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open Feds act to stop cyber-bullying, whatever it is, at some future point 3
By Thorne
open JINGS! Microsoft Bing called Scots indyref RIGHT! 208
By gerdesj
open OECD lashes out at tax avoiding globocorps' location-flipping antics 39
open PLEASE STOP with the snooping requests, begs Google as gov data demands skyrocket 24
open Give us a digi-Czar and more bureaucrats, begs UK tech-services biz 8
open 'Speargun' program is fantasy, says cable operator 40
open Business expects data retention will hit their bottom lines: survey 3
open Snowden, Dotcom, throw bombs into NZ election campaign 31
open Radio hams can encrypt, in emergencies, says Ofcom 35
open Tasmania offered possible pay-to-connect for NBN fibre 2
open Evil mining firms? Please. Obeying profit motive is KINDER to the environment 37
open Drag queens: Oh, don't be so bitchy, Facebook! Let us use our stage names 34
open Net neutrality fans' joy as '2.3 million email' flood hits US Congress 18
By cs94njw
open Super Cali goes ballistic, Uber Pool is bogus: Ride sharing biz is illegal in the state, says regulator 23
open Italy's High Court orders HP to refund punter for putting Windows on PC 71
open NORKS ban Wi-Fi and satellite internet at embassies 17
open Found inside ISIS terror chap's laptop: CELINE DION tunes 50
By Chris G
open Scottish independence: Will it really TEAR the HEART from IT firms? 196
open Welcome your new digital.. commissioners? Likely pair could fill Steelie Neelie's shoes 11
open Get thee to YouTube, Turnbull tells community TV broadcasters 2
open ACCC gives thumbs up to TPG's NBN fibre-to-the-basement raids 2
open FTC: We didn't robocall you and thousands of others asking for bank details. IT'S A TRAP! 20
open Smart meters in UK homes will only save folks a lousy £26 a year 167
open NBN Co says Melton test not valid, likely uses processes developed there anyway 7
open Net neutrality protestors slam the brakes on their OWN websites 45
open Microsoft tells judge: Hold us in contempt of court, we're NOT giving user emails to US govt 58
open NBN Co correction: We're rubbish at broadband rollout and NEVER improved 14
By dan1980
open India government: 'net should not be censored 9
By Mongo
open 'Serious flaws in the Vertigan report' says broadband boffin 34
By dan1980
open Thieves steal more iPhones than any other handset, warns UK government 26
open SHIP OF FAIL: How do we right capsized institutions we thought would NEVER go under? 82
open The Schmidt hits the clan: Google chief mauls publishers' 'abuse of dominance' claims 43
open You can thank Brit funnyman John Oliver for fixing US broadband policy, beams Netflix 48
By ipghod
open Shitty what? Almost half of MPs have never heard of Tech City 31
open FCC boss Wheeler: Lack of broadband choice is screwing Americans 41
By Jaybus
open Glasshole-in-chief QUITS Google to become CTO of America 11
open Don't buy that phone! It ATTRACTS CRIMINALS, UK.gov will tell people 91
By Joe 35
open Facebook, WhatsApp wait on cold steel table as Euro Commish ponders painful probe 8
open Uber alles... nein! Deutschland imposes NATIONWIDE BAN on taxi app 47
By Dreier
open It's official: Brit parents want their kids to be just like Steve Bong 10
open Govt waves stick at pirate-friendly Google search 78
open Google has spaffed more cash on lobbying this year than Big Cable 21
open We need less U.S. in our WWW – Euro digital chief Steelie Neelie 37
open Uber, Lyft and cutting corners: The true face of the Sharing Economy 50
By J-Wick
open Euro banks will rip out EVERYTHING and buy proper backend systems ... LOL, fooled ya 23
open Australia makes pinkie-promise to end Indonesia spying 4
open 'Stop dissing Google or quit': OK, I quit, says Code Club co-founder 89
open Oz fed police in PDF redaction SNAFU 26
open Oz metadata proposal: no to IP addresses, yes to MAC address logging 11
By JJKing
open Oz biz regulator discovers shared servers in EPIC FACEPALM 31
By dan1980