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open Google sues Mississippi Attorney General 'for doing MPAA's dirty work' 37
open Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama 64
open Judge bars dead Steve Jobs from appearing on TV news FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE 10
open Nork-ribbing flick The Interview AXED: Sony caves under hack terror 'menace' 141
By Mark 85
open ASA slaps Ebuyer AGAIN - this time for ignoring regulator 42
open NY premiere of The Interview cancelled after hackers' terrorist threats 49
open Profit-shy Instagram adds 5 new filters for hipster-photo types 6
open Amazon workers in Germany stage CHRISTMAS STRIKE 32
By big_D
open Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid 23
open Heyyy, you seem to be trying to post a DRUNK PICTURE. You know your boss looks at this? 10
open Sony Pictures email hack: The bitter 'piracy war' between Google and Hollywood laid bare 29
By nijam
open Want disruption? We got disruption: Race protest halts VC Thiel's Q&A 12
open Sony Pictures hit by 'fightback on filesharers' DDoS claims – report 32
open Denmark BANNED from viewing UK furniture website in copyright spat 50
open Spanish scraper scrapped: Google axes Google News 69
open Assange's WikiLeaks: Give generously this Xmas – for STATUE of our DEAR LEADER 67
open The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three 99
open Amazon comes over all eBay with new ‘make an offer’ facility 14
open Grooveshark to sink its teeth again into Pandora (legally this time) 5
open Sacre block! French publishers to sue Adblock maker – report 104
By teebie
open Competition probe opens door to Canal+ Spain for Rupert Murdoch 8
open Apple deliberately wiped rivals' music from iPods – iTunes court claim 44
open Give nerds their own PRIVATE TRAIN CARRIAGES, say boffins 88
open Gangnam Style BREAKS YouTube 33
open Top Apple exec: 'I knew [ebook] prices were going to go up – hell, the whole world knew' 13
open Wikipedia won't stop BEGGING for cash - despite sitting on $60m 63
open Sony Pictures hires Mandiant, asks FBI for help after MASSIVE cyber attack 21
By phuzz
open Netflix: Sacre vache! French resistance from the vestibuleurs de consommation 22
open Star Wars: Episode VII trailer lands. You call that a lightsaber? THIS is a lightsaber 112
open Britain's MPs ask Twitter, Facebook to keep Ts&Cs simple 16
open Bladerunner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it 133
By Sooty
open ASA raps 'F*CK YOU GOOGLE' vlogger + chums over VIDEO LICKFEST 25
open Mysterious BEAM outside London Googleplex ZAPPED 50
open NEWSFLASH: You may ALREADY have seen Steve Jobs' willy 6
open Whistling Google: PLEASE! Brussels can only hurt Europe, not us 19
open Woman who stung Tinder with sex-pest sueball stings again – with rival Bumble app 31
open Judge OKs $450m deal to end ebook price-hike row. But Apple just won't let it die 6
open Amazon warming up 'cheapo web video' cannon to SINK Netflix 14
open That's all folks! US TV streaming upstart Aereo files for bankrupcy 15
By tin 2
open Google Contributor: Ad-block killer – or proof NO ONE will pay for news? 50
By cs94njw
open 'How a censorious and moralistic blogger ruined my evening' 53
open Apple Fanboi? Stand by to get Beats Music LIKE IT OR NOT 41
open Countdown contestant pays homage to IT Crowd's Moss 49
open Google bags OBSCENELY LARGE Times Square ad space for New Year's 50
open GROUP HUG, shouts Facebook. C'mere and let us squeeze you more 4
open Netflix tags March 2015 for ANZ launch 3
open Sony SPILLS GUTS on OTT service, so far for PlayStations only 15
By JustNiz
open Players gonna play (play, play): Google confirms YouTube Music 'access all areas' key 6
open Facebook's plain English data policy: WE'LL SELL YOU LIKE A PIG at a fair 29