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open FURY erupts on streets of Brussels over greedy USA's data-slurping appetite 15
By ql
open Europe: Hold my wine glass, I've got an internet govt to build 5
open Hackney council leaked thousands of locals' data in FoI blunder 19
open UK air traffic bods deny they 'skimped' on IT investment after server mega-fail 56
open Google Tax part 94: EU's H-dot wavers over copyright levy 28
open Don't panic, US Navy has only deployed a ROBOT SHARK (but where are the lasers?) 31
open Why is ICANN rushing its 'UN 'net security council'? So it can be announced at Davos 8
open How does the US government run the internet? This is how 13
open SLASHES ICT frameworks by more than HALF 7
open Ofcom's new broom Sharon White sweeps into office 27
open European Commish asks for rivals' moans about 30
open Google must free us from 'invisible web of our personal data' – DPA 29
By big_D
open FCC says taxpayer-bankrolled bumpkin broadband must be at least 10Mbps 12
open What future is there for UK's info sharing scheme? 8
open GCHQ releases teen-friendly code-busting app 12
open Finland ditches copyright levy on digital kit, pays artists directly 40
open Canadian watchdog goes to court to probe Apple's iPhone deals with mobe networks 8
By anody
open US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf 173
open HE'S DONE IT! Malcolm Turnbull unites left and right with piracy policy 13
open Web daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Back off Putin, I'm no CIA stooge 35
By KroSha
open So, does anyone in actually know what G-Cloud is for? Apparently not 15
open Car-crash IT: HUGE write-off for Universal Credit - PAC 53
By nsld
open US Congress in cash freeze bid to DERAIL global DNS handover 28
open EU bangs drum over its openness rules – from which it is exempt 8
open 'I don't NEED to pay' to watch football, thunders EU digi-czar 61
open Must diarise: Verify ID system will 'definitely' work by 2016 10
open EU law bods: New eCall crash system WON'T TRACK YOU. Really 103
By Vic
open US Ass. Commerce Sec hits back at claims global DNS is DOOMED 14
open Internet cash-point boss says 'no thanks' to ICANN's web power grab 9
By Yes Me
open One digi market to RULE 'em all: Get with the net neutrality plan, guys, moans EU digi-veep 3
open A nation of CODERS? Yes, says, and have some cash to do it 56
open MP caught playing Candy Crush at committee meeting: I'll ‘try’ not to do it again 92
open Osborne ponders giving fleeing bank customers an API getaway car 7
open Yes, Obama has got some things wrong on the internet. But so has the GOP 46
By Number6
open Government locked into £330m Oracle contract until 2016 27
open Taiwan: Top tech giants must stop playing fast and loose with privacy 5
open US govt tells ICANN: No accountability, no keys to the internet 16
open EU justice ministers: This is not the one-stop-shop you're looking for... 4
By Stretch
open Nothing illegal to see here: Tribunal says TEMPORA spying is OK 55
open Oi, WHERE'S THE DETAIL on your Google Tax? 30
open Whitehall at war: Govt’s webocrats trash vital digital VAT site 34
open 'Identity skills shortage' will be problematic for Verify ID. (So not the TECH FAILS, then?) 16
open Internet gossip has NOWT to do with data protection, EU Commish 6
open What a pity: Rollout of hated UK smart meters delayed again 112
By nijam
open quietly slips extra cash to AUTO ROBOTICA bods 11
open dumps another £40m into unpopular SME broadband scheme 14
open UK slaps 25 per cent 'Google Tax' on tech multinationals 127
By Mark 65
open Is EU right to expand 'right to be forgotten' to 95
open Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance 137
open If the COMMISH says block that email account, BLOCK IT! 5
By Tom 13