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open US Army plots new petascale monster and 'tactical cloudlets' 7
open Lugging an HPC cluster to the plane as carry-on luggage? DON'T 1
open Big Data, empty bellies: How supermarkets tweak prices just for the sake of YOUR LOVE 52
open Cluster-grappling kids clash: Battle of the Big Iron in the Big Easy 2
open Cray, IBM to boost NOAA's super powers 1
open Revealed: This year's STUDENT RACK WARS winner 4
open Japanese monster manifests new PETAFLOP POWER 4
open Seagate and SGI buddy up to flog HPC bigness to big business 1
open HPC bods boogie to 68 new Top500 hits at New Orleans show 2
By Salts
open Multi-petabyte open sorcery: Spell-binding storage 6
By pyite
open NASA launches new climate model at SC14 29
open Nvidia doubles Tesla grunt at SC14 4
By <a|a>=1
open The optic NERVE of it: Intel declares WAR on InfiniBand 9
By ToddR
open HPC bod SGI racks UV brains, reaches 30 MEEELLION IOPS 6
By MadMike
open Cray heaves out even mightier, Lustre-ous Sonexion 2000 4
open SAVE ME, NASA system builder, from my DEAD WORKSTATION 26
By danolds
open Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of Patent WAR! Samsung strikes back at Nvidia 9
open 729 teraflops, 71,000-core Super cost just US$5,500 to build 24
open HPC ace grills vendor over virtual desktop flavours: What about the POWER USERS? 1
By ecofeco
open Fujitsu waves 50PB+ MONSTER at hyperscale storage freaks 8
open IBM, backing away from hardware? NEVER! 59
By MadMike
open Cray-cray Met Office spaffs £97m on VERY AVERAGE HPC box 76
open It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future 71
By LaeMing
open HPC Wales stretches its reach to Northern Ireland 3
open Vote for us: We're slinging cash at supercomputers! 1
open 'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster 32
By MadMike
open IBM goes gunning for Intel with Nvidia GPU-charged Power8 servers 13
By Skoorb
open Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power 20
open AMD, Oracle sweep their glasses off the table, ARM wrestle Hadoop for the data center 9
open Dude, you're getting a Dell! Uni of Queensland adds AU$275,000 cluster 3
By M. B.
open Supercomputers: The Next Generation – Cray puts burst buffer tech, Intel Haswell inside 18
open Ellison: Sparc M7 is Oracle's most important silicon EVER 55
By MadMike
open ARMs head Moonshot bodies: HP pops Applied Micro, TI chips into carts 13
open Enough with the rack-grappling, kids. Try this MYSTERY app 2
open Students playing with impressive racks? Yes, it's cluster comp time 6
By danolds
open Scotland wins WORLD RECORD as voters head to referendum polls 21
By danolds
open A3Cube turns RAM up to 11 with FORTISSIMO kit 3
open Sweden orders TWO PETAFLOP supercomputer 4
open Seagate's BUMPER State of the Storage Nation announcement 4
open Intel's DDR4-friendly Xeon workhorses bolt for workstations, servers 5
open Nvidia builds CUDA GPU programming library for machine learning – so you don't have to 3
By tojb
open HAMR time for Google's MapReduce, says not-so-startup 14
open Square Kilometre Array reveals its 1.6TB-a-day storage and network rigs 18
open American HPC cluster kids feed data-nomming beast with fat nodes 1
open Wonderful wizard of WOS daddy DDN moves into big data 2
By hymie
open Hot students, 'liquid coolant', bagpipes and Brazilians: It's a cluster compo, folks 1
open They're not a travelling polka band, they're German HPC kids packing Big Iron 2
open IBM: OK, Watson, you've won Jeopardy. Now, CURE CANCER 18
By Looper
open Next blockbuster you watch could be rendered on Google: Star Trek fx biz Zync gobbled 6
By PaulyV
open AMD's first 64-bit ARM cores star in ... Heatless in Seattle* 45
By Wilseus