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Anonymous Coward

Apps and gadgets dont replace a good trainer

If you think an app can prescribe exercise effectively, assess and consider biomechanical and other physical limitations or periodise a programme properly your living in never never land.

A good trainer will use Apps to further motivate clients and aid retention, I use cardiotrainer with a lot of mine as its cross platform and provides good feedback on pace during workouts.

@Hedley Phillips

"My only criticism of your post is you mention situps. They are dreadful for you and only really exercise the main trunk flexor, the iliopsoas muscle and don't work on the abs"

And you go on to recommend crunches which is laughable. When your pensioner and you need to get out of bed your going to need all the strength you can get from a functional movement like a full range roll up, all a crunch does is isolate one small part of the anterior movement chain and leave you with bad posture and the inability to sit up properly.

If you want a good example look at the early work of Joseph Pilates before his method got hijacked by the dancers, no useless crunches in that mans repertoire.


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