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open Queen's Speech: Snoopers' Charter RETURNS amid 'modernisation' push 17
open UK surveillance commish asks CCTV operators to please be good 7
open RAF Eurofighter gets a Battle of Britain makeover 68
open confirms it's binned extended Windows XP support 19
open Rand Paul stages Senate filibuster against Patriot Act 35
open Robocalling Americans? That'll cost you $1.7 MEEELLION 34
open EU parliament pushes for Dodd-Frank style conflict mineral laws 15
By asdf
open Uncle Sam spanks PayPal for credit scheme cockup 10
open NHS Scotland to refresh creaking, 25-year-old apps 10
open Ex 'Tech City' chief Shields appointed junior Fun minister for internet safety 20
By Vimes
open ATTACK of the DINKY DRONES! US military creates ROBOTIC CARRIER PIGEON 25
open Row at UN domain-name body WIPO: Probes shut down, payout from controversial chief 9
open All hail Mad Frankie Maude, noble Lord of Cabinet Office Axemen 17
By x 7
open Australian opposition floats startups-and-STEM stimulus plan 3
open Look out, law abiding folk: UK’s Counter-Extremism Bill slithers into view 174
open 'Right to be forgotten' festers as ICO and Google come to blows 26
open EU wants a panel o'boffins to replace solo science advisor 16
open USA Freedom Act moves forward as House prepares for vote 14
open More oompa loompas needed to push Google's EU agenda 2
open Why Joe Hockey's Oz tax proposals only get five out of 10 44
open Cheers Ireland! That sorts our Safe Harbour issues out – Dropbox 22
open Rand Paul: I'll filibuster the hell outta the Patriot Act, fellow Americans 38
open Scot Nationalists' march on Westminster may be GOOD for UK IT 130
open Amstrad founder Lord Sugar quits 'anti-enterprise' Labour party 65
open Snoopers' Charter queen Theresa May returns to Home Office brief 42
By Yugguy
open Oz gummint to empty another money-truck into e-health records 2
open EU to Qualcomm competitors: So how's that competition going? 1
open Theresa May: Right, THIS time we're getting the Snoopers' Charter in 105
open Citizens denied chance to vote in local-government IT cockup 39
By Tom 13
open NSA domestic dragnet NOT authorised by Patriot Act, rules US Appeals Court 38
open Canada passes controversial spook-powers law 35
open Australian Bureau of Statistics to get AU$250m tech boost 4
open Pacific nation accidentally does good thing in web crackdown 29
open Public prosecutor waves big stick at German spies over NSA data slurp claims 15
open Apathy continues to overwhelm effort to create an internet ungoverned by America 12
open Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office is actually working! 4
open UK exam board wants kids to be able to Google answers 84
By DougS
open Is Grant Shapps being naughty on Wikipedia – or did a Lib Dem stitch him up? 40
By sabroni
open Exclusive interview: Malcolm Turnbull quizzes Malcolm Turnbull 3
open Smile! Brit transport plods turn bodycams on travelling public 51
open E-voting and the UK election: Pick a lizard, any lizard 142
open Turnbull's digital transformation team discovers user testing 6
By Hazmoid
open Ruskie hackers nab unclassified Obama emails 13
By DougS
open Surveillance, broadband, zero hours: Tech policy in a UK hung Parliament 40
open EU’s Timmermans: You can have our ear, lobbyists – just don't lie 7
open Licence to chill: Ex-CIA spyboss Petraeus gets probation for leaking US secrets to his mistress 37
By Mark 85
open MEPs: Oi, Juncker! Hands off our science and research dosh 8
open Belgian minister set to legalise Uber 18
open Tech companies aren't 'misleading' us, Oz Tax Office tells Senate 2
By Thorne
open Lapider les corneilles! French Patriot Act faces growing opposition 18