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open D-Wave: 'Whether or not it's quantum, it's faster' 16
open China's Tianhe-1 supercomputer back online after Tianjin blast 13
By x 7
open Huge explosion kills 44+ in China, blasts nearby supercomputer offline 37
open ISC ’15 Student Cluster Comp: Asian kids gear up to grab the crown 2
open China bans HPC and UAV exports, citing national security 8
By pixl97
open Obama endorses 3D TLC flash. How else can you do exaflop computing? 16
open China announces petascale super for FAST radiotelescope 2
By Mark 85
open Start learning parallel programming and make these supercomputers sing, Prez Obama orders 11
open Oi, supercomputer folk. This is where the brains of the future come from 2
By danolds
open Bureau of Meteorology picks Cray-zy fast 1.6 petaflop supercomputer 1
By -tim
open HP recruits Intel for Top 100 supercomputer push 2
open China reveals home-grown supercomputer chips after Intel x86 ban 14
By naive
open Clever cluster-wrangling proto-boffins told to set their LAMMPS on PyFR 1
open NASA invents super-SMACK, hallucinates WHOLE STAR SYSTEMS 3
open Micron fires off some in-memory flash data rockets 1
By abb2u
open Mellanox wants to prise OEMs loose from Broadcom 3
open SGI to flick switch on new Japanese super 4
open Cambridge’s HPC-as-a-service for boffins, big and small 9
open Sun's out, guns out: Plucky Philae probot WAKES UP ... hits 'snooze' 55
By wdmot
open Boffins, feeling around in dark for Philae, lit up by bright spot on Comet 67/P 20
By jake
open Bad Baidu boffin boss banished for bypassing bot body's bylaws 3
By moiety
open A 16 Petaflop Cray: The key to fantastic summer barbecues 44
open Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO 14
open Quiet, please – HP waves baton for 'composable' IT 6
open HP haters: Get ready to rage against THE MACHINE 'next year' 27
By asdf
open Failure to launch: Hadoop will be 'anaemic' for years, says Gartner 15
open Quarterly losses double at Hadoop hawker Hortonworks 5
open Struggling Nvidia says it may pay up to $125m to shutter Icera modem biz 4
open Cash-happy Quantum is poised to enter the HPC market 2
open Building the world's biggest telescope array - with machines that don't yet exist 22
open NASA on track to triple Discover super's grunt 12
open Quantum CPU upstart D-Wave drills into physics simulations to boost vital magnetic shielding 8
open Do you have the intellectual bandwidth to attend ISC 2015? 4
open NetApp’s Raijin deal was driven by simple value for money 6
open Teradata bulks up its universe, joins data warehouse to data lake 2
open Seagate rides on Cray's tails as supercomputer sales spike 3
By SeanS4
open ARM wrestles analysts' guesses to floor after slurping IP Kool-Aid 9
By bazza
open One small shot for Man, one espresso maker IN SPAAACE: Dragon snatched by ISS 17
open Nuclear fusion simulator among boffinry tools picked for monster Summit supercomputer 13
open Incomprehensible boffins bring quantum computers a step closer 24
open US govt bans Intel from selling chips to China's supercomputer boffins 74
open Intel, Cray bag $200m to build 180PFLOPS super for US nuke boffins 11
open Chipzilla spawns 60-core, six-teraflop Xeon Phi MONSTER CHIP 22
open Big Data high priest Stonebraker anointed with Turing Award 4
open TOP500 Supers make boffins more prolific 17
open That's a big 4Ker of a cosmos: 3D planetarium to open in Bristol 20
open AI guru Ng: Fearing a rise of killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars 55
open Oxford boffins publish fine-scale regional genetic map of UK 29
By x 7
open Nvidia tears wraps off GeForce Titan X (again) and $10,000 GPU brain for DIY self-driving cars 15
open Wikimedia chucks sueball at NSA and DOJ over mass surveillance 19