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open China unveils Internet Plus plan for FIRST time (actually third time) 1
open Australian government mulls secret terror court proposals 5
open China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' says Hilary Clinton 20
open Oi, Commish. Get off the fence over French snooping law, says MEP 4
open Uncle Sam poised to OK AT&T DirecTV gobble 1
open Wikipedia jumps aboard the bogus 'freedom of panorama' bandwagon 24
open French privacy cops snarl at websites over crap EU cookie warnings 48
By Yag
open Chair legs it from UK govt smart meter installation programme 55
open NHS IT failures mount as GP data system declared unfit for purpose 36
open spied on human rights warriors at Amnesty International 31
open Privacy watchdog ICO slashes its fines in half 14
open ‘Clandestines' prompt British border blockade in France 30
open NSA continues mass slurping of Americans' phone metadata 18
open Former L0pht man 'Mudge' leaves Google for Washington 6
open Universal Credit white elephant needs 'urgent breakthrough' says MP 26
open Crowdfunded beg-a-thon to bail out Greece raises 0.003% of target 73
open Revive the Nathan Barley Quango – former Downing Street wonk 30
open Australian opposition senators slam TPP treaty process 9
open 'Private' biz Xiaomi sets up Communist Party exec committee 9
By tojb
open Australian government demands signoff on telco network designs 14
open Warning flags were raised over GDS farm payments system – yet it still failed 23
By launcap
open We forget NOTHING, the Beeb thunders at Europe 56
open Britain beats back Argies over Falklands online land grab 127
By Jagged
open Telstra, Voda bag blackspot bucks 1
open Oz politicians SUCK at drafting trade agreements 9
By dan1980
open Three-way EU Big Data privacy wrestling match kicks off 1
open WikiLeaks spaffs files showing NSA spied on French presidents 33
open GCHQ: Security software? We'll soon see about THAT 53
open Australia gets its Internet filter after Senate vote 11
open Oz goes mad with the ban-hammer 16
open Take that NATS! Jocko IT is also totally rubbish. BOOM! 17
open Ubuntu daddy Mark Shuttleworth loses fight to cancel $20m bank fee 56
open No, Australian Small business AREN'T flunking out online 9
open US Air Force drone pilots in mass burn out, robo-flights canceled 51
open Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs 49
open Commish: Pssst, wanna see that Google chargesheet? 2
open EU MEPs accept lonely Pirate's copyright report – and water it down 8
open EU legal eagles to vote on lonely pirate Reda's copyright report 6
open Zionists stole my SHOE, claims Muslim campaigner 93
open Canada to ICANN in dot-sucks dot-rumble: Take off, you hoser! 4
By GX5000
open Would EU exit 'stuff' the UK? Tech policy boss gets diplomatic 70
open 'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers 74
By Nehmo
open 'Nothing to see here', says ECJ as Safe Harbour opinion delayed 15
open Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 YEARS away 81
open ECJ: Hey Belgian telcos - don't bother serving the huddled masses 3
open Use snooped data in court? Nah, says - folk might be cleared 33
open Australia gets its site filter at LAST 17
By Thorne
open Toothless Ofcom: C'mon consumers, show your teeth on broadband speeds 17
By Wardy01
open No Silicon Roundabout U-Bend U-Turn: Build that peninsula boys 24
open NBN build contracts rejigged, without Telstra 3