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open Silicon Valley's contribution to the US Republican Convention: Gayness 20
By Jeff 11
open We're not looking for MH370 in the wrong place say investigators 55
By dajames
open WhatsApp goes to Rio (again), but the battle is far from over 2
open Asian nations mull regional 'Europol' in fight against cybercrime 1
open Data retention grants still not flowing to Australia telcos 4
By Mark 85
open digi peeps hunt open source chief 14
open Los Desaparecidos di Disruption: The Final Days of Conservative 2.0 4
By ecofeco
open WhatsApp gets another Brazilian whack as magistrate blocks it again 15
By Sacioz
open UK South East Coast Ambulance slammed for creaking emergency dispatch IT 12
open Top IT bod Sally Howes leaves the UK's National Audit Office 10
open UK 'emergency' bulk data slurp permissible in pursuit of 'serious crime' 33
open Australia gets one-quarter of a minister for national infosec 8
open UK's climate change dept abolished, but 'smart meters and all our policies strong as ever' 117
open Trump? Terror? Turkey? Whoa, there's a Tentacool in that Bush... 36
open Ed Vaizey booted to backbench, Hancock booted to DCMS 17
open Brexit has left a regulatory black hole for digital, say MPs 24
open India tweaks tech colleges to 'become real power in software' 14
open IPO spews email addresses to hundreds of recipients. Twice 12
open Security gurus get behind wheel of driverless car debate 29
By fuzzie
open EU eyes flaw in Google’s cash machine 15
open EU waves antitrust claims in Google's face, snarls 'You want some?' 15
open Shocker: Computer science graduate wins a top UK political job 58
open UK gov says new Home Sec will have powers to ban end-to-end encryption 188
By RevK
open Student Loans Company burns £50 million in IT project superfail 49
open European Commission straps on Privacy Shield 19
open flings £30m at driverless car R'n'D, wants plebs to speek their branes 49
open EU cybersecurity directive will reach Britain, come what May 26
open Blighty will have a whopping 24 F-35B jets by 2023 – MoD minister 160
open 'We shall overcome' net neutrality, sing Euro telcos in the key of 5Gs 22
open £8 BILLION is locked into's failing IT schemes, El Reg analysis reveals 20
open Comms intercept commish: There were some top secret orders 12
open Replacement IT at 'high risk'. Squeaky bum time for UK tax folk 25
open Chilcot's IT spend: Tighter wallet than most public sector bods 40
open's hated project binned 50
open UK patients should have greater data slurp opt-out powers – report 12
open rolls out 10 years' chokey for industrial scale copyright pirates 20
By teebie
open Ofcom is to get powers to fine mobe providers for crap service 14
open 'Double speak' squawk users as Silent Circle kills warrant canary 23
open Australian Information Industries Association*: you're not the future of democracy, so please shut up 24
open Maybe China's on to something: Clickbait articles now need to be 'verified' by officials 13
By vir
open FBI won't jail future US president over private email server 159
By h4rm0ny
open wants to fine websites £250,000 if teens watch porn vids 80
By P. Lee
open Post Brexit EU will spend 'stability and peace' budget funding Chinese war drones 27
open Mind the GaaP: needs to get a grip on digital 12
open Oz competition regulator seeks input on ending wholesale ADSL declaration 2
By dpadams
open Data protection, Brexit and campaigners: Privacy policy? Eh? 23
open Martha Lane Fox: Brexit is all about MEEEEeeee! 40
By goldcd
open Crown Commercial Services is to slap SMEs with price hikes 10
open UN council: Seriously, nations, stop switching off the damn internet 34
open Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA 89
By Tom -1