Royal Society opens inquiry into why kids hate tech


According to OCR Exam boards ICT National Level 2 GCSE, there are no exams, it's coursework based and one thing students have to demonstrate in order to pass is

"Candidates will set up at least two directories.

They will save some files in appropriate locations using appropriate filenames."

"Candidates will use search engines to find information on the Internet, although they may not use the most efficient criteria.

They will provide their source(s) website addresses.

They will send, receive, reply and forward email, including at least one message with a document attached."

FFS, this is a GCSE in Computing!!!!

No wonder, according to the Telegraph newspaper there's been a 669% increase in the number of students taking the course!

Learning how to send Email or run a search on Google should not be the focus of a formal GCSE in ICT !!!

You could pass the course without even attending a single lesson..heck, you don't even need to turn up for the exam, because there isn't one!


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