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open Human rights orgs take Five Eyes nations to court 18
open Complaints against cops down 93% thanks to bodycams – study 32
open City of Detroit's IT boss took payola from tech suppliers, now faces jail 9
open Brit loan firm gets comeuppance for 7.7 million spam texts 27
By Marc 25
open is doing sod all to break £20bn of locked-in IT contracts 24
By Blotto
open Lily Cole: You'd hate me more if were a success 29
open Germany calls halt to Facebook’s WhatsApp info slurp 16
By big_D
open Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report 100
open Senator! calls! for! SEC! probe! to! be! inserted! into! Yahoo! 7
open Scrapped NHS ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m 27
open Add 'fattism' and hacker stereotyping to the list of Donald Trump's list of non-PC positions 51
open High rear end winds cause F-35A ground engine fire 101
open Turnbull's Transformers delete GitHub repo for federated ID project 3
By Adam 1
open Winners and losers: Here's who made the cut for mega TP2 framework 3
By quxinot
open Game over: IANA power-grab block pulled from Congress funding bill 37
By jack113
open EU's one-time antitrust hammer Steelie Neelie had 'offshore interests' 13
By Olius
open I want to remotely disable Londoners' cars, says Met's top cop 125
open She cannae take it, Captain Kirk! USS Zumwalt breaks down 141
open Will US border officials demand social network handles from visitors? 125
open Latest F-35 bang seat* mods will stop them breaking pilots' necks, beams US 132
By Vic
open Margaret Hodge's book outlines 'mind boggling' UK public sector waste 72
open Uncle Sam rules on self-driving cars 52
open RAF Reaper drone was involved in botched US Syria airstrike 43
open Radar missile decoys will draw enemy missiles away from RAF jets 53
By x 7
open oughta get its data-sharing house in order before Digital Economy Bill plans 7
open United States Air Force grounds F-35As after cooling kit cracks up 43
open World's largest internet exchange sues Germany over mass surveillance 14
open It's here! Defence Secretary launches £800m MoD tech creche 14
By d3vy
open MoD confirms award of giant frikkin' laser cannon contract 51
open Brexit will happen. The EU GDPR will happen. You can't avoid either 100
open Oracle settles with State of Oregon for US$100m, by locking it in 11
By NotBob
open Former comms minster Stephen Conroy to leave Parliament 13
By Adam 1
open China gets the e-Gov love bug 4
By MrXavia
open Ted Cruz channels Senator McCarthy in wrongheaded internet power grab crusade 32
By Naselus
open Sorry Nanny, e-cigs have 'no serious side-effects' – researchers 174
open Non-doms pay 10 times more in income tax than average taxpayer group 119
open It actually will be Obama who decides whether to end US government oversight of the internet 20
By Yes Me
open Edward Snowden's 40 days in a Russian airport – by the woman who helped him escape 58
open You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack 237
open Brit spies and chums slurped 750k+ bits of info on you last year 22
open United States names its first Chief Information Security Officer 15
open Fight over internet handover to ICANN goes right down to the wire 14
open What's up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp 36
open Officials, lack of kit to blame for 'critical delays' in sex abuse inquiry 13
By Haefen
open Australia boards the slow boat to Brexit 9
open Publishing military officers' names 'creates Islamic State hitlist' 42
open Universal Credit: 'One dole to rule 'em all' on verge of recovery – report 26
By phuzz
open Lose a satellite? Us? China silent on fate of Gaofen civilian/spy sat 20
open ACCC mulls regulating roaming charges 3
open Nul points: PM May's post-Brexit EU immigration options 110
By Hans 1