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open De-anonymising data should be a criminal offence, says MPs report 28
open National Pupil Database engorged to 20 million individual kids' records 39
By Rich 11
open No, HMG, bulk data surveillance is NOT inevitable 50
open Google after six-year tax foot-drag: No they're fine about the fine. We're fine. No fine 17
open Joint Committee on UK Snoopers' Charter: Make like a dictionary and give a definition 37
open South Korea abandons manufacturing enclave in nuclear North 10
open Carly Fiorina makes like HP and splits – ex-CEO quits White House race 50
By Tom 13
open TTIP: A locked room, no internet access, two hours, 300 pages and lots of typos 50
open Met Police wants to keep billions of number plate scans after cutoff date 72
open Intelligence Committee marks Gov's Snoopers' Charter: See me after class 9
open Privacy advocates left out of NHS 'oversight' board 31
open Health Secretary promises NHS £4.2bn to go 'digital' 65
open It's official: India bans Facebook's Free Basics 23
open Cruz missile slams into DNS overlord ICANN over Chinese censorship 20
open Leak – UN says Assange detention 'unlawful' 150
open Get ready to tear into next round of hacker tool rules in Wassenaar Arrangement refresh 7
open Universal Credit slammed by MPs: Late programme branded 'unacceptable' 32
open UK concerned over EU law plans on trade of data for digital content 11
open No, George Brandis, telcos still don't want you taking the console in their networks 11
open 'International tax' needs reform. Google's chicken bill makes me chuckle – comms guy 56
open App for homeless says walking on water is the way to reach services 41
open UK taxpayers should foot £2bn or more to adopt Snoopers' Charter, says Inquiry 87
open State Department finds 22 classified emails in Hillary’s server, denies wrongdoing 100
open Patent Troll Unit set up by Virginia government to slay lawsuits 29
By Swarthy
open UK Home Sec's defence of bulk spying: We 'found' a paedo (we already knew about) 41
open Sorry slacktivists: The Man is shredding your robo responses 45
open Senate marks Data Privacy Day with passage of critical bill for Safe Harbor 27
open plans to unveil a new Digital Bill 24
By Vimes
open ICO says TalkTalk customers need to get themselves a lawyer 29
open UK Home Sec wants Minority Report-style policing – using your slurped data 86
open Met Police: Yes, outsourcing IT to Steria has 'risks' 12
open UK police have 43 separate IT systems and it's putting you at risk 25
open Lincolnshire council shuts down all IT after alleged 0-day breach 49
open UK councils continue to run into the arms of Capita 6
open Five reasons why the Google tax deal is imploding 81
open Police Scotland will have direct access to disabled parking badge database 137
By x 7
open NASA, Dept of Defense, Commerce etc probed over use of backdoored Juniper kit 11
open Safe Harbor 2.0: US-Europe talks on privacy go down to the wire 56
open Scandal-smashed OPM will no longer do govt's background checks – for obvious reasons 29
open Google and HMRC face Parliamentary grilling over £130m tax deal 24
By Bodhi
open Universal Credit: The IT project that will outlive us all 36
open Japanese chief TPP negotiator accused of taking $100,000 bribe 22
open 'No safe level' booze guidelines? Nonsense, thunder stats profs 95
open Google forked out a whopping $16m on govt lobbying last year 17
open Kent Council cheerily flings about £100m at managed services bods 12
By Lodgie
open Government in-sourcing: It was never going to be that easy 24
open IRA’s former political wing takes aim at Apple over back tax 25
open Blighty's Parliament prescribed tablets to cope with future votes 69
By micheal
open Pentagon fastens lasers to military drones to zap missiles out of the skies 76
open Bone-dry British tech SMBs miss out on cash shower 56