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open Exascale project wants machine with TEN MEEELLION ARMS 3
open Super-computers aren't super-secure 5
By gutza14
open 5.34 petaflop SGI monster forecast at US National Center for Atmospheric Research 8
open Intel talks concurrency and Knights Landing 11
By TeeCee
open This is how you count all the trees on Earth 16
By Mpeler
open PaaS the SLAs: HPC is like one great big cloud ... right? Guys? 1
By jake
open Texas HPC cowboys win award for data-nomming flashy Wrangler 3
open Cray hoists Docker containers into supercomputers 1
open Supercomputers get their own software stack – dev tools, libraries etc 2
By skriss
open Intel Xeon chip ban? Pfeh. China triples top 500 supercomputer tally 9
By jzl
open JURECA! Germany flips big red switch on 2.2 petaflop supercomputer 4
open IBM bets POWER8 processor farm on hardware acceleration 9
By Mage
open Next-gen killer hurricane hunter to be armed with Nvidia graphics chips 20
open Here are the graphics processors cloud giants will use to crunch your voices, videos and data 13
open Teradata’s troubles cause the restructuring knives to slip out 1
open US nuke boffinry to be powered by Facebook-inspired Linux servers 10
open Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again 79
open Hortonworks dismisses reports of Hadoop droop 1
open The Steve Jobs of supercomputers: We remember Seymour Cray 126
open MemSQL makes it easier to hook up to Apache Spark 3
open Let’s hear it for data scientists! Making our lives more and more frictionless 14
open Grounded: Can big data do for agri-business what it's not doing for retail? 6
open More email misery and pillory for Hillary as FBI starts quizzery 35
open Nine of the world’s fastest GPU supercomputers 11
open D-Wave: 'Whether or not it's quantum, it's faster' 18
open China's Tianhe-1 supercomputer back online after Tianjin blast 13
By x 7
open Huge explosion kills 44+ in China, blasts nearby supercomputer offline 37
open ISC ’15 Student Cluster Comp: Asian kids gear up to grab the crown 2
open China bans HPC and UAV exports, citing national security 8
By pixl97
open Obama endorses 3D TLC flash. How else can you do exaflop computing? 16
open China announces petascale super for FAST radiotelescope 2
By Mark 85
open Start learning parallel programming and make these supercomputers sing, Prez Obama orders 11
open Oi, supercomputer folk. This is where the brains of the future come from 2
By danolds
open Bureau of Meteorology picks Cray-zy fast 1.6 petaflop supercomputer 2
By JJKing
open HP recruits Intel for Top 100 supercomputer push 3
open China reveals home-grown supercomputer chips after Intel x86 ban 14
By naive
open Clever cluster-wrangling proto-boffins told to set their LAMMPS on PyFR 1
open NASA invents super-SMACK, hallucinates WHOLE STAR SYSTEMS 3
open Micron fires off some in-memory flash data rockets 1
By abb2u
open Mellanox wants to prise OEMs loose from Broadcom 3
open SGI to flick switch on new Japanese super 4
open Cambridge’s HPC-as-a-service for boffins, big and small 9
open Sun's out, guns out: Plucky Philae probot WAKES UP ... hits 'snooze' 55
By wdmot
open Boffins, feeling around in dark for Philae, lit up by bright spot on Comet 67/P 20
By jake
open Bad Baidu boffin boss banished for bypassing bot body's bylaws 3
By moiety
open A 16 Petaflop Cray: The key to fantastic summer barbecues 44
open Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO 14
open Quiet, please – HP waves baton for 'composable' IT 6
open HP haters: Get ready to rage against THE MACHINE 'next year' 27
By asdf
open Failure to launch: Hadoop will be 'anaemic' for years, says Gartner 15