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open Estonian vendor sparks Li-Fi hypegasm with gigabit demo 14
open Samsung yanks plug out of rumors of networking biz sell-off 1
By Fitz_
open North Korea is capable of pwning Sony. Whether it did is another matter 27
By Peter2
open Want to defend your network? Profile the person attacking it 10
open Intel's Omni-Path InfiniBand-killer debuts at sizzling 100 Gb/sec 4
open UK government looks to harness the potential of open data through APIs 30
open Juniper hardware and software to sleep in separate beds 2
open Helium has a go at Internet of Things thing – using ultra-low power tech 4
By Dig
open Make room, Cisco's punters flocking to ACI ... yep, all 150 of them 2
open Networking ace reveals: Intel planned NVMe for XPoint 2
open Canonical rolls out Ubuntu container management for suits 5
By thames
open IoT's sub-GHz 802.11ah Wi-Fi will be dead on arrival, warn analysts 23
open Of course you can text and call while driving – it's perfectly safe 30
By esucmn
open US senators lean on ICANN, tell it to quit squirming and open up 6
open Boffins' twisted enlightenment embiggens fibre 9
open Could Scality gain scale from IBM buying Cleversafe? 1
open IBM bags $700m services and infrastructure contract with Etihad Airways 6
open Internet of Things SoC devs: Never touched ARM? Oh go on then 6
open Want to self-certify for Safe Harbor? Never mind EU, YES WE CAN 55
By Tom -1
open Which data centre network topology's best? Depends on what you want to break 5
open BBC bypasses Linux kernel to make streaming videos flow 114
open Pitchforks, torches, and awful quotes – we read what Cisco's CEO said 32
By DCFusor
open Google uses humans as Matrix-style ‘data batteries’ – Open Xchange CEO 6
open Don't panic, biz bods: A guide to data in the post-Safe Harbor world 19
By Looper
open 'Safe Harbor': People in Europe 'can get quite litigious about this' 35
open HP and pals release open source switch OS 3
open If the Internet of Things scares you now: Cisco's CEO is bent on hooking up robots, everything 19
open Cisco Australia bumps prices by 12.83 per cent, for second time this year 4
open Aspera high speed file transfer: Let the cloud protocol wars begin 7
open ONOS moves out of lab with Drake release 1
open Wi-Gig signals are bouncing off the walls, can't settle on the sofa 19
By arnieL
open Arista joins data centre 25/50/100 Gbps switch battle 1
open IPv6 is great, says Facebook. For us. And for you a bit, too 58
By Yes Me
open Intel, Nokia, Ericsson square off against Chinese IoT threat 1
open Disney's light-bulb moment: build TCP into LEDs for IoT comms 52
By BigFire
open OpenWrt gets update in face of FCC's anti-flashing push 17
open Cell-network content crunch needs new cache designs, say boffins 10
By xybyrgy
open TCP is a wire-centric protocol being forced to cut the cord, painfully 34
open SPUD – The IETF's anti-snooping protocol that will never be used 18
open SDN hits rock bottom and FCoE is obsolete, say Gartner mages 7
By hackenb
open 60Tbps internet cable from Asia to America will plug into Telx barn 3
By vogon00
open Wi-Fi 'reflector' hooks you up at 0.1 per cent of current power budget 9
open Software-defined what? Look at our glorious ASICs says Cisco 6
open Cisco re-orgs marketing to hide the brand, EMPTY YOUR WALLET 6
open When is a market not a market? When it's SDN or NFV, says Gartner 2
open Alca-Lu clocks 300 Gbps over 10,000 km submarine cable 10
By Kernel
open Keep 'em coming, folks: Huawei snaps up Amartus SDN division 1
open Apple snuggles closer to IPv6 15
open Router cockup grounds United Airlines flights WORLDWIDE 18
open Cisco slings simoleons at software-defined networking biz 6Wind 1
By astrax