, schmoud, says Cisco: The IoT needs 'FOG COMPUTING' 3
closed Dell taps Sons of Cisco for networking Manhattan project 1
By M. B.
closed VCs drop cash on DropBox, bestow $10 BEELLLION valuation 13
closed Riverbed: We don't want your steenkin' $3.1 BEELLION 4
closed Apple fanbois make it 'official', hook up with Internet of Fridges Things 43
closed Health Sec opens new data centre: Biz not Surrey to be in Godalming 5
closed Microsoft's cloudy chief: Azure reliability knocks your own kit for six 37
By FetchIt
closed WTF is... NFV: All your basestations are belong to us 26
By DonaldC
closed 32 Gig Fibre Channel takes another step towards reality 16
By MMull
closed WTF is … MU-MIMO? 7
closed THIS ONE WEIRD CHIP cuts weight from data centre power bills 5
closed NSA-busting secure, open, router seeks cash and code from crowd 16
closed Forget terabit Ethernet, the next step is 400 gig – if we can afford the R&D 13
By DougS