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open Greenpeace leaks TTIP texts, reveals strained negotiations 13
open UK's GDS to hire 300 folk. Silver lining: They'll be evicted from Holborn 13
open The EU wants you to log into YouTube using your state-issued ID card 100
open Central gov spent £6.3bn on IT. Nearly half handed to just 3 suppliers 15
open Ireland's tech sector fears fallout of Brexit 'Yes' vote 58
By ScottK
open Revealed: The revolving door between Google and the US govt – in pictures 32
By Aedile
open America edges closer to get-a-proper-warrant-to-read-my-email law 24
By ma1010
open Oz gummint seeks public input on 'site block' guidelines 1
open Another failed merger, Carly? Ted Cruz to bring in ex-HP boss Fiorina as running mate 43
open Colander-wearing Irishman denied driver's licence in Pastafarian slapdown 58
By Velv
open Fancy £200m? Tell HMRC you'll help them sort their IT out 11
By Dave 15
open NSW Dept of Education IT system still in slow-motion collapse 4
By Tim99
open FBI ends second iPhone fight after someone, um, 'remembers' the PIN 80
open More questions than answers, literally, from America's privacy rules 20
open What a difference a year makes: ICO tele-spam fines break £2m barrier 26
open Remain in the EU and help me snoop on the world, says Theresa May 50
open Secret UN report finds WIPO chief 'broke procurement rules' 9
By Yes Me
open Stop using USB sticks to move kids' data, auditor tells Education Dept 33
open MoD contractor hacked, 831 members of defence community exposed 36
By Stevie
open Whitehall waste: Cash splashed on consultants and temps up 90% in half decade 15
open Irish mum coughs to children's allowance fiddle 16
open Australia admits to running offensive cyber-ops team 15
By Tail Up
open FBI's PRISM slurping is 'unconstitutional' – and America's secret spy court is OK with that 43
open Tweak Privacy Shield rules to make people happy? Nah – US govt 23
By JudeKay
open One million patients have opted out of 43
By Mark 85
open Utah declares 'war on smut' 107
By Bibbit
open Clucking hell! Farcical free-range egg standard pecked apart by app 69
open NZ government scraps e-voting trial 12
By veti
open Chinese crypto techie sentenced to death for leaking state secrets 30
open Censorship FTW! China bans Paris Hilton, minor Kardashians et al 53
By Stevie
open Hey, Britain! Meet Mr Maxwell, our new National Tech Advisor 16
open Telstra's CRM system breached competition undertaking: ACCC 1
By DanielR
open Big telco proxies go full crazy over cable box plan 38
By Swarthy
open Line by line, how the US anti-encryption bill will kill our privacy, security 185
open Universal Credit at high risk of cyber-attack, fraud from the outset 38
open Telcos yet to receive metadata retention funding AFTER A YEAR! 5
open UK Government Digital Service links with Australia's Digital Transformation Office 13
open America's Intelligence Transparency Council to meet for the first time … behind closed doors 31
open India continues subsidising elite IT schools 27
open Look who's here to solve the Internet of Things' security nightmare – hey, it's Uncle Sam 20
open ICANN shoots down incoming Cruz missiles 9
open GDS has no real strategy for £450m budget pot, internal plan reveals 24
open Docs need to do remote consultations – report 14
open Hacking Team's export authorisation hacked by Italian government 2
open White House flushes away court-ordered decryption like it was a stinky dead goldfish 24
By DougS
open Apple faces €48.5m fine from furious French 12
open Congressman called out for $1,300 video game binge 21
open Ted Cruz slams DNS overseer ICANN a second time 27
open Iceland prime minister falls on sword over Panama Papers email leak 46
open Just how close are Obama and Google? You won’t believe the answer 49