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open Spotify smashing new media paradigms with something called ‘video’ 11
open Backpage child sex trafficking lawsuit nixed thanks to 'internet freedoms' 41
By dan1980
open Twitter CRAWLS to Google ON ITS KNEES, starts blowing content 16
open YouTube Kids 'showed nippers how to make nooses, play with fire' 26
By x 7
open Jay-Z freestyle attack on Tidal's rivals leaked to Tidal's rivals 20
By beep54
open Steve Jobs movie gets October release date 16
open Pandora ordered to pay up extra royalties in BMI row 13
By Tom 13
open Putin's lapdog? Zuckerberg questioned over quisling claims 10
open Reddit: Gonna SCRUB these TROLLS right outa my hair 37
open Facebook tips India and Pakistan into NUCLEAR WAR of words 26
By crayon
open Legal eagles want dirt on Google's 'right to be forgotten' decisions 9
open BONKERS apocalyptic WAR WAGONS circle Vulture South 35
open That DRM support in Firefox you never asked for? It's here 148
open Chill, luvvies. The ‘unsustainable’ BBC Telly Tax stays – for now 154
open Fox gives Minority Report the nod – precog goes primetime on tellybox 26
open EU Digital Single Market plan: We will compromise fast, and compromise early 10
open Nothing BEATS a good anti-trust investigation, eh, Apple? 11
open Digi content market set for vast embulgement, will be $154bn in 2019 3
By Yugguy
open Husband of Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, dies suddenly 7
open Goldman Sachs gives Spotify its mixtape. And by mixtape, we mean a suitcase with $350m in it 5
open Oi, Twitter! Sign this or we won't talk to you, growls EU 3
open Grooveshark closes, blames 'serious mistake' of not paying for music 27
open Facebook bug gobbles pics in posts, web publishers scream 3
open Whither the PC? Mobes, slabs drive majority of traffic for top news sites 12
open Instagram's HTTPS cert expires, millions of crap photographers panic 10
By Mark 85
open Zucking 'ell! Facebook at Work bloke unfriends Facebook AT WORK 9
open Not so fast on FM switch-off: DAB not so hot say small broadcasters 44
open Comcast flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable 9
By jason 7
open >Ring, ring< Hey Wall St. Yeah, it's Google. Yeah, bad news again, fellas 12
By Dewix
open Comcast 'flees $45bn monster-merger with Time Warner Cable' 15
By Tom 13
open Comcast accused of torpedoing Hulu sale to rivals with weapon of mass transactions 2
open Facebook fiddles with News Feed algo. Brace yourself for CONTENTGEDDON 11
open Cheer up songwriters, there's shedloads of money rolling in 31
open The content business wants Netflix out of Australia 28
By Dagg
open BuzzFeed: We don't pull 'articles' due to advertiser pressure VERY OFTEN 16
By PapaD
open Googley TENTACLES reach towards YOUR email 34
open Woeful groans over Game of Thrones' spill on piracy sites 50
By crayon
open Tech troll's podcasting patent blown out of the water by EFF torpedo 26
open ISIS: You bomb us, we’ll interrupt your TV transmissions 35
By Mark 85
open Google: Give us cash or we'll poke YouTube ads into your eyeballs 30
open Wanna quote tweets without manual faff? HAVE AT IT, sez Twitter 11
open Netflix teams with AWS to launch VHS-as-a-service 25
open Tidal music launch: Pop plutocrats pour FLAC on rival Spotify 25
open EU digi-chief clashes with robo-veep over geo-blocking 10
open Becoming Steve Jobs biography: ‘Much of it was chutzpah and self delusion’ 56
open Taylor Swift snaps up EVEN MORE pr0n domain names 41
open Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy 164
By Bleu
open South Korean police book 29 Uber staff for 'illegal taxi' ops 3
open Watchdog slaps American Apparel's youthful naked arse 55
By x 7