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open Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office already missing deadlines 2
open US court rubber-stamps dragnet metadata surveillance (again) 22
By Alister
open Turnbull's model e-gov service is HIPSTER SHAMBLES 4
open Tony Abbott says food importers deserve help denied to telcos 12
open EU governments are CRAP at cloud, moans Brussels' infosec watchdog 8
open GAMIFY your FRIDAY with our Public Sector Innovation Bingo! 6
open SCC bags universal credit hosting contract 8
open Australia to get spooks charter at cost of at least AU$188m 6
open Net neutrality: The world speaks its brains on secret 'open' 'net rules 20
open FinFisher, the spyware loved by cruel dictators, stomps all over human rights, says UK govt 13
open Net neutrality victory: FCC approves 'open internet' rules in 3-2 vote 69
By BigFire
open Britain needs more tech immigrants, quango tells 57
By Roland6
open EU's zombie data-grab plan climbs out of coffin 7
open Intel, Apple and Cisco crossed off Chinese Gov's kit list 12
open NBN fibre: activations accelerated as footprint expanded 1
open WANTED: A plan to DESTROY metadata, not just retain it 6
open Say cheese! Europe's antitrust chief has Google boss in her sights – reports 6
open It's the EU and me against the world – Euro digi-chief 5
open Soz SMEs, we're not interested in your direct biz 3
open Denmark tops European tech table, two other Scandis right behind 11
By Lars
open Who uses the Universal Credit system? ALMOST NOBODY, says report 40
By El_Fev
open Microsoft: You want on-prem wares, We'll make you pay 31
By Vimes
open MP resigns as security committee chair amid 'cash-for-access' claims 63
By John 62
open shuns IT support tower model. Now what the hell do we do? 27
By Roland6
open US trade bods: No, your iPhone can't detect CANCER 12
open Internet industry lends support to IANA transition 1
open Google’s privacy policy: Italians probing a little deeper 7
open Facebook meets Belgian minister: PLEASE, sir, NOT THE PROBE 5
open Greens want better metadata access oversight 6
open Ready to fill out your US taxes? Cool. Got ObamaCare? Not so fast 9
By Jtom
open The Revenue achieved RECORD numbers of e-tax returns ... by NOT shifting to GOV.UK 25
open What does America need right now? Data science! (says, er, the first Chief Data Scientist) 2
open Global DNS power grab: US senators want a word with ICANN next week 6
By Yes Me
open Ukraine suddenly 40% more interested in UK tax info – HMRC 14
By Tom 13
open Hoping for spy reforms? Jeb Bush, dangerously close to being the next US prez, backs the NSA 50
By oneeye
open Australian government may take leave of its census 7
open 'Net neutrality will turn the internet communist – and make Iran's day' 36
open EU ministers hold Big Meeting on Big Data. But how will they get you to hand it over? 9
open Inside GOV.UK: 'CHAOS' and 'NIGHTMARE' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites 139
open IT knowledge is as important as Maths, says 76
By Steve I
open Just one in three G Cloud suppliers have won ANY business 2
By Lester
open SCREW YOU, BRITS: We're going through with UK independence ANYWAY – Scotland 77
open Australia's PM says data retention laws think of the children 37
open First HSBC, now the ENTIRE PUBLIC SECTOR dodges tax 41
open Speak your brains on surveillance, despots. No we don't mean Five Eyes 6
By seacook
open Dutch DPA says government's data retention plans still illegal 4
open Australian government's 'cyber-security' review delayed 8
open £100 MILLION poured down drain on failed IT projects - in just ONE YEAR 65
open can't get farmers onto its Verify service – even to claim subsidies 27
open Bad news, IT bods: UK's tech outsourcing up 15% last year 5