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open US Ambassador: No, net neutrality will NOT allow the UN to seize control of the internet from us 5
By Gray
open Google forced to - gasp! - OBEY the LAW with privacy policy tweaks 21
open Reddit: Don't worry, we didn't tell that foreign government about your /r/brony addiction 5
open Telstra: we don't collect the metadata the government wants now 4
open Trans-Pacific trade treaty close to signoff says USA 16
By ecofeco
open Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office has NO PLAN, but awesome power 1
open refuseniks will be DENIED CANCER SCREENING invites 54
By Skoorb
open Sleepy Ofcom glances at Internet of Things, rolls over, takes nap 8
open Australian spookhaus ASIO could retain private data FOREVER 8
open HMRC fails to plan for £10.4bn contract exit... because it's 'too risky' 59
By leaway2
open Snoopers' Charter amendments withdrawn – FOR NOW ... 42
open Wikileaks: We DO NOT approve of OUR secret stuff being LEAKED 21
By solo
open Watchdogs critical of Oz data retention regime 2
open Sly peers attempt to thrust hated Snoopers' Charter into counter-terror and security bill 38
By streaky
open Why so tax-shy, big tech firms? – Bank of England governor 63
open Leaked doc: Europe's justice chiefs forming plans to cosy up to ISPs 10
open Gov.UK inhaled G-Cloud, spat out framework – ex-lead claims 6
open Top US privacy bod: EU should STOP appeasing whiny consumers 32
open Australia to launch Digital Transformation Office, with no budget 2
open 'Success'? Verify FAILED for 40% in self-assess tax trial 20
open Obama makes net neutrality pledge in State of the Union 21
open EU digi bods brace selves for 'charm' of Microsoft, Uber et al 1
By VinceH
open EU copyright law: Is the Pirate Party's MEP in FAVOUR of it? 38
open SFO: 'Insufficient evidence' for conviction over HP-Autonomy deal 17
open GDS: We might miss our digi-goal. Quick, MAKE IT BIGGER 3
open Twitter complies with Turkey's 'national security' blackout demand – BLOCKS newspaper's tweets 12
open Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism 97
By N2
open US drug squad cops: We snooped on innocent Americans' phone calls too! 33
open Saudi govt pauses flogging dad-of-3 for Facebook posts – after docs intervene 56
open EU-turn: Greenpeace pressure WON'T mean axing of Chief Scientist 16
By Equitas
open Top EU court: Ryanair data barrel must be left unscraped 13
open Don't use Charlie Hebdo to justify Big Brother data-slurp – Data protection MEP 59
By veti
open How d'you solve a problem like IANA? Internet captains wrestle over US power handover 3
By Yes Me
open Peers warn against rushing 'enhanced' DATA SLURP powers through Parliament 57
By Vic
open Paris terror attacks: ISPs face pressure to share MORE data with governments 82
open Mr Cameron goes to Washington for PESKY HACKERS chinwag with Pres Obama 15
By drewf74
open Sony post-mortem: Obama lobbies for new legal powers to thwart hackers 28
open When the US lets go of the keys to the internet, what about our protocols? 4
By Tom 13
open Hey, posh boy. Fancy a £200m PHONE THREESOME? 3
open Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook 202
open US kills EU watchdog's probe into EU cops sharing EU citizens' data 57
open Users shun flagship digital service 24
open prompt payment promise is POPPYCOCK - NAO 9
open EU net neutrality: Don’t worry, we’re now safely in the hands of … Latvia 5
open BAN email footers – they WASTE my INK, wails Ctrl+P MP 118
open NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' leaflet 43
open YES, we need TWO MEELLION ORACLE licences - DEFRA 65
open Brandis and PwC silent on Xmas Eve metadata quiz 7
By DeKrow
open Arrr: The only Pirate in European Parliament to weigh in on copyright 16
open No cellphones in cells, you slag! moots prison mobe zap law 56