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open Europe could be drowned in 'worthless pop culture' thanks to EU copyright plans 46
By Vimes
open Home Office awards Raytheon £150m over e-borders cancellation 19
open 'Why don't you buy from foreign sites?' asks Commish, snapping on the gloves 78
open Microsoft and Oracle are 'not your trusted friends', public sector bods 66
open Labour has a pop at the government over missed GDS targets 10
By verloc
open Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office to 'leave you quivering with excitement' 1
open Part of CAP IT system may be scrapped after digital fail – MPs 7
open Get off Facebook if you value your privacy, EU commish tells court 29
open FAA speeds up drone flight approvals for firms that don't need them 15
By Swarthy
open As H-dot Oettinger drafts Europe's new copyright laws – who's he been talking to? 9
By Tom 35
open Hated biz smart meter rollout: sticks chin out, shuts eyes 51
open EU creative collection agencies want YouTube et al to pay their wages 18
open So, you know those exciting movie-style 3D visual cyber attack ops centres? 28
open Metadata retention is no worse than STALKING: Turnbull 10
open Millions of voters are missing: It’s another #GovtDigiShambles 76
open Want to hide your metadata? You probably can't 16
open shovels £15m into training new quantum engineers 17
open ‘Digital by default’ agricultural payments halted: Farmers start smirking 30
open Boffins bothered by EU prez's proposed science funding cut 9
open NHS England has some sneaky plans for acceleration 18
By launcap
open Another GDS cockup: Rural Payments Agency cans £154m IT system 41
open Ark of the Government deal confirmed, joint venture established 9
open Pirate Party leads Icelandic voting intentions poll 18
By Vic
open Blighty's 12-sided quid to feature schoolboy's posterior 61
By paulf
open crackpots: Let's build vapourware-based sharing economy CITIES 15
open Osbo: Choose a f*cking IoT fridge. Choose spirit-crushing driverless cars 59
By ScottME
open German chancellor DECLARES WAR on crap rural Wi-Fi 2
open Vince Cable opens hipster-friendly London tech creche 16
open BT fined £800k over lax emergency text relay delay blunder 17
open Respect mah privacy! EU delegation begs US to play nice with data 17
open Aged 18-24? Don't care about voting? Got a phone? Oh dear... 115
open FCC chair heads into two-week political hazing period 22
open Gaffe-prone EU digi chief: We still want our single digital market 3
By big_D
open 16 telco heads request data retention funding info from Turnbull, Brandis 3
open This isn't the one-stop EU data protection you're looking for 4
By 080
open Universal Credit could take 10 YEARS to finish, says Labour MP 36
open NSW premier pitches 'digital licence' as election stunt 8
open This ISN'T Net Neutrality. This is Net Google. This is Net Netflix – the FCC's new masters 78
By btrower
open Bulgaria nixes 'metadata' law, Paraguay delays 12
open NBN Co says 'ante-up' to fibre applicants 4
open UK says comms metadata can kill personal privacy 3
open US bares its net neutrality enforcement regime to world+dog 11
open Ark scoops £700m to host ALL's data centre needs 20
open UK call centre linked to ‘millions’ of nuisance robo-calls raided by ICO 110
By teebie
open Work harder to stop online child abuse, MEPs tell EU states 11
open Dutch telcos build data bonfire after judge nixes retention law 10
By Grikath
open Legalising London's bed-hopping economy is POINTLESS 25
open Hold on to your hats, we're ready to talk turkey on cybersecurity law, say ministers 5
By launcap
open Chief Scientist slams handcuffing research funds to uni reforms 5
By Mark 85
open MEPs: Oi, Commish, where'd you get these broadband figures from? 1
By Stevie