US census takers fight angry Americans for their data


Thanks for the article.

My hat is off to you for an interesting read. Or rather, I'll buy you a "pint".

Those who are accusing this author of a "slant" are misunderstanding what was written. It's just an accounting of what happened, no more and no less.

I always wondered about what the census-takers employed by the US government did in the course of their jobs and I appreciate the introspective. I actually got to meet one this year, as I own a house where nobody lives. (The place is a falling down dump that will be removed someday. I don't call it the Roach Palace for nothing.) A man in a red pickup truck came by and saw me out fiddling around in the driveway. He asked if anyone lived here and I said no. I talked with him for a while and really wish I'd have asked him some more questions about his temporary work. Only trouble is that I didn't really know what to ask...


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