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open Big Blue's GPFS: The tech's fantastic. Shame about the product 20
open New Fujitsu SoC designs shrink supers' power slurp 4
By Roo
open Eco-friendly fluid keeps SGI supercomputer cool and moist 13
closed Need a refresher on virtualisation? 1
By Inachu
closed Sun-seeking NASA boffins steer FLEETS of satellites... BY HAND 8
By danolds
closed HPC boffins: Our HOT MODELS will help you cope with DISASTER 3
closed Get ready for software-defined RADAR: Jam, eavesdrop, talk and target ... simultaneously 31
closed VDI a 'delightful' experience... Really? 4
closed Nvidia unveils Pascal, its next-gen GPU with hella-fast interconnects and 3D packaging 11
By Roo
closed Google's Larry Page: DeepMind 'discovered CATS on its own' 25
By dogged
closed Square-kilometre radio telescope wins millions in UK funding 15
closed Traditional RAID is outdated and dying on its feet 41
closed Supercomputer maker Cray: Jobs for HPC kids? There might be some going 5
closed Reg HPC man relives 0-day rootkit GROUNDHOG DAY 53
closed How NOT to evaluate hard disk reliability: Backblaze vs world+dog 45
closed D-Wave wooing universities down under 3
closed IBM to invest $100m and a decade into using Watson in Africa 2
closed OCP gets Ethernet silicon interface 1
closed My other supercomputer is a Lenovo: What IBM System x sale means for HPC 15
closed King Kong's dangling cluster cut loose 9
closed 'We don't use UPS. If we did we'd have huge UPSs and tiny computers' 41
By Bob H
closed Boffin benchmark battle after D-Wave quantum kit crawls in test 14
closed 'Climate change' event dishes up sous vide supercomputers 41
By P. Lee
closed We wuz right: Big Blue ARE stuffing System x boxen with ULLtraDIMMs 4
closed UNREAL, dude: Nvidia uncloaks Tegra K1 graphics monster for your mobile ... and CAR 28
By Esskay
closed China's supercomputing whizzkids: Busting out a 8.224 teraflops cluster? Guilty as charged 4
closed China's answer to AIRPOCALYPSE: Fire up the supercomputer 13
closed Asleep on the job: Students dream of GROPING RACKS after darkness falls 6
By danolds
closed Where do HPC brainbox students go after ULTIMATE VICTORY? 4
By danolds
closed SGI flutters onto corpse of Starboard Storage, pecks away at assets 3
closed Meet the cluster teams: Can Slippery Rock or Sun Devils burn? 3
closed Meet the cluster teams: Mass Chowdah and Tennessee Volunteers 1
closed Intel pulls up SoCs, reveals 'integrated' memory on CPUs 18
closed Green supercomputer benchmarks make boffins see red, check blueprints 2
closed Nvidia to Intel: 'Which HPC chip brain will win? Let the people decide' 6
closed Micron takes on Intel with 'breakthrough' processor for streaming data 18
By 2cent
closed Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight 53
closed Why not build a cluster out of WORKSTATIONS? 23
closed Nvidia, AMD tout 12GB GPUs for supers ... But ONE question remains 7
closed Top500: 'Sky River 2' still rules as graphics tech leaves HPC applecart largely untouched 8
By Lars
closed IBM and Nvidia: We'll build your data center like a SUPERCOMPUTER 3
closed GPU secrets unveiled for student cluster warriors 4
By streaky
closed Nuke-whisperers stuff terabytes of flash into heretical 'Catalyst' super 4
closed Cray scoops Brit switch maker staff and assets from administrator 2
closed Number-crunching quant cooks up gambling machine, promises untold RICHES 17
closed Cash-strapped students hungrily eye up old, unloved racks 19
closed Intel: Our first five parallel-computing schools are open for business 6
closed How were your hols, cluster kids? Oh, partied, studied... did we mention WE BUILT DRONES 5
By Aremmes
closed Students schlep from afar to join the quest for international HPC glory 2
By Sheep!
closed Students prep for battle of wits, MIPs and watts: It's student cluster-wrestling time 1