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open 'Cilla Black introduced me to my wife on Blind Date': Channel man's heartwarming story 10
open Think beyond the Beeb: Gov consultation is crucial for free telly 71
open Open source Copyright Hub unveiled with '90+ projects' in the pipeline 10
By Anakin
open And on that bombshell: Top Gear's Clarkson to reappear on Amazon 108
open Twitter will delete jokes after a DMCA takedown – but NOT my photos, fumes angry snapper 15
open Let's all binge on Blake’s 7 and help save the BBC ... from itself 58
open Slashdot, SourceForge looking for new owners after parent dumps them on the web's doorstep 28
open AT&T swallows DirecTV in $50 BEELLION biz gulp – moments after FCC OK 11
By L05ER
open 'Apple lures labels from free streams – and why is no one doing anything about it' shrieks group 42
open SPECTRE-tacular: New trailer out for Bond 24. But where's the pussy? 23
open $50bn AT&T-DirecTV GOBBLE almost at BELCH stage: DoJ, FCC boss give nod 1
open Cops baffled by 'canal corpse' that turned out to be COCONUTS 21
open Grooveshark cofounder Josh Greenberg dead at 28 11
By Mpeler
open Americans find fantastic new use for drones – interfering with firefighting 38
By Tom 13
open Here's why Whittingdale kicked a subscription BBC into the future 98
open HSBC takes Twitter tongue-lashing over failure to offer Apple Pay 34
open Farmer mooved after reunion with two-year fugitive cow 27
By Snapper
open Minister for Fun opens consultation on future of the BBC 52
By tirk
open Merger-killer Netflix: We're actually OK with Charter's TWC gobble 1
By hatti
open Neil Young yanks music from streaming services: 'Worst audio in history' 98
open Hey, Spotify! Why do you internet companies hate competition? 10
open Apple proffers FREE iCLOUD SUBS to tackle Greek debt crisis 14
By Dan 55
open Reddit CEO U-turn: Site no longer a bastion of free speech – and stop posting so much hate 34
open Dexter maker Showtime streams over the 'net, joins cable-cutting gang 2
open Call that a mugshot? Aussie model/fugitive asks rozzers for more flattering pic 23
open Han Solo to get solo prequel flick in 2018, helmed by LEGO men 34
By hatti
open Australians sign for 1.7 million new streaming video accounts 2
open 150,000 angry Redditors demand Chairman Pao's head on a spike 52
By Obitim
open Les Américains order a MEEELLION doughnuts ... from French baker 26
By Mpeler
open BPI fiddles with music consumption figures while revenues burn 16
open Rampaging fox terrorises rural sports club, victim sustains ‘tweaked groin’ 70
open Wikipedia: YES! we’ve SAVED the INTERNET again! 15
open Angry Austrian takes a hit in David and Goliath Facebook battle 6
open UK TV is getting worse as younglings shun the BBC et al, says Ofcom 116
open Reddit meltdown: Top chat boards hidden as rebellion breaks out 51
open Microsoft: Stop using Microsoft Silverlight. (Everyone else has) 59
By mrfill
open Apple Music: First three months for free? We lasted less than 3 hours 55
By Dana W
open YouTube is responsible for user content, says German court #1 11
open Facebook unveils SECRET logo furtle – in a TWEET 35
open 'This ruling does nothing to change the facts' thunders Apple in latest price-fix appeal blow 26
By cs94njw
open BBC (sort of) sorry for Grant Shapps Wikipedia smear reportage 36
open 'Backronym' crowdfunds itself into Oxford English Dictionary 50
By LionelB
open Kiwis to farewell 'global mode' browsing 3
open Another CEO goes overboard from Jay Z's Tidal music website 5
open Amazon enrages authors as it switches to 'pay-per-page' model 107
By Ralph B
open Germany says no steamy ebooks until die Kinder have gone to bed 59
By P. Lee
open How Music Got Free and Creatocracy 34
open Cupertino GIVES IN to Taylor Swift, will pay Apple Music royalties 51
open Assange™ celebrates third year in Ecuadorian embassy broom closet 84
By streaky
open loses crucial battle in home-taping war with musicians 80